Today we’re in the middle of France, enjoying the mountains of the Auvergne. Here we will meet a kink illustrator, who studied interior architecture and art (animation). If you see all his boys in bondage or restraints, it becomes clear, that Sombre Boy (29) has a very kink mind. Let’s talk with him about his kinks and his art work, and let us start with a hard question:

Sombre Boy on Twitter

Hi Sombre Boy. Which of your own illustrations is your favourite one, and can you tell us why?

Hello ! It’s not always easy to say which of our illustrations is my favourite. But I have to say that I am particularly satisfied with the rendering of my drawing titled “Benoît and the Punishment Box”.

It took me a long time to make this drawing. But the result, in my opinion, was worth it. I like it a lot because it tells a little story, it’s like a mini comic. I like the idea of being a prisoner, unable to free oneself, only being able to submit to the wishes of one’s master. I find that very exciting, and I think this drawing expresses it well.

However, I have several projects in progress, and it may well be that another drawing will replace it.

Hehe. Often own desires and needs, the own kink fantasy is inspiring the work of kink artists. Would you like to change place with Benoît?

Indeed, I would like to be in his place. This is also the case for most of the guys I draw. You can actually say that I draw my own fantasies. What happens to Benoît is something that I would like to undergo as well. I like the idea of submitting to another and becoming a toy for him. And at the same time, being in the master’s place would also interest me. I am quite versatile in the practice of bondage.

But you know to be stored for several hours can also be boring. 🙂 Do you think you could handle this boring times in bondage?

It’s true that it could get boring. But I think to wait also increases the pleasure. The return of the master becomes more exciting. And then, you can see in the drawing that Benoît’s master left him a little gift on his cock. I think it can also help to be patient. 😋

Hehe. And of course the time in bondage gives also the possibility to think about things and to phantasize. That is like drawing new illustrations. But of course in your fantasy, you can be much more extreme than you would ever be in real life. Can you give us some of your extreme fantasies you have illustrated?

This is the advantage of drawing, we are totally free to represent any type of fantasies, even unrealistic ones. But for once, at the moment, I have not yet drawn unfeasible situations. I drew a lot of inspiration from reality. However, I have some upcoming illustrations that may well fall into this category of unachievable fantasies. Including clothes that transform or somewhat magical submission machines that apply forced bondage to you. I have quite a bit of imagination and ideas in reserve.

Now you’ve made us curious. In which direction are tending your extreme fantasies, and can you tell us about the attraction of it?

What I particularly love is the loss of control, especially over your body. The fact of being completely submissive and of only being able to undergo. In reality, the practice of bondage is done between consenting guys, and that’s something important! But many of us dream of kidnapping for example, so it’s possible to simulate one by a role-play, but it’s never exactly like in our fantasies.

In the same way the drawing allows us to go beyond reality, for example, let’s imagine, a handsome guy gives you a boxer brief. You put it on, and it turns into a bondage outfit, tying you up completely. This feeling of being trapped without being able to do anything, totally submissive to the other guy, is awesome and super exciting. But a piece of clothing that transforms … it’s not really something that you can experience in real life. And it’s great to be able to do it in drawing!

Even more if you are also able to do animations. 🙂 You studied art and animations. Can you tell us what is for you as artist the big difference between a picture and an animation?

Animation is drawing in motion. A drawing remains frozen. It captures a precise moment. With animation, we can add action. In fact, there is an evolution over time. I haven’t been a Kink artist for a long time, it’s only been a year since I embarked on the adventure and I draw mainly in my spare time. Unfortunately, animation takes a long time … I have already been able to do some animation tests, like this gif, for example:

But it’s still pretty simple. My project is to make more advanced and worked animations on the theme of bondage. I hope to be able to offer some soon in 2022!

We’ve talked about that your own fantasy is one of your sources of inspiration. Do you have also other sources?

As with many artists in this field, the work of Tom of Finland has been a great source of inspiration. I really like watching what other artists have to offer. It gives you ideas, sometimes you look at a drawing and say “hey! This would look good on my character” and we can adapt the concept. I also like to be inspired by short stories like you can find on the internet, it can give ideas of very exciting themes or situations. Sometimes I also look at some online Kink stores, some articles can give ideas as well. However, I think my fantasies remain my main source of inspiration.

Where can people find your artwork?

It is possible to see all my productions on my Deviantart page and on my Twitter account. On my Instagram you only find soft or censored versions. For uncensored versions, it’s on Twitter and on DeviantArt.

Last but not least, you really have to give us some insights in your upcoming projects. Can you tell us a little more about?

Regarding my projects, a personal website is in progress. I also launched a challenge, the Kinky Challenge, every week (or every two weeks) you can vote to tell me the theme of a future drawing. This challenge should last all year 2022, all the information is available on this article.

A bondage-themed story is also in production with the partnership of another artist. You can already read the first part which serves as an introduction here. A part will be published every two weeks!

Also, at the end of January, beginning of February, I should open the orders. It will therefore be possible to ask me to make drawings, on the themes of bondage between guys, according to your desires (fictitious or real characters, adults of course). And for the rest, just stay tuned, all the information will be communicated on my various social networks.

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