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The various Materials I’m into all have different Appeals to me.

Hello dear readers, today we got a small difference from the usual dog dominance. We got a kitty in here. Kamadan, thanks for taking some time for us. You have a passion for several things as we can see from your pictures. How have they started out? When have you first noticed that you liked them?



New Zealand

Hey there! Glad to provide some insight and answers about what this kitty likes! My passion for all things skin-tight and shiny started out way back when I was still in high school, observing other people wrapped up in tight gear – cycling and wetsuits mostly, showing off their body form, a little too well in some cases!

I first started off with spandex gear such as compression tops and tights, then ordering myself some zentai suits online, and then too many wetsuits, mostly of the Triathlon smoothskin types. Later on when I started to attend furry conventions and events, and got invited to my first rubber/gear party, where I came across latex and rubber, and before long, ordered my first latex catsuit from Libidex.

Hehe, so you became a kinkster even before becoming a furry? Interesting, most people I know in the community it was the other way around. What exactly do make the different fabrics so appealing to you? And what are their different traits to you?

Indeed. In fact, it was the skintight fetish/kink which lead me to start chatting with many others who are also into the furry fandom… which opens me up into the world of furry!
Perhaps all those spandex prints in spots, stripes and various colours, paired up with being “transformed” into a big kitty, lead me to become a Snow Leopard as my fursona… amongst a few other fursonas I have.

The various fabric/materials I’m into all have different appeals to me.

Spandex is smooth, silky to the touch and incredibly forgiving and comfortable to wear/lounge around in, relatively low maintainence, not to mention easy to layer underneath everyday clothing.

Smoothskin neoprene is quite functional, have a lovely aroma and I legitimately wear them to the swimming pools/beach.

Lastly, latex/rubber is all about the look, or, asethetics along with the tight compressive feel against your bare skin, which is just on another level compared with spandex.

So its kinda like a normal wardrobe, different wear for different occasions, right? How much and how do you wear it?

It is very much part of my wardrobe… I don’t think there is a differentiation between “normal” or “kink” for me. Spandex is very easy to wear as a base-layer, and often I thrown on one of my Spiderman-printed suits to lounge around in, or as sleepwear.

During furry conventions or kink events however, I would be wearing latex most of the time, and if needing to go out “in public”, normal clothes just go over that.
Yes, I have also done my fair share of “stealth gear work day” with my latex suits… however mostly confined in the winter months as temperature is much cooler to do so!

Haha oh yes in summer its a sweat suit. I think the only thing that’s worse then is a fursuit I imagine ^^’ But of course me and our readers also wanna know now, how much do you connect your sexuality with those fabrics? Do you still play outside of gear as well? Do people outside of gear still have some attraction to you? And how much of a plus do they get if they have a skin-thight suit on? 😉

Well, what’s worse is when you wear a latex suit under your fursuit… which I have done before, and would definitely NOT recommend during the summer months!

I guess my sexuality is independant of the gear/fabric that I also love very much, as in, having the gear/fabric on is not a pre-requisite for anyone to have fun, or have sex with me.

Having said that, all the gear/fabric definately helps me get into the mood faster, not to mention grab my attention much quicker than without… so absolutely a huge plus if we’re both dressed head-to-toe in skintight latex suit and gear/fursuit head/paws on!
I honestly have no clue about how others think about me, let alone attraction, I am pretty oblivious to these things!

How did you survive that? XD The fursuit alone must’ve been over 40+ °C? Also, Tbh most probably don’t think when they look at your photos. At least not with their head 😉 And now that you mention it in your combo, I naturally have to ask a little question to that: What does the furryness add to all of it for you?

Barely managed to survive that! Managed to walk around the hotel / convention floor and spent an hour before dragging myself back to the room and proceed to peel everything off!

I think furry adds another intersting dimension or look to it. Personally I’ve always liked the “non-human”/anthropomorphic aspect of the fandom, and eventually started pairing my fursuit head/paws with my latex or spandex suits.

Some of them have a cosplay aspect to it – for example my Spider-man suits, while other combination, such as my Snow Leopard latex bodysuit makes some people think that he’s a pooltoy, especially with that puffy inflatable tail! Also, they stand out amongst the sea of full, fur fursuit these days at conventions/events.

Well that certainly is true 🙂 Ok last question. If you could make one of your fetish fantasies come true, what would it be?

You know… able to afford a place of my own (nice stand-alone house with front/backyard) where I live would be pretty amazing!

Oh, you mean an actual, realistic & possibly achievable fantasy?

Possibly be painted up real good with liquid latex into my Snow Leopard fursona, and then with 2 other transformed animals too… doing a photoshoot session and then… have a good threesome, taking turns on each other, getting spitroasted, our very thin latex painted bodies, with a layer of silicone lube, grinding against each other… all the while being filmed of course, or perhaps a livestream even… mmm…

And all of that best in a nice stand-alone house of your own with front/backyard of course 😉 Thank you for sharing a bit of your fetish life with us Kamadan, it was a pleasure talking to you.

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