Sub/ bottom

1963 / 52 years

173 cm

60 kg

Southeast Asia



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

zzzthrakon: More than thirty over years. I remembered going from one toilet to another in my free time looking for discarded underwear during my tertiary education years. I was thrilled to find discarded underwear in my school toilet especially in the shower cubicles. I would wear it and also use it to masturbate.

Then, I was excited to watch naked Tarzan in a loincloth on TV running about in the wild and especially when he was tied up. Another TV drama series “Roots” which I watched with eagerness because there were so many slaves in loincloth and all chained up. Yes, from underwear to loincloth and bondage in ropes and in chains. I started buying chains and pad locks and chain myself up while only wearing a loincloth. I would hump the floor after chaining myself up until I cummed in my loincloth. Then, internet came to my world. It began with emails and we finally meet. It was my first bdsm session. No more self bondage.

I met master Ace in a hotel room. He let the door ajar and I was to let myself in and strip to my underwear and blindfold myself and kneel down. Ace guided me to the bed and tied my hands together. I guessed my wanting to be bound overcame my fear that I was being tied up helplessly by someone I met for the first time.

Ace removed my underwear leaving me totally naked in bed and blindfolded and hands tied. He stroked my cock, rubbed my balls, licked my nipples, and kissed me. Then, I felt his wet finger poking my hole and slowly it went in. I moaned. I guessed Ace knew he had me and the next thing he did was he pushed his cock in my hole. That was the first time I felt a hard cock thrusting my hole. Ace was more forceful by then and he fucked me.

After my first bdsm session, Ace introduced dildo and anal beads to me. He always has the finale with his hard cock in my hole. I like it when I am being handled roughly as if I was being raped especially bound and blindfolded.

There were occasions when I moaned so loud that he stuffed my underwear in my mouth. I completely lost myself being helplessly bound and gagged and blindfolded and him mercilessly thrusting his cock in my hole. I always have a fantasy of being raped and that came close to it. After that, I have many sessions with other masters. It is so easy now that I can do everything with my handphone. No need emails and pagers.

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sadOsam: What’s especially important for you there?

zzzthrakon: Safety is most important. I do not want to be dead after playing or after one bdsm session. I want to live the kinky side as long as I can. I want it. I enjoy it. I like it. I love it. Especially, I love breath play. I do not like smelly socks or shoes though. I like rubber gas mask and rebreather. I want to be controlled by my master when he covers the opening of the hose or the gas mask and make me struggle helplessly in my bondage. I am totally at his mercy.

Another safety aspect is safe sex. Always use condom. Especially I love to be play raped in bdsm session. I love that my captor is rough and molest me, rape me and abuse me sexually. I love that he touches me in places that no one has touched other than me. I felt totally under his control when he has the power to touch me any where he likes. I was surprisingly submissive when a master sticks his fingers in my mouth and touches the inside of my mouth. No one has touches there. Not even me. I just love to be molested and violated sexually. Having many fingers in my ass hole will bring me to a space which I am unable to describe. I love assplay. Knowing that the master has the power to put his fingers in my hole is already a big thing for me.

All in all, I have a strong desire to be controlled and someone having the power to touch me, molest me, abuse me sexually, rape me and do thing to me, even control my breathing. I need someone who has the power to control me. I need someone to strip me down both naked and my self esteem, my dignity, my pride, or whatever you call it and degrade me to be his slave.


sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

zzzthrakon: Yes, I have a strong fetish for loincloth. I started with a fetish for underwear. But loincloth replaced it. Bondage and loincloth combination is the superb. I started to fashion loincloth on my own out of rags. Then, I learned about the Japanese loincloth called fundoshi and I love it. Then, I learned about the Thai loincloth called Pakawma. I love them all. I did try the cloth diaper too but my love is still the loincloth. Love to be tied up in ropes naked only wearing a loincloth. It brings out the slave in me. Love to be blindfolded and gagged with loincloths too. Also, tie up my cock and balls with loincloth. Loincloth can also be used to tie me up. My fantasy is to wear a loincloth outdoors in public. For now, I can only wear loincloth when there is no one else at home. So far, I have worn loincloth under my pants to work and under my shorts to gym and run. I have also worn it to bdsm session. Some masters are fine with it.

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sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

zzzthrakon: I like slim, lean build or athletic build guys with a strong dominant attitude and behavior. Especially, young men who know what they want. I like to be ordered by them. I like to be controlled by them. Guys who enjoy having a slave for them to play, abuse and torture whenever they want and however they like and take responsibility for the well being of their slave and to take care of their slave. Guys who are a born master and naturally dominant and love domination and believe in helping slave like me to realize my true self. He would control me with physical restrain, bondage, humiliation, mind control, and degrading me and training me and free me from any inhibitions to become a slave.

I love to be restrained helplessly and vulnerably by my master. I love to give up my control by getting restrained with no secret to hide. I want a guy who enjoys watching me suffer from pain while I can only struggled helplessly in chains and ropes and crying for mercy. I want a guy who enjoys the feeling that he could do anything to my body and I am just one of his sex toys with no dignity which he could abuse and torture me anytime he wants. My only pleasure comes from the awareness that I have successfully pleased him and fulfilled my purpose as his slave. I want a guy who gets turn on by torturing me and hearing me screaming in my gag under his control.


sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

zzzthrakon: I was stripped naked and bound by two masters and one of their friend. Then, someone stood over me and made me suck his cock. But I could not suck him well so he fucked my mouth instead. A hand was playing and teasing my dick which was bound in a metal ring. And, my dick began to grow and became hard which made the ring fit tightly around my hard cock and balls. And, it made my cock even harder. The hand playfully stroked my hard cock but not seriously enough to make me cum. Another guy was pushing a butt plug in my hole. And, he continued to fuck my hole and abused it with the butt plug.

Next, the guy that I was sucking pulled out his cock and I found a cock fucking my hole after the butt plug was pulled out. He fucked me with a good and steady rhythm which gave me time to enjoy his cock every time he thrust inside me. My mouth was fucked by another cock. I was fucked both ends.

After a long while of fucking, they stopped. Then, I felt fingers went inside my hole trying to open my hole bigger and stretching it. I was fingered for some time. Then, I felt something large poking my hole and it went in my stretched hole making me groaned a bit due to its large size. It made me groaned and groaned as it went deeper and deeper into my hole. It was a giant dildo! My groans were not in my control. It was like I was crying out at the top of my voice but I was not in pain. It was not painful. The giant dildo had touched the inside of me that had not been fully touched by any objects before. It had stretched my hole to a new level breaking my old limit. I groaned equally loud as it was pulled out of my hole completely. Then, it was pushed into my hole again. And, it was pulled out again. I went limp. The only thing that was working was my mouth making a lot of noises loudly until I was gagged with a butt plug. My head was held down tight by a pair of muscular thighs and a butt plug was put in my mouth and duct taped over it. It was not comfortable. All I could do was to bite on the butt plug while they fucked me with the giant dildo. I felt my hole was not mine any more. It was a thing for my two masters to play and abuse as they wished.

After they fucked me with the giant dildo, someone grabbed my legs and got ready to fuck me. He banged his cock in me roughly. Even though it was a huge cock it went into my hole with ease. He continued to plough me with his hard cock. He fucked me for a long time without cumming.

After the fucking, my butt plug gag was removed and a cock was shoved into my mouth. It fucked my mouth until it cummed. I ate all his cums. Then, I was fucked again but it was by a regular size cock. And after a while, the cock was put into my mouth and it cummed right away. I ate the cums too.

A butt plug was inserted into my hole. Then, I felt something was poking at my plugged hole and it actually squeezed in and went into my hole too. I felt my hole stretched with two objects in my hole. It was a regular size dildo. I had both the dildo and the butt plug inserted in my hole. I felt a hand grabbed my hard cock and jerked me off. With both the butt plug and the dildo in my hole, it did not take long for me to shoot my cums. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

zzzthrakon: Yes, I have a strong yearning to be a slave. I want to be a 24/7 slave. Always keep naked by my master. My dick always locked in a metal chastity device. A stainless steel balls stretcher locking my balls. A metal chain around my neck fastened with a pad lock. My wrists and ankles are always in shackles. I am talking to a master in another country. He wants to do that to me and he can do it because he has his own house. He said he will do all the above and use me and torture me as he wishes and make me do house works in other time. I would spend the night locked inside a dog cage. He even sends a photo of a dog cage at his house. Recently, he sends another photo of the dog cage with a slave in it. It was so tempting for me and makes me wanted to go to his house soon. So far, I did three days and two night 24/7 bondage session in another country. I was kept captive the whole time. But the 24/7 slave for a month is something challenging as I do not know I would survive it. then again, the strong yearning for me to be a 24/7 slave is still in my mind. I even dreamt that I was travelling to that country and was stopped by the custom officer and ordered to strip naked for his inspection.

You can find zzzthrakonon Tumblr.

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