An Interview with Bearsilien, a real pig and porn actor about his dirty desires.



MasterMarc: Hello Bearsilien. I’m sure that some of our readers know you as porn actor but you are also a real lover of golden showers. Can you tell us, why piss is such a turn-on for you? 

Bearsilien: Well as you can see in my videos I have no shame at all to admit that I’m a real pig when it comes to sex. Being a gay men, I’ve always been attracted to rough men. Back in Brazil, when I was growing up, I’d watch the contractors and their employees working on buildings. I’d go talk to them and try to befriend them with the excuse that I liked the construction site (go figure). So I’d spend some time with these men whose inhibitions where almost none…. and when nature would call… fuck… they would just go in front of you… releasing themselves, not giving a damn to who’s watching… and I would be there definitely watching almost on my knees asking to be fed…

So, I guess I relate piss with the power one can have to be free of inhibitions and release themselves… leaving conventions and etiquette out of sight. It has to do with domination and power for me!


LEATHER-BACKMasterMarc: I can understand your feelings about leaving conventions and etiquette but can you explain us, why you get feelings of domination when you see someone pissing?

Bearsilien: Let me see how i can put it. When a man can piss in front of others to watch (or more), not just at the urinal, but knowing and willing to have an audience, for me, he’s empowering himself, he’s taking control of that situation. In my dirty piggy mind, he becomes the master of the act… he’s my master and I’m just his urinal. I’m there to take it all like a soldier as he uses me as he pleases. And the domination-submission role-playing drives nuts…. I get so horny!!!


MasterMarc: If you’re horny than it is the best moment to ask you more about your piss games. What kind of piss action do you like? And don’t tell me, that you just like to watch, I wouldn’t belive you that.

Bearsilien: Oh c’mon! Just watch… that’s just the tip of the iceberg… lol. I’m versatil pig all the way. My favorite pissing games… hummm… there’s just so many! If I’m playing by myself… I like to do it fully clothed and get it all wet and smelly… stay socked on my juices while I play with myself… that can go on for hours… actually I can stay filthy for days… if I’m playing with a piss buddy, my favorite one is beer piss games… taking rounds and rounds of beers and piss alternately… usually also both fully clothed… socked and filthy.  In groups… piss showers and piss bukkake are a must. Lately at the bath house I’ve been serving as a third urinal for any guy whose into using another guy’s mouth as his personal urinal.


MasterMarc: Hehe, how important is for you the guy who is pissing? I am asking because there are also guys who like to be used with a piss mask as party urinal. They don’t see anybody – just get the piss of whoever needs to piss.

Bearsilien: Depends on the situation. For example, at the bath house I will take the piss of whomever feels like feeding me. But I don’t like to wear any type of mask cuz I like to see the guy who’s pissing on me, independently of who he is. For other situations I really like to get connected to the guy… like looking him in the eyes while he let’s all out in a strong and constant stream of warm piss.


MasterMarc: I was asking the last question to understand how important the humiliation, the degradation is. So what do you think about this aspect of piss? That you are just good enough to get the waste of somebody else.

Bearsilien: As you put it, the humiliation and the degradation of this game is a real turn on for me. But it gotta have commitment from all parties for this game to work and to really make me go nuts. What I mean by that is the pisser really has to focus on what pleases him by pissing onto another pig (in this case… me). When I’m being the one pissed on, I really want the guy (or guys) to have full control of the situation. They can do whatever they want with me. I’m like their “garbage” for that moment. A worthless pig who really needs to take their juices as they wish and desire. On the contrary, when I’m the one pissing on somebody else… then the situation reverses completely…. I’m the fucking master and I’ll do whatever the fuck I please and I will do the humiliation the same way I take it when I’m the worthless pig.


LEATHER-FRONTMasterMarc: You’ve told us, that you can stay filthy for days. Can you explain us, why do you love that and what the turn-on is in being totally pissed and smelly for a longer time?

Bearsilien: As a real pig, being filty is just part of my being. I guess, I feel more close to my inner me. Smelling like a real pig and keeping other men’s juices scents all over me makes me feel horny and free!!! I try to keep the filthy for as much as possible… and I also keep the clothes I played with dirty. For me, the turn-on comes from liberating myself from any convention or any taboo that society inflicts upon us. Being able to be myself with other men… and vice-versa. But that goes much further then just pissing sessions… it has to do with the freedom to be the real you around other guys, who are also being themselves. The fact that I can smell like piss (or more) turns me on… and turns other guys on… liberate us to go further into our deepest and filtiest fantasies… allowing us to take sex and pleasure to a whole different level of freedom and passion.


MasterMarc: “… or more …” You’ve made me curious. What is more?

Bearsilien: Well, even though piss is my favorite game to play, a real pig session goes beyond just piss. Once I start playing and the horniness is present… anything goes. Of course sweat is a main component of a good pig session, spitting comes along to make it hotter and stickier. Having a guy to spit on me, on my face, my mouth… grrr… I’m getting hard just thinking about it. When playing with beer, burping is hot in a dude and having beer being swapped from mouth to mouth… back and forth, putting all the juices together… it can’t get better than that, can it? Well, I guess it can get much messier…. you know, I don’t mind, specially when you’re fucking bb, to get my dick dirty… if you know what I mean. When you are a pig fucking other pigs some shit is about to happen and I enjoy it. When you are playing with an asshole, you know what’s coming in but never what can come out and that’s the fun of it. Getting a dick dirty and then cleaning it up is super hot. Not having to worry about it is the best part… farting is also something I enjoy in a guy…. and please, don’t excuse yourself, just be the pig you are!!! You know, pig to pig, man to man…


MasterMarc: Hehehe. Does your dirty existence and mind have some limits?

Bearsilien: I guess they do have a limit… but the problem is that I havent found them yet… lol. I guess I live living limitless so I’m constantly pushing the boudaries to be able to experience new feeling, new sensations… for me that’s a real pig. Not being afraid to try. Not being afraid to admit he’s a manwhore, a slut and be happy about. I’m a proud slut, a proud pig as I say. Actually, i’m planning to tatoo that on my dick… PROUD PIG. I’m being introduced to fisting… mostly as a top for now… and looking foward to become more versatil on that too. Playing with shit is also something I’m learning to do… for now, just playing with my own on the shower… and so on… there’s nothing I’m not willing to try… of course… always respecting other people’s limits cuz having a blast as a pig means consensus between everyone is mandatory. From there… we all go and enjoy being man together in manhood…. or pighood, I think it’s better said!


MasterMarc: Do you have some fantasies you haven’t realized till now and how do they look like?

Bearsilien: Oh fuck yeah! I still haven’t done many of them… When fucking, I love an audience, so I’m still trying to find the right pig (or pigs) to be able to fuck live in a gay parade somewhere… right on the street, in front of all the people to see… that’s one of the softer ones. My ultimate pig fantasy is to be in a room (a hotel for instance) for a whole weekend of pig fun among pigs. No need to leave the room for anything… nor the bed… no showers, no toilets, just pigs being pigs…. turning the room into their inhabitat. Fuck around, piss around, shit around, anything is allowed, no rules, no worries. just pure pig pleasure… Lots of pissing, spitting, slapping, fisting, shitting anywhere… I mean… everywhere… on the floor, carpet, tables, chairs, on the bed… no place is safe when pigs are playing… being completely worry free… my cock is so hard right now.. just talking about it! The pressure on my pants.. oh fuck I love that!!!


MESSY-PISSMasterMarc: Do you have some advises for guys who feel the desire of dirty play, of being more pig, but at the same time they feel ashamed and insecure because they don’t know what their partner would think about?

Bearsilien: My advice is to communicate, be verbal about it. I experienced the same thing back when I was young, feeling ashamed of my desires, of my fantasies. I realized that these are things that can’t be surpressed. People gotta realize that everything in sex is allowed, literally EVERYTHING! But the keys for it to work and to be fun are COMMUNICATION and RESPECT. Any type of fantasy, any type of desire, is part of your sexual being and it’s totally natural, it belongs to you. If you choose to share with others, that’s your choice and lucky the bastard (or bastards) who get to experience that with you! If you are not sure if you like it, try it. Once you do, you have your own perspective and then you will be able to decide if it’s something you like and enjoy. It takes time. practice and acceptance to be confortable with your own sexuality. It’s like a second coming out! The more you experience the more open you will become… in my case, Europe was the key factor who defined my sexual persona. I lived in several different places in the world… and Europe, really brought the pig out of me… as I could never have imagined…. today I’m a PROUD PIG… 100% happy and horny!!!


MasterMarc: Thank you, Bearsilian, it was interesting to talk with you about your very dirty soul. Wish you a lot of fun for your future and that you find a stupid hotel owner who will give you one of his rooms for this weekend action you’ve in your dirty mind. 🙂