Hello dear readers, I get to talk with a fruity n juicy orange pup today. How’re you doing Matic? Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you?


I’m pretty good, thx for asking! During the week it’s a little stressful atm, but on the weekends I’m meeting up with friends from the kink community a lot, which always liftens the mood.

I’m a 19-year old bisexual puppy from the south of germany that is pretty much into everything that’s got to do with latex, bdsm and petplay. In everyday life I’m a student in university and like to read books, play computergames and manage to sometimes even go to the fitness studio.

In that day to day life I tend to be more the inconspicuous type.

The silent waters are deep type then huh? 😉 How did you come upon fetish and latex? Was that more recently? And what made you want to find out more about it?

That’s a good question! I like the feeling of latex – and that since before I could even classify that feeling to a material. I remember that I liked that smooth, slick feeling even back in kindergarden. Furthermore I already liked to roll myself up in my blanket and get that immovable feeling. I guess you could say that it’s innate.

When I was around eleven or twelve years old, I got an IPod Touch ( back then, that was new and amazing), and with that access to the internet.

Ironically I didn’t stumble over Google over the fetish scene… but through an article of a very well known online magazine on the topic of zentai suits. There also a vacuum bed had an appearance. That’s how I started to want to find out more on the topic of spandex catsuits, and through that also very quickly came upon latex catsuits and the rest.

Overall I like almost everything about latex – except the cleaning up after the wearing. The feeling is great and it just looks fantastic if you can get it to sit right – be it on other guys or on women! There is just the right amount that’s left to fantasy. Which isn’t a lot often 😉

Besides, there’s soo many cool latex outfits. From the “normal” suits to one-piece blow up pokemon and other animal suits. And combined with normal clothing and other fetish gear it just looks great!

I wanted to have latex clothes as quickly as possible when I started out. That only really worked after my 18th birthday really. When I reached that age, I immediately ordered a catsuit.The feeling when I finally got it and put it on was just wonderful!

As latex and other fetishes often go hand in hand, I very quickly went from latex to bdsm. Deviantart was one of the first websites I stumbled over, and the content on there is really good. Vacuum beds pulled me in very early there. The concept to be completely and airtight surrounded by latex, and barely be able to move – I imagine that to be so hot. And I soon will be able to test it, since I recently ordered one!

Ouhlala 🙂 Vacuumbetten are very intense, I can vouch for that. Have you had any similar bondage experiences in that regard before?

And Devianart xD sheesh that name brings out nostalgic feelings. Nice to hear it’s still a good kinky art resource. I presume that is also where you found out about furry and pet play?

I can since recently in fact actually say I have had a similar experience yes! Just last weekend I was very tightly and carefully tied up in a leather sleep sack on a bondage bed. There I also was supplied with poppers and edged thoroughly, which ended up in a truly ruined orgasm. That was such a hot, intense session, and I hope that I will still collect many more such experiences.

And yes, through deviantart and similar websites I found quite a diversity of fetishes, and slowly noticed that I don’t find just women interesting.

But the decision to become a pup and also show myself that way on social media came only much later, when I saw all those other pups on twitter and instagram.

Sounds very hot 😉 That last sentence raises a question for me though. What is pup play for you? Is it a form of role play, or more sort of a pupsona for social interactions? A mix?

I think “pupsona” does catch it quite well! As a pup I am much more playful and cuddly. I simply like to turn off my brain and have fun with others! Roleplay I like as a pup very much too though.

Currently it looks like you are very much on the bondage discovery train. But have you had any other things that you thought could be exciting to try?

That’s true! I rarely hesitate to try out new things when I got the chance to. At the moment I also try to be more the dominant play partner as well.

For now I don’t have much experience in it, which partially has to do with me owning almost no cuffs and things, and when meeting up with other people having to get acquainted with their gear. That takes a lot of conversation and communication (“is that too tight?”, “which way does that usually go?”, “Which key goes with that?” and such).

That tends to pull people out of the headspace. After meeting up a few times that of course becomes more rare. And soon I am gonna have a vacuumbed in which I can put in other people as well 😉

Another thing I’d theoretically like to do is to train my butt to at some point being able to take a fist. However that will still have to wait a while, as I’ve managed to get a fissure recently that doesn’t really seem to want to heal (readers, best really get higher quality soft silicone toys and get double the amount of lube you think is enough 😅 ).

Hahaha haaaaaahhh yes, those problems I sadly know all to well. Fissures are such a nuisance to deal with. There the 50 bucks are really worth it, especially when you consider probably having to get special creams, pain, frustration, and depending on it appointments.

And btw. For such dom beginnings, I can recommend bondage rope. It only takes a little time to learn the beginning skills. Which since most bondage work only uses one knot, and quick release knots is mostly one kind as well, isn’t a lot to learn too. Once you get the hang of that, you can quite easily improvise at sessions. And many find it extremely sexy when somebody can do such work on them 😉

Now back to you again though. How personal do you see fetish for yourself? Is it more something of a lifestyle. Or something you tend to set apart from the rest of things? And how important do you see the kinky element for you and in others?

The part with the rope I’ll keep in mind! And yes, a better plug would have been cheaper now already. Oops.

Fetish is very important for me and I only very unwillingly would stop with it.

I separate my day-to-day life and kink life completely from each other, because I don’t know how some of the people I have to deal with would react. Of course, in my ideal environment, I would love not to have to do that. But at the moment it’s necessary since I’m still a student without an own place, and rarely am able to go around in my latex gear at home.

However, if somebody asks me about my fetishes and alike, I always answer honestly.

I guess your last question also relates to relationships and sex. I can theoretically have vanilla sex and enjoy it. But to be honest, it’s by far not as intense and exciting.

From a partner I would at least expect understanding for my kinks.

What would be one of the fantasies you’d wish for to experience? And what would be a “goal” to once achieve?

Fantasies I have a few. In general I’d wish to be a slave over a longer time, a few days, or be bound over a longer duration.

Ein Ziel wäre definitiv, in einer Beziehung mit einem Partner oder einer Partnerin zu sein, der/die ähnliche Fetische hat. Das wäre echt cool!

A goal would definitely be to be in a relationship with a partner that has similar fetishes. That’d be awesome!

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