John Swift

1990 | 172 cm | 52 kg
United Kingdom

I like that strangers are lusting over me !

Hi John. Great to have you here with us and I am surprised because you aren’t naked yet. You really love to show yourself naked to others. Can you tell us at which age you’ve started to live your exhibitionism and what your first experiences have been? 

Hey, thanks a ton for highlighting me! I do love to show off for everyone, its something I have liked for as long as I can remember. I think I started posting pictures when I was 19 years old but I really didn’t start posting regularly until I was 22. I mostly just stick to posting pictures so I don’t have a whole lot of unique experiences to share.

Can you tell us about the feelings you have if you post pics of you and also about the feedback you get?

Yeah for sure! The whole reason I keep posting content is because of all the attention and feedback I get. I like the idea that all these strangers I will never meet are lusting over me and most likely masturbating, its like a huge ego boost for me. Just knowing I’m desired is why I do what I do. The attention I get just makes me want to post more and more, I am at the point where I am at least posting a couple pictures or video every day.

So just the positive feelings are the motivation to expose yourself? I am asking because there are also boys who loves the embarrassing feelings they get as much as the positive reaction of others.

Yeah just the positive feelings, feedback, and attention. I know there are people who have a fetish for humiliation but that has never been my thing. I am a bit of a narcissist and I love every inch of my body and want to share it with the world. I am just happy that so many people like it so much to!

But there are some inches of your body you love even more than others. By watching your pictures we can see how proud you are about your dick, your pussy and your feet. Can you tell us a little, why these three parts of your body are so important to you?

Because they are what people like to see the most! I have a kinda codependent relationship with my fans, they give me attention and I give them what they enjoy seeing the most. If they wanted to just see me fully dressed and talking about politics I would be just as comfortable doing that haha.

OK, let’s talk about politics: Why is it so important to be totally shaven and smooth? Do you get more votes this way? 🙂

I actually get comments from people all the time telling me they would like it if I grew my pubic hair out, that they prefer to have at least something there. For me though, pubic hair has always been gross and I cant stand it on my body. Plus I think there is something naughty about having nothing hidden, like nothing is off display.

Yes of course, it makes you even more naked and vulnerable. What would you consider to a young boy who has the desire to expose himself, but he is still afraid and also scared that it could become a problem in the future?

I tell anyone who I hear say that the same thing; in the world we live in right now with everyone having a camera in their pocket, everyone has taken a nude picture at some point. Come up with a pseudonym and just go for it. The likelihood of someone you know sorting through the billions of pictures and finding you specifically is pretty much zero. Besides, look at me for a second, I have a pretty big following and live in an area with a very high gay population. You know how many times anyone has recognised me? None!

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