Today we present you a young (22) boy from Taiwan. He will tell you about his need to serve, to be used hard and to be humiliated. The pandemic has made him a stray, and he’s looking for a new Master now.

Hi Doggyfag. When did you realize that “normal” sex is not really what turns you on and that you like it harder and more humiliating? And can you tell us about your first steps into this kink world?

Actually, my start was not about sex. I realized that I loved being treated like a poor, despicable living at 11. I stripped myself clean and put dirty shoes on my chest. It gave me the satisfaction from humiliation.

Generally, I had a fantasy of being a servant to a handsome, condescending villain I liked from a Japanese anime. I imagined serving him naked and sometimes as a doormat to clean dirty shoes and as a stepping stone. I just felt happy to serve the villain who is higher than me.

What is for you the attraction of serving superiors? And when have you started to do it?

Losing control, my face, self-esteem, while still being looked after are what made me know my place. My first experience with this was back in high school. I had a crush on a tanned, athletic guy, and I enjoyed doing errands for him and in turn he would pat me on the head. That was amazing.

Would you say that you are an inferior, or are you just acting as one? And how has a guy to be that you accept him as superior?

I deem myself as being naturally inferior. I’m inclined to be under control. On the other side, a guy has to be physically, mentally, and professionally more capable in a way that I would admire.

I deem myself as being naturally inferior. (…) I think a fag like me should be treated with little to no respect.

You’ve told us about your first experience in high school, which was a nonsexual. When has your desire of serving, getting used and humiliated turned into a sexual one, and can you tell us about your first experience?

My first experience was with a guy that was twice heavier than me. We first met at a hotel in a city 20 miles away from my home. There, he stripped me clean, and ordered me to douche. That took me almost an hour, and he was pretty upset with about that. That brought me some punishments. I was questioned and slapped quite a few times. I still remember how hard these slapping were. My balls received some unbearable kicks as well. These hurt a lot, but with a sock in my mouth, I could not groan as loud as the slaps. After a little while of silence, sitting in the bed, while I still on the floor, kneeling. He asked me what mistakes I made. I answered, I should have been prepared for being abused for its own master. That’s my first time sexually plunged into servitude.

And how did you feel at this moment?

First, I was worried about my safety. But in large, I was overwhelmed with excitement. And a sudden erection elevated that rush even closer to the point where I thought I truly deserved treatments like these. I realized that I’m really a submissive slave!

How should a boy like you be treated?

I think a fag like me should be treated with little to no respect. Fags are born to serve men, and thus we can’t refuse and need to accept any treatments, no matter how filthy, painful, humiliating it would be. When a fag’s master wants it to be a toilet, it would be eating its master’s poop. When its master turns it into a eunuch, it must not try to escape from its destiny, like an soulless object that the master plays around with. Fags are property, objects not worthy of human rights. Fag are to be treated with no respect

You really seem to be a little pain pig. What is for you the attraction of suffering pain?

Actually when I started being a slave, I didn’t really like pain like how I do now. It was not at all hot at first. But after a guy with a really big dick raped me and taught me to be a good fag, I learned that pain also is arousing. I learned to like him forcing his way in, feeling that meaty hard dick breaking through my tight little Asian hole. He told me with his deep voice that a fag like me is here to do nothing else but serve. I’m no more worthwhile than a fleshlight. I need to take that pain for him to enjoy a tight Asian hole. Every word he said the harder the ploughing is. Every ploughing I took I enjoyed being used more, however painful it would be. Now, I’m a fag that begs its master to spank it so hard that traces of blood come out at the first ten thrashing. I love pain. I know my place.

Is it difficult to find good Masters who are into the same in Taiwan?

The big dicked guy is originally from Australia, but he used to live in Taiwan. But the Covid situation made him travel back to his home country. Now looking for a brutal master who gives me no respect.

Oh, tell us what kind of relationship are you looking for? What kind of slave life do you want to live?

Fag looks forward to a long term relationship that involves total power exchange, complete subjugation. Under such circumstances, fag would never be allowed to have any human rights. It wouldn’t be able to make any decisions for itself, not have control over everything. It would also be stripped of the right to talk, as a non human would not be supposed to be talking. Secondly, fag would never be allowed to leave the house. At home, it has to be at all time naked, collared, chained, and the farthest place it could get to is the door. A camera would be on all day, for the master to make sure it completes the chores, workouts, sex tasks according to order. Also, during the day, there would be multiple men visiting the house during the day. It would need to serve them, too. Fag would be obligated to take any of their requests, because it must not disappoint Master, who invited them to use the piece of property. It has to make Master proud. But fag would expect Master to make sure it would be healthy to be sexually active. In the evening, fag would greet its Master at the door, much like a puppy. I must look and be playful and happy to see Master no matter how tired it would be after hours of “labor”. After that, it would be allowed to walk on its feet to make dinner. However, that delicious food is only for the Man of the house. It’s having dog food from a dog bowl on the ground. Master would make it a nice piece of furniture too, a chair, a leg rest, or a toilet which would take his holy poop. Before bed, fag would need to perform some arousing shows for Master to spice up a little. It would definitely get used hardcore when doing well. At the death of the night, when Master goes to bed, it would give him massage, then retreats to its bed, a dog cage in the dungeon. In the morning, it would get up first to drink up Master’s morning piss before making breakfast and helping him in the shower. It would live like this every day, as a good house boy, a good slave, a good object.

Aren’t you afraid that such a life can be hard but also boring, and that you would like to have a normal life again?

No, but of course I would have to meet the right person for it. But to be honest, there is a little fear, but I feel that I need and want it. And if I end in a no-way-out situation, then I’ve to surrender … and that is what will make me happy.


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