Kinky Fiction

A short story

The elevator doors slid open revealing a desolate underground car park. Stanley exited the lift ready to face the drive home after a long night in the office. He’d been staying late the past few weeks due to several important deadlines. He wasn’t exactly a workaholic, it just took Stanley more time to complete complex tasks compared to his co-workers.

He was a dead-end accountant in his mid-to-late thirties. His achievements didn’t exactly scream success as he was still single, kept to himself and rarely took any risks with his life. Stanley was a closeted homosexual and spent the majority of his time watching bizarre pornography at home by himself.

He dreamt of serving under a perfect Master, while he was used and abused like the toy he wished to be. Stanley also had a secret fascination with rubber sex dolls, and to be more precise, becoming one. His search history would confirm this. The wannabe sissy spent so much time masturbating to images and stories of rubber dolls – wishing to give up anything to make his dream a reality. Little did Stanley know his wish was about to be granted.

On the other side of the world, a German Master had his eye on Stanley for quite some time. He was a wealthy IT consultant who’d made a fortune during the dot-com era. Now comfortably retired, he could channel his millions into making his perverted ideas a reality. With his vast knowledge of computer systems, Master was easily able to single out Stanley due to his bizarre search history online.

Master had been tracking him for months, finding out everything there was to know about the closeted rubber doll boy. He’d even gone as far as to create fake profiles pretending to be local dominants. Through conversations online, Master knew he’d found the one. Another doll to add to his vast collection.

Once it was decided, Master got to planning. He’d need to organize everything perfectly without it ever tracing back to him. Using his vast connections, and a few hundred grand here and there, Master hired some local mobsters who would track Stanley’s every move. Hidden cameras were placed in his home, car and even his office. He was now monitored 24/7 by his soon-to-be Master and the goons parked outside his home.

Master sat watching the several live feed cameras as he slowly stroked his hard rubber cock. He was OBSESSED with rubber. The material was found throughout his home but more importantly, it took centre stage in the facility he’d built to house his rubber dolls. Hidden deep beneath his home was a rubber lovers paradise. His dolls were trained, housed and even worked in the bizarre provision.

Rich clientele from around the world would visit Master’s Doll House. They would be permitted to use the dolls, tour the facility and even have their subs trained for a weekend. They paid generously for it and any profits were directed back into the facility.

Mastered sighed as his throbbing member demanded release. He pressed a button on the console next to him and spoke into a mic;

“Wait for my command”
“Yes Sir,” a crackly voice replied.

Stanley’s footsteps echoed in the vast car park, lights flickered above him as he turned to where his car was parked. He was shocked to notice that all that remained was some broken glass on the floor.

“What the hell!” he exclaimed.

He raced over to his parking spot and began audibly cursing. Believing his car had just been stolen he was understandably distraught. Stanley pulled out his mobile phone to call the police when he noticed the lack of signal.

“F–k,” he shouted.

He perched himself on a nearby car completely devastated, wallowed in self-pity and then slowly began walking back in the direction of the elevator.

Master smiled. Three cameras currently tracked the defeated Stanley as he headed back in the direction of the lift. After the mob disposed of his car, they were directed to ransack his apartment and plant some drugs and cash. Fake financial records would show that Stanley suffered from bad debt and as a result had to turn to sell drugs to get by. The police would chalk up his disappearance to criminal activity and close the case soon after.

“Move in on the target,” Master commanded.

From the edge of one of the cameras, a white van raced into view. Men in black balaclavas leapt out and forced a dazed Stanley into the van. The clamorous commotion was over in an instant. The van sped off towards an unknown destination with the captive inside.

“We have the target,” the crackling voice returned.
“Good… you know what to do next,” Master informed the crew, giving his hard cock another squeeze. Soon enough he’d have the new doll in his clutches. He pressed another button on the console and barked out;

“Kandy come to my office at once,”

He’d need some relief in the meantime while he waiting for his new sissy to arrive.

Inside the speeding van, Stanley was bound and hooded. He was no match for the burly mobsters that easily overpowered him. He could only struggle and howl in his restraints as the men above him spoke about his ill-fated destiny.

“Did you hear about what’s going to happen to this poor guy?” one of the mobsters laughed “Seems some twisted rich guy wants his hands on him badly. Either he pissed him off or it’s some kinda gay kinky shit… but all I know is he’s got one hell of a ride in store. Apparently, he wants it to add to some kind of weird collection. Like a kinky brother or some shit. “

His heart was racing in his ears as he was confused by their words. He’d been talking to a lot of Dominants online but mostly chats to turn him on. How could one of them turn out to be this crazy! He struggled to get into a sitting up position only to feel a heavy boot collide with his chest. This sent him right back down with a thud on the van floor.

“Easy there, tiger. You might as well quit the struggling because you’re severely outnumbered… not that it means much,” one of the mobsters warned.

Out of pure fear, Stanley remained static on the ground as he could do nothing but try and calm his panic-induced state. He had no idea where he was being taken and wondered if this was all some kind of prank. Either way, he’d have to ride this out and try and escape when he got the chance.

After roughly an hours journey, Stanley felt movement above him as they arrived at their destination. Strong muscular arms grabbed him and dragged the frightened sub from the van. He could hear loud engine sounds around him and a lot of noise before everything went quiet and he assumed he was indoors.

He was brought to a stop and his restraints and blindfold were removed but the cock gag remained fixed in place. Stanley’s eyes adjusted to the change in light as he gazed through squinted lids at his surroundings. It was some kind of large aircraft hanger with a small private jet to the left of him. The idea that this was just a prank started to drift from Stanley’s mind.

“Alright let’s get the cargo ready for its trip!” one of the burly men announced.

Stanley was shocked in disbelief as the mobsters began tearing off his garments. He tried to struggle to stop them but he was easily overpowered by the entourage. As they unzipped his suit pants one of them spotted his strange choice of underwear.

“What do we have here? Get a load of this boys!” they cackled.

Stanley moaned in embarrassment as his pink panties and locked chastity cage was revealed to the group of masculine, tough men.

“I think my wife has the same pair!”
“And look he’s even got some weird thing on his dick!”
“Something you don’t see every day,” they commented.

As Stanley was manhandled by the group of men, he could only blush and wish the earth would swallow him whole. Sure this had been a fantasy of his at one point but now that it was happening he was just petrified of what would come next.

Once he was stark naked, Stanley was brought over to a large black case with the word’s “Property of Master’s Doll House” in pink labelled on the side.

“Ok J, you drew the unlucky straw so you know what you’ve got to do next,” one of the men chortled.

A burly man sighed in frustration and stepped out from the group. Stanley was grabbed at both sides and bent over so his ass was sticking up into the air. The man fumbled behind Stanley for a bit until he sighed again and asked;

“Fuck anyone knows if there’s a trick to this? This is seriously the most messed up job we’ve had…”

“Just use lots of lube and try not to make the bitch cream himself. Those were the orders,” one of the men replied.

Stanley groaned behind the penis gag as he felt cold lubricant pressed against his anus. An excessive amount of cool gel was spread around the region and a hard rubber phallus came next. After a lot of pressure, and cheers from the gang, the disgusted mobster slowly inserted the rubber dick into Stanley’s ass.

“You’re never gonna live this down J,”
“I bet he’s done this before!” they teased.

The men mocked Stanley as he greedily sucked up the dick until it disappeared with the base landing home.

“That’s the back end dealt with now for the front,” one of the men holding him down cackled.

The same irritated guy as before came round to face Stanley as he was raised into a standing position.

“What about this thing on his dick?” the hooded man questioned.
“Who the fuck knows with these perverts, just break it off or something,” a voice replied. “Be careful J, remember our orders, if you damage this crazy guy’s property you might end up as his next sex doll bitch!”

A pair of bolt cutters nearby was grabbed by the mobster known as J and brought over the lock on Stanley’s cage. After a lot of grunting from above the cage broke free and was removed and replaced with a tube-like device.

“Last time I ever wanna touch another guy’s junk,” J yelled.

Stanley was dragged closer to the large case as it was opened up. He was shocked into disbelief as the inside was coated in glossy baby pink latex. Stanley was unceremoniously lifted and placed into the compact transport box. Tubes were connected to the gag and dildo currently embedded in his mouth and ass. Some earplugs were fitted into his ear canals and some weird-looking goggles were placed over his eyes.

Stanley was once again plunged into darkness. He felt some movement around the tube over his cock and could feel it sucking at his member causing him to moan around the phallus in his mouth. He heard the faint noise of the lid closing sealing him into the rubber-lined crate.

Stanley lay completely still. Hearing his beating heart pounding in his ears. He wasn’t sure if this was it or if there was more in store for him. He tried to shift into a more comfortable position but in the cramped case that wasn’t exactly a possibility. Suddenly he could hear the faint sound of a motor running. Still laying on his side, he could feel the rubber around him begin to compress.

Unbeknownst to the sissy in waiting the interior walls of the crate inflated until they held their captive in a tight embrace. Stanley felt pressure building until he couldn’t even wiggle a toe. He was completely suspended in the case as it was tipped up into an upright position. The case was rolled toward the private jet and Stanley’s awaiting destiny.

He attempted to squirm and twist but to no avail. He was glued to the spot. Sweat gathered around him as he struggled. Suddenly the headset and earplugs burst into life. A magnificent and godly looking figure sat upon a regal throne with a pink rubber creature laying at its feet. The dolls head was bobbing up and down enthusiastically as its Master rested his hands on its head.

“Good evening, sissy. I see you’re about to start your travels to your new life.” his voice had a strong German accent and was mixed with panting as he fucked the doll’s mouth. “Well we’re all anticipating your arrival, aren’t we Kandy?”

The doll moaned enthusiastically not stopping its perfect rhythm.

“Your total travel time should take up to 20 hours but I’ve designed the perfect program so you’re not bored during your trip. This will also be the start of your brainwashing training so you’ll at least be nice and docile when you arrive. The case your in will feed, water and collect any waste you produce over the next few hours. Along with providing you with the right stimulation, videos and noises that I permit. So buckle up sissy and see you soon.”

Right on cue, the live feed shut off and Stanley felt the cock tube and dildo jolt to life. Something slightly warm shot into the back of his throat but he couldn’t taste a thing. Little did he know, the first batch of drugs laced with Sir’s cum was fed to the sissy. This would keep him awake, horny and ready for moulding. Sounds began to echo into Stanley’s brain as he could hear his new Master chanting phrase after phrase.

“You are a good doll. Dolls like to obey. Dolls like to be pretty for their Master. Dolls need to be coated in rubber at all times.”

This went on repeat as video feeds of dolls, just like the one at Master’s feet, played in front of Stanley’s eyes. He felt himself relax, no longer worrying about his current predicament and enjoyed the gentle sucking and buzzing of the toys he was attached to. A gentle lurch signified that the sissy was up in the air and on its way to its new home.

Time lost all meaning as Stanley moaned in desperation. He continued to, suck and sweat in his current predicament. The video feed was constant, as erotic videos of extremely modified dolls played in front of his eyes. With no choice but to watch what he was soon to become. Often the screen would show vanilla sex or a doll’s removal from their rubber skin. This was met with a loud screeching tone and harsh electric shocks.

Blind to the outside world, Stanley could only feel the gentle rise and fall of the plane’s altitude. During the lengthy flight, Stanley continued to suck rhythmically on the dildo embedded between his lips. It would frequently reward him with a cool liquid shooting down his throat. Sweat collected at the bottom of the inflated rubber prison and Stanley had a slight amount of movement as a result of the now slippery surface.

In his horny reverie, he felt calm. Either the brainwashing was doing the trick or the liquid he was ingesting was laced with some kind of drug. Or maybe both. Whatever the case, he was starting to look forward to his impending arrival and to meet his new Godlike Master. His mind became hazy as he thought about worshipping his magnificent rubber cock.

A dull thud signified the planes arrival as it rolled towards Master’s private hangar. The sissy-in-waiting could feel movement as the container was rolled into a van nearby. A rumbling within the confined rubber prison signalled that they were now on their way to Master’s Doll House. The vibrations and milker increased in speed the closer they got.

By now, Stanley was exhausted from the constant attention of the milker and brainwashing process. After hours of non-stop orgasms, his cock ached inside the milker. He moaned into the gag as it shot a fresh batch of cum down his throat. Unbeknownst to the sissy in waiting, his cum was now fed directly back to him. Something he’d become all too familiar with.

The van came to an abrupt halt, signifying their arrival at Stanley’s new home. He could feel movement once again – as the case rolled across a smooth service. Everything inside his transportation box became still as the rolling came to a halt. The rubber around Stanley began to contract. His numb limbs felt the pressure dissipate. A crack of light filled the darkness he’d become accustomed to and his sweaty body was forcibly removed from the travel case. All the equipment was removed from Stanley’s body as his eyes strained, adjusting to the bright room.

The first thing that came into his vision was pink and shiny. They lay inches from his face, as two round globes took up his entire line of sight. Once his eyes regained their sight, Stanley looked up to find they belonged to a strange figure standing over him. He thought he was staring at a mannequin before the form stirred. Covered in solid black and pink rubber from head to toe – there wasn’t a single inch of skin on show. Even the doll’s face seemed hidden behind a layer of solid rubber. Its facial features were hidden apart from the protrusion of its nose and a hole where its mouth was.

Stanley was stunned into silence as the terrifying doll brought him to his feet. He could see now that this creature was far from human. Its waist was slimmed down to a wasp-like twenty inches while its chest and hips billowed out to give it a hyper-feminine look. Before Stanley could react, the doll placed its rubber-gloved hands on both sides of his face and its huge inflated lips met his in a passionate embrace.

The massive pink lips surrounded an O shape that was the doll’s cock sucking mouth. A strange substance oozed out and Stanley could taste something strange leaking onto his tongue. Said tongue entered into the rubber hole feeling around for any flesh but all Stanley found was smooth rubber. The doll didn’t even have any teeth just hard rubber ones.

During their smooching session, Stanley didn’t notice they were no longer alone in the room.

“Daisy, meet your new sister,” the figure approaching called out.

The doll moaned enthusiastically behind the kiss before releasing Stanley leaving him to stumble backwards in shock and confusion.

“She can be quite the hands-on doll, it can be a problem for some. But then again I programmed her to be a horny slut,” the male voice echoed in the room.

Daisy moaned and twitched as the very voice of the man advancing towards them made her weak at the knees. A firm hand landed on Stanley’s shoulder as the other one immediately cupped his ass. He quickly tried to break away from the grasp.

“Don’t move an inch, sissy. Your programming hasn’t begun yet however the hypnosis you’ve been exposed to will leave you under my control for the next few hours.” his Master explained.

Stanley was frozen in place. He couldn’t even wiggle a finger as his new Master’s hands inspected his body.

“Good figure, however, we’ll see how tight we can make that pretty little waist of yours.”

A hand grabbed a clump of his hair with such force that would leave Stanley gasping in pain. Only his body was not his to control anymore.

“This will need to go. All my dolls have to be completely shaven before they receive their new skin. And what do we have here… probably the smallest cock of all my sissies.”

A strong hand vigorously inspected his flaccid member. It ached even more from the constant milking during his journey.

“Sissy cock unlock,” Master commanded into Stanley’s ear.

Without any control from Stanley, he felt his cock grow hard as it lengthened in his Master’s firm grip.

“Not too bad. So you’re a grower, not a show’er… we can use this to my advantage,” Master laughed in Stanley’s ear, as he stood frozen like a statue.

Stanley could feel warm rubber press against his back as a hard cock was forced between his cheeks. Master’s cock was always sheathed in rubber, however, with a strategic hole at the top he could still feed his sissies his Godly cum. Stanley’s ass stretched around his new Master’s magnificent member as he was taken right to the hilt.

“Good tightness, but I think we can make it feel even better. All my sluts are equipped to be perfect rubber fleshlights.”

Large muscular arms gripped Stanley as he was lifted in the air being fucked on the hard rubber dick. He felt so powerless as he was used by his new Master. Already hungry for his cum to feed his ass.

“I’ve had enough of seeing you in your ugly state,” Master announced dropping Stanley back into his standing position. He pulled out and turned to the rubber doll, “Daisy, prepare our new slut for its new body.”

“Yes Sir, doll obeys” a robotic voice came from the pink rubber doll.

Footsteps left the room echoing as the bizarre rubber doll came close to Stanley. It started by attaching cuffs to his wrists and ankles before locking them into chains hidden from view. The doll could easily move Stanley’s body into a new position but he had no control of it.

The bonds were only for safety, as a few dolls had managed to break out of their trance and make a run for it during the conversion process. None had ever managed to escape the facility as they were currently deep underground beneath Master’s private guarded home. Even if a prisoner had managed to escape, Master had connections throughout the region. Any police would gladly escort a suspected dolly back to his facility.

Daisy approached the naked, bound Stanley with an odd contraption in her rubber hands. An anaesthetic mask but with a large rubber cock protruding from it. The cock was shoved deep into Stanley’s mouth until he could feel the tip hit the back of his throat. The mask latched on and locked in place as he could only breathe in a sweet scent.

The rubber doll appeared once again in Stanley’s view – only this time she was armed with a backpack and what looked like a large machine gun all in solid pink. The nozzle erupted as a creamy substance coated Stanley, starting with his chest and moving to his hard sissy cock. In a matter of moments, he was covered from head to toe as the spout finally shut off.

After five minutes, Stanley could feel his skin start to burn. The substance would permanently remove all his hair leaving him as bald as all the other dolls in the facility. Before the pain became unbearable, a shower cascaded from above and Stanley’s hair was washed down the drain. Left behind was a pink-skinned dolly in waiting.

Loud footsteps entered the room, once again, as Master came fully into Stanley’s view. He was dressed in a full rubber catsuit with a hard rubber cock tucked away behind his codpiece. Stanley could see this man conveyed power. From his ripped body under the suit, to his domineering stance – this was a man to fear. His eyes drilled into the motionless sissy as he hung in his bonds.

“Looking much better, but we aren’t finished. First, you need to be prepared for your new body… and then much like your free will, I’ll break your mind. Soon you’ll be nothing more than my toy,” his Master explained.

Stanley could make out the twitching of his Master’s cock under the rubber.

“Daisy put this sissy into the processing chamber and then come see me in the control room,” he instructed.

“Yes Master,” the sissy replied obediently.

“See you later, dolly. I can’t wait to feel your mouth around my cock,” his Master laughed as he exited the room.

The bonds were released and Stanley was ordered to follow the pink doll. His body moved almost robotically as it followed behind the swaying hips of the shiny mannequin. His focus was entirely aimed at the doll’s ass as she walked ahead. He could see a similar hole to the one in the doll’s mouth which Stanley assumed was for the same purpose.

The two entered another room in the facility which contained a large domineering machine. It looked similar to an MRI scanner, but with two large vats on either side. A bed lay at the entrance to the contraption as Daisy instructed Stanley to lay flat. Daisy pressed some buttons from behind a control desk while the machine shook and whirred to life. Stanley’s body was carried into the device, ready for his transformation.

Various devices scanned his entire body as a model view showing his current body state flashed in front of his eyes. Slowly he could see the view change as the mock of his body altered into a doll similar to Daisy. Master had already pre-programmed the machine to create a doll of his design. Full pink rubber with massive torpedo tits. Stanley was to become even more doll-like than any of his previous perversions.

Stanley felt like screaming as he could see his fate laying before him. He tried with all his might to thrash his limbs but he was trapped within his own body. After the checks were complete, the machine prepared to transform the terrified sissy. Hot rubber began to pump its way into the chamber ready to make Master’s vision a reality.

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