Today, I’ve a real gag lover with us. Most pics you can see of KnotRowan (21) are pics in which he’s gagged with different kind of gags but mostly also with duct tape which is one of the favourite kink tools for many kinksters. It is really time to talk with KnotRowan about his love for gags and for duct tape.

Hi Rowan. On most pictures of you, you’re gagged … are you talking so much or are you just a cheeky boy?

Hahaha well it’s definitely a bit of both, probably more so that I’m just very cheeky. Honestly, though, I just enjoy being gagged, as I’m sure most of your readers can relate to. I like trying to talk with a gag on and barely being able to make a sound, i love trying to move my lips around with tape keeping them down just as much as i love barely being able to close my mouth when there’s a large stuffing in there too. It’s hard to explain exactly why i like them so much, but sometimes I think I just really love the idea that I’m so cheeky that someone just wants to shut me up with whatever they have handy.

So is it just an idea or are you a cheeky boy?

Oh, yeah I’m absolutely a very cheeky guy, even when I’m not trying to bait another guy into gagging me I’ll be making jokes or talking crap haha.

But these are normally boys who really deserve punishments. Can you live with it and is to provoke them one of your motivations of being cheeky?

It depends, I’m always cheeky with friends, but that’s mostly just banter and in jest. If I’m being cheeky around another kinky guy, though, it’s absolutely in an effort to provoke them into doing something about it.

Something??? … So tell us, what is the boy into?

Something usually being tying me up and gagging me haha.

But yeah, I’m into quite a few things, though they all mostly revolve around bondage, such as ways i like to be tied up or ways i like to be gagged and stuff I like to happen whenever I am.

So things like duct tape, rope, stuff gags, mummification, edging, breath play, verbal, kissing, pain, chastity, nipple play. I also have a few clothing kinks too like formal wear, sports gear and guys in tight superhero costumes.

When have you realized that you’re into kinks, and what have been your first steps?

I think I was definitely always into bondage growing up, but just never realised since I was so young. What made me absolutely sure I was kinky was playing Red Dead Redemption when I was about 12 or 13. In that game you play as a cowboy in the wild west, and you get a lasso that you can use to rope people and tie them up, I remember really enjoying being able to hogtie people in it and mostly being jealous I wasn’t the one getting hogtied haha.

I remember once I wanted to see more of it and the first thing I did was go onto YouTube and look up hogties and a lot of the results were “Red Dead Redemption”, mostly people just seeing how many characters they could get tied up at once and as much as I enjoyed those videos I explored all the ones I started getting recommended. One of those was an old bondage jeopardy trailer someone had posted on YouTube and I remember really enjoying that as a kid haha, until it eventually got removed, and I had to start using Google to find more, eventually I found Tumblr and was shocked at how much bondage and kinky porn there was and that was basically it, it was settled just how into bondage I was as I was scrolling through Tumblr pretty much every night.

And when do you have started to live your kinks also in a sexual context?

Ooh, I started exploring my kinks in a sexual way as soon as I could, actually. I think it was only a couple of months after I turned 18 in like April 2018, that I messaged a guy near me that I wanted to meet for some bondage. It was actually a very fun first meet to be honest, lots of mummification and lots of edging. I was going to his place and I remember he had asked me to buy the tape on my way, and I was just way too excited I ended up getting like 5 or 6 rolls and I just remember him telling me that it was way too much haha, and now I’m just thinking about what the guy at the counter has thought of me buying that much tape too.

But it was a great time, he definitely made me feel comfortable exploring my kinks and I think we both really enjoyed it. I definitely did, I came so hard from that meet that I stained his wall. We met on and off through the year though and each time was amazing, I think shortly after I joined the kinky side of Instagram and ended up meeting a lot of people off of there during the summer of 2018. Not all those meets were sexual, though, but I certainly enjoyed every single one.

What is for you the special attraction of duct tape and duct tape bondage?

It’s hard to say what I like about tape bondage so much, actually. Like I love rope bondage just as much if not a little more, but whenever someone is using tape to tie me up it is amazing. For me, I think it’s the sound of the tape coming off the roll I like, It’s especially hot when I’m being gagged with it, and it’s just after they’ve probably most likely stuffed my mouth with something, and they just keep going around with the tape, and when i think they’re about to be done they just keep going and i just keep hearing that sound of tape wrapping round my face, and it gets tighter and tighter, yeah that sound and that feeling really really does it for me, there are a few guys I’ve met who just keep going even when they’ve gone around my face a few times they’ll reinforce the gag a bit more with strips under my chin or blindfold me with more strips and I just love that so much.

It’s also just really hot to be tied up with, I think with rope It’s hard to not have the rope sorta dig in when it gets tight but with tape you can just keep going around and around and you’ll feel the tightness, but you won’t really feel it digging into you, and it makes for a better solution if someone wants to keep me tied up for a while, not to mention tape mitts and mummification. I sound like I’m really trying to sell tape here but like the more I think about it the more I do genuinely love it in bondage, a couple of months ago I did a tape hogtie with pvc tape, and it was insane how effective it was, i could barely move it was so tight, but hell I loved it haha.

Oh yes, if you gag a boy with duct tape you have also to stuff his mouth, you’re totally right. I love to use stinky socks, even better if you piss on them in first. 🙂 What are your favourite things to stuff your mouth?

Oh, yeah dirty socks are absolutely one of my favourites to get my mouth stuffed with, I’m not actually as into feet as I am sockgags and I can’t say the socks ever taste great at all haha in fact most of the time it’s foul, but I think knowing that the person gagging me with them enjoys seeing me suffer in that way really turns me on. I had to film a video for someone in the summer with my own week-old socks, and they were absolutely disgusting but like when I was wearing them and just knowing what I was gonna use them for did really do it for me.

I also have a pretty big mouth, so it’s a lot of fun and very hot seeing what people want to stuff in there. Another favourite is that I love getting my mouth stuffed with bandanas, they can be very fun, especially finished off with a cleave or even more bandanas over it. Sponges are also amazing too, I tried a massive sponge gag a few months ago, and it completely filled my mouth, it was really hot the way it sorted moved with my mouth if I tried to speak, not to mention the tape used which was so very tight haha.

Can you tell us about the differences you feel between the different stuff in your mouth?

Sure I can, though there’s not a lot of ways to describe them. Like I said sponges they’re amazing, though I’ve only used like big sponges and never one with an abrasive side because that just sounds painful, but yeah big sponges just move around with your mouth and because they’re so absorbent if you try and bite down your mouth pretty much just gets flooded with your own saliva, which i hate but its again that kinda suffering that is hot.

Socks I’ve found to be really comfortable, don’t taste amazing of course haha, and they tend to get wet quickly which again doesn’t taste great haha but I’m usually able to handle it. There are small differences depending on the state and type of Sock. Like sometimes older socks might have a bit of fluff come off which does get really annoying and thin socks aren’t really effective, unless you’re stuffing more than one in, i definitely prefer thicker ones. There’s always that fear with stuffing anything in your mouth that it might slip back in your throat and if I’m getting gagged pretty thoroughly I like being able to make sure it doesn’t slip back by kinda holding the sock with my tongue which while it isn’t great for taste it does help a lot and is way easier if the sock pretty much fills my mouth haha.

Bandanas I always prefer to have a couple in my mouth, I think they’re just way too thin on their own to be effective, so it’s way hotter when there’s two. But when there are two or more I definitely feel it, they’re sorta squishy and thin so while they don’t move around with your mouth like a sponge does they can kinda do it, it’s also hot when they get pulled out slowly, and it’s kinda like seeing a magician pull out a bunch of handkerchiefs from his sleeve.

What do you think about all the other different gags like ball gags, tube gags, ring gags, etc.?

Oh I love other gags just as much as having my mouth stuffed and taped over. Ballgags especially, I like trying to push them out and just having them pop back in or trying to talk with them in and just ending up a drooling mess really really quickly. I always feel really bad drooling because it gets all over the person’s sheets or their floors, and even when it’s on my chest it’s so gross haha but everyone who’s gagged me with one seems to love it when I start drooling, so I think knowing they love it makes me love it as well. Can also use a ballgag with a stuffing too which again I just really love having the sock there, and it pushed back with the ball, super hot.

Another gag I love is muzzles, I really love muzzles, they’re not amazing at keeping someone quiet on their own but just as an addition to other gags, they’re perfect with a stuffing in there since there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to push it out, and they’re great with tape, and bandanas. I’ve been dying to try and combine a muzzle with my panel gag to see how that works out.

Hehe, seems that you are a real gag lover, and you have a good collection of gags. To be a brat who is always complaining and talking is one of the good reasons why to use them. But there are other reasons, like to mute the boy’s screams. Are you into pain and punishment?

Haha yeah that’s definitely the other great reason to use them, and i definitely enjoy having my pain muffled by a good gag.

I’m into pain and punishment, especially things like nipple play, nipple play I love because it rarely leaves a permanent mark but there’s so much that can be done and so much pain you can get with them that I’ll be sore for days and I love it. Getting them clamped, pulled, twisted all just great stuff and each makes my cock jump every time haha. I’ve been dying to get them pierced sometime but can never find the time.

I also love things like clothing pegs being put on my chest, some guys I met would put pegs on and a piece of string and then just pull them all off in one go, and it was insanely painful, and then they’d rub the marks, and it would be even more painful but also even hotter haha. Stuff like that is just amazing, it’s not like an insane amount of pain but like lots of small pain that adds up, there’s also using like a pinwheel too which is hell and drives me nuts but all that small pain is amazing especially if they go over my nipples when they’re sore as hell already.

Last but not least, you’ve to give us an insight into your best sexual experiences in which you’ve been gagged.

Oof I’ve had so many meets at this point it’s hard to say what my favourites are. Of course, I am gagged in all of them but a couple of the best might be when I met this guy not far from me when I lived in Bristol who really enjoyed his sock gags and had very sweaty awful socks, but he gagged me with them and kept me hogtied on his floor for hours on end while he worked making me sniff his shoes and socks, they did not smell good at all, but I was there for so long with my dick pretty much hard the whole time, I think we ended the meet with him holding me tied up with a handgag and using a vibrator on my cock till I came an insane amount.

Another one was with BoundJake on Twitter where we got back to his after a weekend of not doing anything sexual for a couple of days, and he tied me spread eagle to his bed and pretty much just tortured me constantly for around 2 hours no break at all, there was tickling, nipple play, breath play, pinwheel, cock pump it was insane how much he was doing to me and I didn’t get one chance to breathe, literally at some point haha. But it was amazing, and I remember I came a lot after that too and was completely exhausted at the end.

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