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I am always in boots




very young looking 53

5’10” / 178cm

11.5 stone / 73kg

Hampshire (UK) 


sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

You: I have been living out my kinky side for about 45 years. When I was young a friend of the family, who came to our house a lot liked me, and always tried to talk and would pat my leg and arse and ‘accidentally’ touch my small cock.  One time i was at his house and needed the toilet and so he took me and whilst there he took my trousers down, helped me piss then kept rubbing my cock, trying to make it hard and feeling my balls and telling me that I needed to be taught how to use them, like he was when he was young. he said that men taught the boys what to do and that he would teach me. He kissed me and felt me all over and said this was a part of what boys and girls and men and women did. I remember him heavy breathing and he was obviously being turned on and eventually tired to fuck me but shot his load. But from that day on I was used regular and was taken to the point where I knew what men and women and men and men did and experienced it! And grew to like it!

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

You: That i can have sex with men as often as possible, usually when cruising or meeting up. I do not demand sex or expect it but like to be turned on by men. I like to meet with men who have similar likes to me if they around, but that is not all that i want, it is important that there is mutual respect for what each of us want, and that we will be willing to be adventurous in sex. I like things to edge towards extreme and so I like it when this can happen. I like the perverted side of sex and enjoy watching as well as playing! Prefer men in boots, football socks and i like to be in chastity or bondage and like them the same sometimes

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

You: Most things go for me. I am always in boots, prefer 30 hole, but have various 30, 20, 14 hole and military boots and always football/soccer or fishermens socks, I like being in chastity and am often in metal chastity, I like cbt and taking ball slaps, punches kicks and boot crushes. I also like my balls stretched and weighted and my cock and balls in bondage. I like my arse plugged or taking dildos, fingered and filled with things! I like bc scenes, military scenes and gear as well as rubber and leather. I like wearing hoods and masks, and dirty jocks. I will wear stockings, suspenders and dont mind being treated like a bitch. I like taking and eating snot, gob, and will take piss and scat. I am willing to be sounded and catheterised. I like being fucked prefer safe but have taken raw. I like to be told what to do and will Worship men and whatever or whoever i am told to. My arse will take food and anything else i you would like it to take

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

You: I like Skinheads, punks, soldiers, fat, thin guys, trannies or any other sort of person who wants me, I am not choosy! I like them to be willing to push their boundaries and like to experiment. If i meet up with a skinhead, soldier, or punk, I prefer them to be in boots the higher up the leg they go the better and dont care if they are polished or dirty. Prefer short hair guys and at least partly de haired guys, but if hair is long or like a bear i dont care as long as they are perverted and want hot sex. I sometimes like a real chubby guy to roll around with and also sometimes like a man who is in stockings and suspenders with a big tool on the front. I like men who like a little ball ache and either give or take, I also like a man who likes to snog and feed me gob, snot or play with puke or shit

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

You: Probably the one that turns me on was when I was 18, being out cruising and coming back home with a guy who wanted to carry on, so after a drink began snogging and playing with me and eventually had my jeans down, booted feet in the air and fingering my hole. Once he was finished with that he had me wanking my cock gently, while he pushed his cock inside me and started fucking me on the living room floor, he was getting real turned on and building up when door opens and we are caught. But then told  to carry on! But being watched! this turned everyone on and my arse was fucked real hard that night!

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

You: I am up for most stuff, or at least experimenting. I like being treated like a bitch and like an animal, lots of men in boots, I would fucken love to be taken to a gathering of 50 men or more, prefer skinheads but any men will do and taking them all! having my arse filled with piss and cum, my mouth have snot and gob blown into it. I like dirty well worn boots and dont mind being mad to lick and serve them. I like Skinheads and will do as a Skinhead tells me! Like something really big to force itself on me and make me take it!

For more information visit Bootedskinhead’s tumblr blog.

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  1. Rubberboiskinhead (Marico) seems like a sweet chap, but I have reservations concerning the Skinhead subculture. I enjoy kinky brutal sex fantasies, military fetishism, leather, bondage, S&M,boots, socks, sneakers, jockstraps, etc., but I have progressive political convictions that cannot abide neo-fascism or overt racism and reactionary agendas. Adolf Hitler was a snot who rounded up all the homosexuals he could get his hands on and packed them into death-camps along with Gypsies, Jews, trade-unionists, Catholic nuns and priests, developmentally disabled, college professors, etc., including their children and elderly parents. How can I really enjoy fucking a guy if he has such obvious stupid and dangerous anti-social proclivities? Maybe if he is hot and sexy and I am drunk and stoned and rolling on poppers. Hypocrisy is no obstacle if the guy is a hater, as long as he is cute and hot in the torture dungeon of my dreams. Am I still welcome among the Sadosam brethren after my liberal rant just now? Do I cause trouble? I can’t be the only liberal who is into extreme S&M fantasy/reality erotic adventures. Brutality is fun with sex, but society will not tolerate a criminal state such as the Third Reich peeking into my bedroom, my gay-bars, my bookstores, my computer, my local library, etc. You get the picture. Liberty and Justice for All!

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