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Pup Beaux

1990 | 180 cm | 72 kg

San Diego (USA)

Hey there Readers, we got a beaux pup with us. Tell us a little about your interests. What do you all like?

Hey! As far as general interests go I dig fun artsy type stuff I suppose. Love dancing and listening to music. I get pretty into cartoons and animated things. Always though photography and videography were cool. Big on being a goofball and trying to be funny whenever I get the chance to be. Video games also consume a good chunk of my time haha.

Of mine too. But usually my owner knows exactly what gets me away from there ;P Can you tell us what are some of the things that would get you out of the couch (and into the bedroom?) ?

A good blunt way, would be to be ordered to. As much as an omega pup I am…the good dominant command kicks me into beta mode! A more subtle way would be butt rubs…maybe have a finger or two slip in ;). Otherwise…baiting me with some smelly undies or socks would have me on the bed with my ass in the air in a heart beat!

Haha it seems smells bring out the slutpup in you. Are they such a big turn-on for you?

Absolutely!!!! I want to say that it started in elementary school into middle school. But as long as I can remember ripe pits, musky ass, sweaty smelling crotch and smelly/dirty underwear made me so horny! I would instantly get so hard I’d be throbbing anytime I’m around manly smells

Elementary into middle School. That’s very early. How did you notice that, or see how it must have started back then in reflection nowaday?

Honestly that’s a pretty generous estimation haha. I just remember liking how the gymnasium smelt in elementary school. Then when I got to middle school the smell was the same…but with the addition to the locker room. Haha and for some reason I always associated those smells to being turned on. I never had any occurrences or has anything interesting happen back then since I was very shy and quiet when I was younger, though. My first conscious memory of experimenting with smells was probably when I started doing my own laundry in middle school. I would wear underwear out for days and not wash them…then smell them while I jerked off. Aside from that I would sniff on my own pits or smell my hands after rubbing on my cock/ball or my hole.

And now you turned into a smellpup ? How did you find out about pup play, and what made you try it out?

I’ve always known of pup play but never gave it any thought. Mostly because of lack of interest by those around me and my personal ignorance or lack of information about it. Due to videos and photos I would see depicting pup play I always saw it as acting like a literal dog and nothing more and though I never looked down on it, that wasn’t my scene per se.In my normal non-pup life I model on the side and a lot of my industry friends (models and photographers) work in various fetish communities. One of my very established photographer friends wanted to book me for a promotion fetish shoot for a femdom who had contracted him. It was all staged there was no sex or whipping or anything involved and I would be wearing a hood tho whole time (a normal one…not a pup hood).

The pictures turned out amazing and the femdom gave me props (as well as my pay for the work lol). As we were tearing down for the day and closing the studio my photographer friend’s assistant (whom is also a very acclaimed photographer/model) had her dog in studio…and as a joke they had me pose with him sitting like a dog in the fetish gear and hood I was in. Its cute…adorable…and funny…and it wasn’t til I saw that picture that it kinda clicked for me…From then on I spent the next year or so randomly researching pup play and gear and different hoods…then I finally got the nerve to buy one…earlier this year. And here we are…lol  

Pup Modelling xD Certainly not an usual way for getting into it. Did you experiment with it since you’ve bought the hood?  

Like in sex? I did once…by accident lol. A good friend of mine was taking pictures of me in my hood…which he’s done before and nothing really happened…no matter what kind of provocative position I was in. But I guess one night it got the better of him…and me as well haha. We ended up fucking…right after the last of the pictures were taken… I didn’t have time to take my hood off…and so he ended up fucking me in my hood! Doggy style no less…haha.

It was a great fuck. But aside then never really fucked in my hood…and never really had a drive to be. Maybe suck in my hood…don’t know why but that seems different haha.

Haha and the scent Play? ? also by „accident“ once?

Lol nah…the scent stuff is always on purpose! Though a little hard to find others with the same kinky mind set to get any smelly gratification haha

Have those been the only times you have been able to live out your fetishes? What would you like to try out once?

No…everyone once and a while I’ll find like minded guys who are into with me sniffing their pits and dirty under wear or are willing to get into to get me off.

In order from least to most want to try out:

3) Being Fisted

2) Chastity 

1) Gang Bang

That’s a very clear order ? Why exactly like that?

Haha Well being fisted seems pretty impossible…but I guess with enough will and lube anything is possible ;). Chastity kinda worries me…and honestly would only really be into I’d I was with a sir who I trusted….then I think I’d be super turned on by him keeping tabs on my cock so to speak. And being a bottom in a gang back would be like Christmas to be honest haha.

XD Alright. Well I wish you all the fist- uh best in hooking things of your list in that case. And thanks again for your time.

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