MasterMarc: Hi Michael. It is great to have you here with us to talk about ASSPLAY and more. Our readers probably know you from live shows at fetish events or from Cazzo and Pegasus movies. There are many guys who have a special relationship with their own dick. How is it with your cunt? 😉

michaelduncan-161017-002Michael Duncan: Well It is totally my pleasure! I’m happy to share my porn side with you and the readers.

To answer your question; I don’t really have a special thing for my own ass, I let the viewers and readers judge and have their own opinion when it comes to my skills and bum haha
For me my ass is more like a tool, a nice and fun tool of course. The thing for me about assplay, is the excitement to see and push my limits. its very much a mind game. So to conclude, no special relationship, its just a pleasure tool.

MasterMarc: A pleasure tool, sounds good, but to be honest for your own pleasure you need other tools who are working on, in and with your cunt. 🙂 Can you tell us, what kind of action do you really love?

Michael Duncan: Haha well of course its always more fun to have a helping hand, than playing on my own. I absorb the energy from the people around me and get more horny if there is a spark..I’m a big fan of my Crackstuffer dildos! The are the best to play with!
But i also like a nice fisting session. I am member of club 1000 after all haha.

For me a blindfold/masked session, which intensifies the senses, combined with a room of guys eager to use toys and to fist me, is where I’m most horny. The unknown is really a turn on!


MasterMarc: Can you explain our readers what it does mean to be member of the club 1000?

Michael Duncan: Well its very easy, Club 1000 is a term of 1000 fist punches in one session. I can thank my good friend and fisting expert Ashley Ryder for that haha. He is a great inspiration for my work.

MasterMarc: Oh, I’m a little surprised that you have the leisure to count fist punches when you get fistet. 🙂 Seems that your fisters aren’t able to bring you to ecstasy. 🙂 Ok, let us talk about fisting. How have you started with it and can you tell us, what the first steps have been?

Michael Duncan: I wasn’t the one counting, that is the job for the fisting top, i was just enjoying the moment 🙂

How I got started was at an orgy, where I had a fisting top fucking me, and he thought my hole was very open, so he asked if I would mind him trying to fist me. I get quite open when i get fucked, and im very openminded and playful when it comes to sex, so I of course said yes.

But as a total newbie you don’t really know the techniques. So my first time wasn’t really a success. But he was sure i could do it, if i just learned to relax. So my curious mind got intrigued and I started to explore it more. And today its just a natural thing for me.

I am still learning though and still working on depth, as that is my weak point. But i also believe that we are never done learning, and there are always ways to get better. But once you know the basic of breathing and enjoying it, its a lot easier to move on and start developing the skills further.


MasterMarc: What would you say are the basics for a fistee, what does he has to know and how can he help the top to reach to the point that his ass is swallowing the fist of the top?

Michael Duncan: There are some very basic things like being calm, remember to breath and the obvious, clean well haha … but other than that it’s very individual I guess, I found my way of doing it, but I’m sure it’s different from person to person.

As its some time ago I had my first experience, I had my friend @itsVicSidious, kick in with his resent experience as I introduced him to this fascinating world. This is his tips as a newbie, and what he took from my teaching.

  1. BELIEVE you can. Maybe not right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But start conditioning your mindset to a can-do behavior.
  2. BREATHE. Maybe the most crucial tip of all. Because of the new sensation down there you might tend to hold your breath, resulting in your muscles tensing and finally, cramping. In other words, no air, no fist.
  3. You need to have TRUST in the person that is fisting you. It’s all about chemistry. Also here.
  4. PATIENCE is gold. Just trust me on this one. Take your time. As a fistee, and as a fister. In doubt, go back to tip #1.

I hope this will be useful for you in your quest to conquer the fist.


MasterMarc: You have told us about the importance of trust. Before you have told us, that you love to be blindfolded and ready to use by a group of guys. Can you tell us, how that goes together?

Michael Duncan: Yes, that is very easy, Trust doesn’t come from looking at the top, trust come as a mutual feeling. Of course I don’t get blindfolded on every first encounter. But also remember that fisting now, compared to when I started, is something completely different. Experience means you learn to feel how your body react. I would never have a guy fist me, if I didn’t trust him in advance. Another key point, is that the top is the one in charge and has the responsibility to take care of the bottom, after all he is the one with the hand in your ass.

MasterMarc: Uff we as top are always the poor guys who have to work 🙂 … But you’re totally right, Michael. Can you tell us a little about your hottest assplay experiences and their highlights?

Michael Duncan: Oh yes the tops have it so hard. Thinking of all the preparation they need to do, the thoughts they constantly have about being clean, and all the weird position they are forced to be able to manage! Such a challenge!…oh wait, I’m talking about the bottoms here 😉 (Irony may occur).

Fun aside. I have had my fair share of juicy times over the past. Some of my recent hot encounters include my fisting scene for Cazzo with Ale Tedesco and Michael Selvaggio. My show during Amsterdam Pride, also with Ale at The Eagle, and of course my 1000 punches with Ashley Ryder.

But in private matters, my most intense experience was some years ago with two dom ff guys, who had me tied to a sling, wearing a gasmask, getting me high on poppers and chloraethyl and using my holes an entire night – felt so used and abused, I loved it.

MasterMarc: Sounds like your hole has been used intensely. That’s good. Btw. what can you tell to all the guys who are scared about fisting because they think that their cunt will be destroyed and they will become incontinent?

Michael Duncan: OhThat is a tough question. I understand the concern, but I believe that if you don’t over do things, you’ll be fine. I don’t think that it’s something people need to worry that much about.

I know plenty of fisting bottoms, that have no problems at all. that’s the best reference I can give I guess.



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