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Now it’s hard to have ‘vanilla’ sex


Luke Rubber Pig


1989 / 26

5’10” / 178cm

168Ib / 76 kg

London, U.K.

sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

You: Iv been living out my kinky side for over 6 years now, Iv always had fetishes from an early age. My early boyfriends never understood or let me practice my fetishes then I became aware of Fetish clubs where I’d visit and learn so much about new and exciting things. Now it’s hard to have ‘vanilla’ sex and I don’t enjoy it at all. Iv made sure my boyfriends since have been into what I’m into. My fetishes have developed and progressed during the years I started out liking leather which evolved into rubber and full coverage. I was introduced to piss and water sports, and other links like bondage and worship. I gained an appreciation for masters and became their sex slave. This opened a whole new window to the possibilities of different fetishes and only strengthened my love and intrigue for it.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

You: I’m really into rubber, and groups. I love slipping into my full rubber suit and stripping myself of my identity and allowing lads to use me as and when they want me. It’s a big turn on for me in private parties or Fetish clubs and events. It’s a turn on for me to become someone or something else. I’m no longer me when I’m in gear, I relax and lose myself becoming a rubber toy solely for the use and satisfaction of others. I have no identity or boundaries and nothing holds me back when I hand all control to someone else. Rubber is a very big part of my life and I enjoy that I can just lose myself in becoming a worthless toy for the pleasure of others. I expect others to be in gear too when we play, tighter and shinier the better. Maintaining and cleaning takes up a lot of time which has to be its only down fall, as you can guess it can get very dirty and easily wears and tears with excessive use.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

You: me and my current boyfriend are in a very happy open relationship. We are both very highly sexually driven and couldn’t possibly commit to just one guy. We both get off on seeing or knowing we’re with other guys. We often organise fucks for each other when we are otherwise unavailable and frequently share and swap boyfriends with friends and at parties or events. I also enjoy being lent out to his mates or strangers. He enjoys owning me when I’m in my rubber pig state and controlling who, when, and how I get used. I love giving him the control of what happens to me and he really get turn on by it. As I’m his toy guys have to ask his permission to play with me and most of the time I don’t know who’s playing with me. We’re both very into groups and most of our sex together is within a group. We both enjoy sharing each other with others and being open and free with sex and fantasies in a relationship.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

You: I do enjoy a lot of sex but I do have a type and don’t just go with anybody. My boyfriend knows my type and respects it. I tend to go for older, athletic, muscular guys, I have a weak spot for blondes and salt and pepper hair. Bigger the dick the better too, but not too fussed about that. They must be dominant and manly, and be into the same as me. It’s always better when we’re into the same things. It’s important that the top is in complete control, he needs to be experienced and know what he’s doing. Once I’m reassured I can finally give myself up to him for his own pleasure. When I know he’s having a good time with me I can feel truly satisfied especially if they want to use me again. This is something that’s developed over time and evolved with different fetishes, I used to be really into athletic young lads scally skin types though I still wouldn’t say no to them.

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

You: my boyfriends mate which i frequently play with has turned his huge basement into a playroom. He often hosts parties where me and a few other bottom lads are in full rubber and placed around the playroom on various equipment or positions. We are usually completely stripped of our identities and unrecognisable from each other. Hooded, gloves, blind folded, socks, suits, harnessed. Then he invites tops to come and use us in a weekend long session which is a very hot experience to say the least. We get a very good seeing to and I enjoy competing with the other bottoms to satisfy all these men, we all want to be the bottom who finishes the guy off and when we are its a huge turn on and satisfaction. When we’re not We feel disappointed and want to do better. During a session were moved into different positions or placed into different equipment depending on what the tops want. It’s usually accompanied with beer and loud music to really get everyone in the mood.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

You: I got a fantasy to be on some sort of rubber only group yacht. Everyone in rubber, and only distinguished by an arm band which represents your top/bottom/Vers preference. Different types of guys varying in ages, body types and fetishes. Be at sea and have an anything goes rule regarding fetishes and to enjoy a cruise of sex, party, and Fetish mischief. Everyone with everyone and loosing all sexual inhibitions. It would combine all my favourite things, sailing, sex, rubber, and orgies. Iv not yet achieved this yet as it would be very hard to organise. But I’m sure it must happen. I’d also like to try the same situation but in a private cabin somewhere in the woods. I think the lost element would allow everyone involved to really get into it and forget the real world.

You can contact Luke Rubber Pig on Twitter.

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