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Hey dear readers, today I get to talk to the sexy Foxracer. He and his combos look really awesome. Tell us a little of you, Foxracer, when did you first notice that you love gear and got kinky? Did you grow up downhill biking and thought, “Huh, I could fuck in those clothes”? 😉 What’s your story?

Hey Seven (Awroo!), thanks so much for asking to interview me, very flattered! You’re actually spot on, I did start with mountain biking maybe 12 years ago? I moved to a new city in the UK, and somehow fell in with a group of downhill mountain bikers. I was never very good at the sport, probably because I spent more time perving at the guys in their gear, but continued under the pretense of photographing them! At the same time I fell in love with the Fox Racing brand…not gonna lie, it’s an obsession (to the point I have a tattoo of the logo) and that’s where the Foxracer nickname came from.

My love of gear just grew from that point!

Wow, a tattoo, that’s brand dedication 🙂 What makes that brand so special to you in comparison to others?

Yeah, in retrospect I might not have done something so…permanent, but it still means a great deal to me! I’m not sure why Fox, it was just a name that appealed to me at the time, the designs they had, the sports it represented and most importantly the type of guys that wore the gear. You gotta admit, it is a cool logo and synonymous with the MTB/MX scene. If I ever won the lottery, I’d try and buy the brand for sure.

Most of the MX gear I buy is Fox, I just wish they made bike leathers too.

It absolutely is 🙂 And yes it would be cool. Maybe they’ll make a collection one day 😉 speaking about collection, what else did you add to yours besides MX gear over the years?

Rubber! Lots and lots of rubber. This is my favourite material, but it needs to be tight! I’ve also a few Dainese one piece leather suits, which I bought to use on the bike, but most of them have never even been near it (weirdly leather was’t really a sexual thing for me…Although that’s slowly changing).

Neoprene is also becoming a favourite of mine, especially the smooth skin triathlon type suits…it has the look and feel of rubber, but without the mess!
Besides that, I’m also quite fond of Osiris trainers, and I’m building up my collection of those too.

Hehe so you quite extended it. What got you into the other stuff, and whatwas it like for you when you first started experimenting with them? Any fond memories? 😉

When I first started wearing rubber gear, I went with the traditional black. I needed footwear, and didn’t like lace up boots as they took far too long to put on and take off. So I started wearing MX boots instead, white ones with a black suit!

by @puponhisknees

The first time I went to a club I got so many comments on how great they looked, and well yeah, I looooved the attention. The boots are definitely a big part of it for me.

After that I started buying more colourful rubber, and mixing it with MX gear, armour, helmets, gloves and most recently my pup hood. I’m pretty shy and reserved outside of kink, but putting on the gear is quite a transformation for me!

Making good friends along the way in to the same gear, attending big events like Folsom Berlin and more recently for me, the Gearblast events has been amazing. I’ve met so many like minded people and love being a part of the gear community (yes, I used the ‘c’ word!).

I also enjoy matching gear together, especially the colours. It has to match or I won’t wear it. It’s an expensive fetish, because when I buy a new piece of gear (usually footwear) I end up having to get a suit with the same colours.

Haha naturally. It needs something to fit together with after all 😉 you say its a transformation for you. How so? Personality wise? Character wise? Do you get into a role?

One of the best things about full coverage gear is the anonymity for me. You can’t see the guy under the gear (to an extent), so it’s the gear itself you’re attracted to rather than the person initially. I find it a pretty big confidence boost too, because you look in the mirror and see someone completely different, and I believe that you can be someone different, at least for that night.

by @puponhisknees

True, and I guess such boosts could partially transfer to you in normal life then too. Do you have a favorite combo? And what does it do to your horniness level 😉 ?

There are so many different combinations of helmet, boots, kit and armour that you don’t often see the same. Although I do prefer a more enclosed helmet because the usual MX helmets are a bit too open for my liking.

My favourite is still the combination of boots/armour with rubber though, that’s what makes me the most horny!! 😛

Do you remember some of your hot experiences? And what would you love to experience once? 🙂

Hottest experiences, hmmm, there have definitely been a few! I’m generally more of a private play person, so when I go to events i don’t go….erm…too deep, and that is more of a social thing for me. Behind closed doors though…that’s more fun 😛

I have a few regular friends I play with, and have had some very horny sessions with them! As a top (doesn’t happen often!), my hottest experience so far was fucking my my friend and his boyfriend with me as the anonymous biker. Full black rubber suit, white Fox boots, white armour and my favourite white helmet with mirrored goggles. A well positioned mirror meant I had a good view of everything going on hehehe.

I’m also a big fan of edging (and being edged) so enjoy doing that when I can. I really don’t consider myself that experienced, sure I have a lot of gear, but I’m pretty shy.

There are lots of things I’d love to do, and slowly I’m crossing them off my list, but just looking for the right people to try them with. I’m also building my own playroom at home, so hopefully that’ll lead to more fun 😉

Of course, having the right people is important, else you couldn’t play as free and unbound (or tied up, depending xD )  as you wished. Thank you for your time, Foxracer, and I hope that building and playing will go well 😉

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