Matt Spikes talks with MasterMarc about his Smoking Fetish.


MasterMarc: Hi Matt, nice to have you back here with us. Have a seat and feel free to smoke if you want … By browsing your portfolio I have seen that there are a lot of pictures with smoking guys. Is it something that appeals to you?

Matt Spike: Good to be with you again! I will have a cigar. Yes, I have always had a smoking fetish and find it very sexy.


MasterMarc: I think you should explain us what the attraction of a smoking guy is?

Matt Spike: I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the rebellion of it, it looks cool, it’s considered dangerous and even if most people don’t have a fetish for smoking, they still think it looks good or nobody would start it! There are lots of examples of sexy smoking from Marlon Brando through to Madonna.

MasterMarc: Is it just an expression of coolness or is it also a phallic symbol for you?

Matt Spike: It’s not per se a phallic symbol, though perhaps the rebellion of being an open smoker, particularly cigars, speaks about masculinity. But actually I love the look, smell and arrogance of it.

009MasterMarc: The arrogance and masculinity? That you have to explain us.

Matt Spike: Cigars are synonymous with masculinity, and to smoke one might be considered brave or arrogant. Smoking in general is considered taboo these days, so I feel that that is part of the appeal.


MasterMarc: Cigarettes vs. Cigars … I have to ask you one of the most gay questions: Does size matter?

Matt Spike: Not at all! At least for me. Both are equally as sexy.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us your opinion, why the LEATHER and the CIGAR fetish seem to be connected?

Matt Spike: I have no idea. They just look good together. Most people tend to agree, who have this fetish. I actually connected the two together before I even realise other people were doing so. And when I first saw images of guys in leather smoking cigars I was in heaven!


MasterMarc: Is the cigar also a symbol of dominance? 

Matt Spike: Yes it can be. There are lots of subs who sink to their knees at the sight of a cigar smoking Dom. I think that it asserts dominance and also you can do twisted things with cigars.


MasterMarc: Would you say there is a difference between fetish smokers and frequent smokers?

Matt Spike: They both love cigars which is great but I especially love those who smoke them regularly, like me. I feel so good smoking a cigar in leather sat at a cafe!

MasterMarc: I know, Matt, you are a fetish frequent smoker or a frequent fetish smoker? It was a pleasure to talk with you and i am sure, we will meet soon again.

If you want to know more about Matt Spike’s photography or book him for a photo session than visit his webpage. Nonsmokers are also welcome! 🙂


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