Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation.

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Flash Fiction

Kinky Short Stories

Nick's Account

Fixing Nick’s laptop – what is Fetlife?

Taking Down A Bad Master

One of their number is abusing subs, these Doms take action.


Alpha Court

Parody, take your Fag to court as a punishment.


Kinky Novels (multi chapter stories)

Defeated Jock

Taylor had always been a dick, to his classmates, girls, and especially his rivals. A chance encounter with one of those rivals leads to a series of bets that Taylor loses. The forfeits grow more embarrassing and difficult each time, and Taylor cannot believe how a man he used to overpower is able to so easily defeat him. Wracked with humiliation and wondering how he got into the position, Taylor sinks lower and lower until he realizes he belongs to his rival, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Dominating A Neighbor

Men new to the fetish life can be very hesitant, and when a man discovers his neighbor’s Recon profile and contacts him, he quickly realizes that delicate handling is needed. Staying anonymous, he guides the new sub, slowly pushing him to do more, to obey. And to want him more and more. When they finally meet, the bonds are strong, and the new Dom has a sub very willing to follow him. Often, it is knowing when not to use harsh commands and threats of punishments to gain the trust and devotion of a skittish sub.

Getting Anthony

Working late is a drag, and one evening you are there alone with a hot co-worker. As you finish, his eyes glaze over and comes on to you very strongly. Some you take complete advantage of. After that, he doesn’t remember a thing. As you continue your carnal activities, you remember he was hypnotized by a stage magician. Is that the reason? You start a relationship where he does everything for you, and you always wonder if he is under a spell making this too good to last.

I Hate My Master

When straight Mark let part of Chris’s house he didn’t anticipate what would come next. Mark found himself obeying commands automatically. Then Chris revealed the secret, he had taken over Mark’s mind, leaving his consciousness. Forced to do more and more degrading and humiliating things, Mark usually has the ability to voice his displeasure, but has no power to resist any order. Under Chris’s total control, Mark cannot escape, cannot resist, and loses control of every aspect of his life. Shared with his own co-workers and Chris’s friends, Mark finds he is played with, tortured, and used as a sex object. Now, if there were just some way he could find to escape, but nothing ever comes to mind. More men get the opportunity to use him, and he has to serve them with a smile on his face.

My Best Buddies

Some people need someone to take care of them. Timmy has two friends to watch over everything he does. They make sure he gets all the sleep he needs, eats right, does his homework. Timmy knows not to sit on the furniture when he’s not supervised, and that if he skips working out he’ll get a spanking. But is this a life Timmy chose for himself?

Slave to a Younger Master

When a waiter sees an attractive young man seated for him to serve, he gets excited at the prospect. After work, the same young patron offers the waiter a ride home. On that ride, they begin to establish a relationship where the waiter is a complete and total slave to this younger master. Willingly obeying, the new slave finds that he is humiliated, tormented, and used. No matter how difficult the command, the slave obeys. Shared out to other men, forced to exercise or perform for his master’s amusement, or even given commands to obey when the master isn’t even there. The slave strives to fulfil every wish of his younger master.

The Adventures of slave sal

sal always longed to be a full time slave. Now he is, his Master has him take care of all the household duties, has a trainer come in to keep sal in perfect shape.  And when Master returns home, sal takes care of him. In the morning, sal sets coffee in the perfect space and wakes Master with a blow job. Providing sexual and other services, sal is very well trained. He is not an object, but has a great relationship with his owner.