1991 | 178 cm | 70 kg

Birmingham (UK)

Jupitor’s Twitter

Hello readers, I’m here with Jupitor, a talented pup and kink artist. Say Jupitor, what first made you wanna try out drawing kinky art as you do?

Hey guys. I’ve been drawing for some time, and I love making concepts come to life in my art. Drawing kinky art is a way to live out my fetishes further by creating art I enjoy and hopefully others in the community enjoy too. Drawing kinky stuff is just a continuation of drawing regular things, but fueled by excitement related to the kinks you and others have. It came pretty naturally in my drawing development to try out drawing kinky art about fetishes I thought lacked diversified content a bit.

How did you stumble upon trying out animated art? And what do you think it adds to your pieces?

I began studying animation and wanted to add that little extra life to my work. There’s not a lot of people who do it and I think Twitter, the main place where I share my art is perfect for showcasing gifs. Adding even a few frames of animation can amplify the mood and general energy of a piece greatly, making it more appealing.

What kinky things do you like to draw? What are some of the things that usually catch your eye for inspiration to your art pieces?

I’m into a lot of kinks obviously, but I’ve been drawing human pups mostly because they have a wider range of expressions, and they’re very fun to draw. I base most of my art on real life situations that I relate to or that happened to me. Drawing people I met or cute and fun situations I’ve seen. I draw mostly whatever I’m most into at the moment and I also love doing art for other people and their specific set of kinks.

I look at a lot of other artists on Twitter like Job Kodi that do incredibly cool stuff, and general fetish pictures of people in the fetish community for inspiration.

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