A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

I am an 18 year old college student who works as a lifeguard in the summer. In high school I dated a few quite attractive girls and am proud of my trim body and confident about my decent youthful appearance. At 5’6″ tall and 138 pounds I have been told that my longish dirty blonde hair and tight swimmers body looks great in a speedo style bathing suit. This summer at my job at a luxury home complex I met a man at the pool I work at. I never thought he could change everything I knew about myself. I never thought I was gay but I was definitely gay curious. After being invited to his home for a drink, I found myself surrendering to things I never dreamed. Suddenly my entire life changed and I found a strange joy and happiness that I never imagined in my wildest of dreams!

Sometimes it still seems like it was a dream but it is so very, very, real. With this man things changed so much. Now in the moment, I am focused in the way this man whom I now call Master has taught me. Master is twice my age, very refined, very gay and very masculine. He is well over six feet tall and very muscular. I am in the exercise room on a weight bench and I am completely naked. Poised anxiously on my hands and knees with my ass raised and legs spread, I am carefully positioned and vulnerable in the manner and position that Master wants. The sunlit room is warm yet I am apprehensive. I am working on keeping my composure by taking deep soothing breaths. I have been in this situation many times before, but I still rarely know what exactly to expect from him.

The scent of the leather from my thick, locked, black leather collar comforts me yet I am quivering in a mixture of excitement and fear. The collar is more than a symbol and t will not be removed by my Master for 48 hours. I obey him for all of the time I wear it and I am longing for his attentions and touch regardless of whether it is unforgivingly severe or surprisingly gentle. I am quite aware and realize as I wait for him that I am so owned. I am also so “his”. I am so willing to please him in any way my Master desires and I stay motionless for him and obediently wait with my ass raised as I have been told.

I steal a quick glance of myself from the fully mirrored wall. It’s against the rules but sometimes my reflection is a good and sound reminder of my role. My black leather collar is thick, studded and locked firmly with a padlock firmly around my neck. My wrist restraints and ankle restraints are matching and the black leather cock and ball harness Master has me in keeps me in a state of perpetual hardness and sexual excitement. I have willingly shaven my body completely free of all body hair for him. If I wasn’t muscular I’d look quite feminine, but this is what pleases Master and pleasing Master is my greatest pleasure. It isn’t really about sex though! I am constantly excited by and constantly needing to please my Master. The manner in which I am undressed to serve him is simply symbolic and representative of the vulnerability of both who and what I am.

Master simply calls me “boy”. I feel complete in that he has said that I am “his boy” and I feel that emotionally and spiritually I am indeed owned, his, and a “possession” whose purpose is clearly defined as both a house servant and as a sexual servant to “him”. Sometimes he calls me “Pretty Boy. Sometimes I’m his Sissy Boy. I have come to like these shameful names as these terms simply reflect on my role and how he sees me as his. It seems that every day that I spend in the servitude of Master just brings me even greater appreciation for his gifts and his strength. I am helplessly in love, helplessly devoted and I so passionately worship everything about him!

I hear him getting near and I take a deep breath. I feel his hand touch my already very warm ass which is already sore and quite reddened from my welcoming conditioning spanking when I arrived earlier this morning. I visit Master and stay as his servant on every weekend. My greetings to Master always involves numerous formal procedures that include surrendering all of my clothing, valuables, and keys. The next routines include worshiping and kissing his boots, being stripped naked, and bowing to him in with my hands behind my back while looking downward while on my knees. This is acknowledgement of my surrender to him and at this time I am always locked into his collar. I thank him for his indulgence, his kindness and his superiority and power over me. All of what I do and say to him is genuine, sincere, and heart felt!

I work at trying to be patient in my naked state while on my hands and knees. I have no idea when Master will appear and what is next. It could be a simple spanking or perhaps a severe one depending on Master’s whims. Master may want to use the cane, belt, paddle or the whip on me. It has been a long time since I have felt the cane because I am a fast learner and for that I am grateful. Pain can often bring on immense pleasure in a submissive but the cane is so severe that it is used for true lesson learning. Masters cane is definitely not on my list of one of those painful pleasures that submissive like I would ever crave or need.

“Nice ass, pretty boy” Master says loudly as he walks into the room. His hand wanders up my thigh and to my raised and spread ass. I feel a wetness and his tongue back there at my opening and his hand grasps my tightly strapped balls. He then slides his thumb into my ass at the same time squeezing my balls firmly and I gasp in the madness of the pleasure pain combination. He squeezes harder and inserts his thumb deeper and already I am overwhelmed by his dominant magic. He is teasing me and torturing me for his enjoyment and he loves to watch my face and hear my moans and groans. I thank Master for his attentions when he asks me how it feels. I know Master is now also nude and I feel the huge head of his magnificent cock at my opening. “Do you want Master boy?” He says loudly and with a sarcastic edge. He knows how badly that I truly need him.

My answer is the standard and 100% constant two words that I endlessly use upon Master’s questioning. This time my “Yes Master” is an affirmative response that is loud, desperate and so very sincere! I soon feel his mouth back at my opening. His tongue and lips envelop my opening and he forcefully begins wetting me and tongue fucking me with vigorous power and might. He is lighting me up like a bill board as the pleasure for me is beyond breathtaking. His actions cause me to pant, quiver and get so aflutter that the leather cock and balls restraint locked to my privates causes my balls and rigid cock to strain and pulse in such raw excitement that it forces me to bite my lip in a desperate act to keep from orgasm. I cannot and will not orgasm without my Master’s consent. I stay focused and in the moment as I have been taught.

As he enters me I am again overwhelmed. His cock head is thick, huge, circumcised and overtly mushroom shaped. I’ve never seen anything so big and quite like it and yet I have taken it inside me many times before. My sphincter strains as I whine in pain and in the joy that I am being consummated as his. This is what I am for and what I do for him. This is one of my greatest purposes and I am enraptured and so appreciative in spite of the searing discomfort.

Master presses his cock further forward as I helplessly whimper. It hurts so badly but I want him so much that I try to ignore the agony and discomfort. He loves the joy of my tight behind and I will happily do my best to comply. After the next firm thrust I growl as his huge cockhead gets beyond my sphincter as he grips my waist firmly. As Master presses his missile further into me I gasp in the disbelief of my fate. There is nothing more I want but taking his ungodly cock in my most intimate place it is surely not an easy task. There are nine inches of huge thick mushroom headed cock that my Master indulges me with when I am deserving. In spite of the pain I still want every inch until ultimately I will feel his balls against my smooth willing pretty boy ass.

I am fortunate that Master understands that I need a little adjustment time before I am to be reamed with the tradition of fury and an agitated thoroughness that is beyond madness. He presses forward and I groan feeing dizzied that something so big could even fit inside my body. My need helps so much and I am instinctively and involuntarily raising my ass to meet his firm thrusting. I breathe deeply trying desperately to relax as I have been taught. His cock is now thrusting inside me in a gentle rhythm as he presses the huge head and shaft of his cock deeper into my anus. I am already crazed in a mixture of pain, confusion, and unfathomable need.

My smooth body is already wet shining in perspiration on this warm summer afternoon yet his ballistic missile is still only half the way to the target. I am to be filled fully and I am so thankful that he is allowing me some time to adjust. My brief deep breath ends when he suddenly thrusts into me so deeply that I cry out. Again and again his hard, forceful thrusts invade and pound into my depths when the real pain begins. I grunt and shriek each time my prostate is reached and battered. The hurt so exceeds the pleasure yet I want so badly to please him that I bite my lip as the perspiration now flows down my face along with real tears. Somehow the athlete in me helps me understand that without pain there is no gain.

Master is a powerful and relentless lover. I am now being pulled onto his thick member with so little control and even a timid reluctance to meet his thrusts. When being fucked by such an enormous and mammoth sized missile it creates this level of discomfort that I learned that it is due to size and the need for a little more lubrication which Master believes should be only natural. I will have to work through it as I have no choice – as this is truly consensual. When I lost my virginity to him I was well lubricated with a product called Astroglide. It helped get his nine inches past this most difficult spot but I knew that eventually my skilled lover and his natural juices would enable him to be finding his way so far inside me that his balls would meet my smooth ass.

The pain is for him. I want to please him so I purposefully focus and endure. Being a man’s submissive boy is a role that one learns is not at all about the boy. It is all about Master and his pleasure. I also understand fully how much pleasing him makes me worthy and how much it pleases me to know how much I please him. My ass is just another part of my body that he owns and it is for him to use, love, appreciate and savor if he so wants. I so love all that he wants for and this makes me both honorable and valuable to him.

Suddenly his rapid almost angry thrusts found depths beyond my prostate. The relief for me was incredulously welcome. Master so loves the tightness of my anal canal and he begins to laud and praise how good I feel to him. I am so pleased and my ass and soul combine to meet each vicious thrust with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Feeling his balls spanking my ass is as exciting to me as a long deep kiss from him or having Master deep throat me and release his swimmers into my throat and stomach. Perhaps these are things that only a true submissive boy comes to understand and acknowledge but I so enjoy the wonder of pleasing him especially in helping Master to orgasm inside my willing boy body.

As Master’s hard deep fuck strokes fill my heart, body and soul with wonders I cannot begin to describe I open my eyes to see our reflection in the fully mirrored wall. He is almost twice my size and the thickness and length of his cock seems incomprehensible in the reflection. I would have already orgasmed but for the discipline he has taught me. Biting my lip has at times led to some marks on my mouth that Master finds amusing. Watching my defilement in the mirror only makes me more lustful and I once again focus to remain in the moment. Feeling each inch of his hugeness invading my insides is so intense and yet so meaningful. It feels like there is a telephone pole inside me that Master could easily spin me on like an animal being cooked on a spit!

Now I am dripped wet from sweat and my vigorous use and my so honorable efforts. My head is now dizzied and my insides burn in what seems like a fire that burns but is cooling. Master is making sounds and exhortations that are not really repeatable in good company. I know my Master well and I know I am on the short road to succeeding in my mission. He grabs my nipples pinching them with ferocity so that I cry out. He pulls on them and pulls me to his balls in rapid, needy stroke after stroke. I am happy for my brief pain keeps me focused on his pleasure – and also mercifully preventing my likely orgasm. If I orgasm without Master’s permission, I do fear the consequences!

Finally it happens and I smile throughout every inch of my body and mind. I am shaking all over as I feel the wondrous heat of his thick sperm ejaculating in spurt after spurt into places so deep I fear his swimmers will leak from my mouth! I feel like a woman who is desperate to be impregnated yet is joyful knowing she has been successfully bred.

“Breeding a boy” is what Masters just do. Being bred is also everything that their boys so want and need. I have become one of those devoted, indulging, and very willing to please boys. I have been trained so well and have learned discipline well. Master collapses atop me and I receive kiss after kiss. Our mouths meet and his searching tongue and passionate lips tell me everything is right in his world. I am so happy and joyous that I’m crying. Suddenly my over stimulated cock erupts beneath me and while still lip locked with him I growl into Master’s mouth in incredulous mind blowing pleasure. My anus spasms madly around his still hard and deeply embedded cock inside me. I swear I feel more and more swimmers spurting into my depths. Master is orgasming inside his boy again! I am so thrilled and so moved. The heat and madness of our coupling is just so intense that I know nothing on earth could be more gratifying. Finally we relax into blissful kiss after kiss before I have to get back to my chores. It seems every day serving my Master is a very, very good day!


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