1992 | 178 cm | 84 kg

Brisbane (AUS)

Hey guys, I got a pup with some nice interests here with me today. Xylo, please tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you all into?

Hey, I’m Xylo. I’m a 27 year old gay sub pup from Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been into pup play for a few years now, and only in the past year started to explore that side of my life with others.

In terms of my other kinks, I’m into pretty much all the typical ‘sub’ ones: bondage, chastity, D/s, CBT, piss, diapers, humiliation, degradation, objectification, exhibitionism…you get the idea haha. Like with pup play, I’ve only recently begun to embrace my kinks and put myself out there, so I’m still quite new and eager to gain more experience.

When you go through that list quite a few points are connected together. And when you go through your twitter one can also see you’re quite brave in these things already. Humiliating things are usually quite a hurdle for newer kinksters. How did you embrace that so quickly?

What can I say, horniness is a very strong motivator haha. The need for humiliation definitely did quickly snowball from something small like posting a fairly ‘vanilla’ pic on Twitter, to something like a photoshoot in a public bathroom in nothing but a chastity cage. It was kind of like an itch, and each time I needed to do more in order to scratch it.

The adrenaline I feel while exposing myself in public is pretty addictive too. I also think maintaining my own boundaries around anonymity with the pictures I tweet helps make me more comfortable sharing my activities with the world.

That’s definitely a good way to still keep your privacy zone yes. So in your mind, it’s also something that you want to increase in intensity more and more?

For sure. At the moment I’m very fixated on doing more and more daring, humiliating things. Of course, this is made more fun if I have someone, like a Sir, making me do these things. Being taken out in public… a shopping centre, a park, walking track, wherever… and forced to complete some kind of submissive task.

Doing it under the order of a Dom obviously provides a much stronger feeling of submission and degradation;) knowing he is getting enjoyment out of my ‘suffering’ and debasing myself. But on my own, it just means I have to be a little more creative with what I do, in order to satisfy that need.

Do you have a line you draw for yourself you don’t want to cross? Where is it? And do you find yourself seeing that line pushed or moving from time to time?

I very much believe in not pushing my kinks on to other, non-consenting people. So anything that would subject members of the public to any ‘innopropriate’ behaviour, I’m very wary of. It’s a fine line to tread of wanting to be humiliated by being ‘caught’ doing something, and not actually subjecting unsuspecting people to that.

Another line I would never cross would be that kind of ‘public exposure’ you see some people on kinky twitter participating in – full body and face pics, IDs etc. No disrespect to people who are into that, but I have no interest in letting my kink life take over my regular life.

Both those lines are pretty solid, and I don’t see them ever moving.

That are both healthy lines, and also still leave a very broad field of exploration 😉 Do you have some fantasies inside those lines that you’d love to live out at some point?

As far as public humiliation/submission goes, there are two scenarios at the top of my list that I’d love to happen. One is an escalation of a scene I did with my partner at the time: being led into dense bushland/forest, made to strip, then bound (either to a tree, or hogtied) and left alone for a period determined by the Dom. Maybe he’d pour a sticky soda all over me and leave me to the bugs 😛

The other scenario is similar, and one I’ve described on twitter. I’m made to go into a public bathroom stall, strip and put all my belongings in a bag, then the Dom takes the bag and leaves to do…whatever. He might go shopping, get lunch. I’d have no idea, and would just have to wait until he came back. Maybe he’d make me do some humiliating body writing while he’s gone.

There are many variations of these scenes, so it’d be fun to do these more than once with different tasks, locations etc.

I see 🙂 lastly I want to ask you: Why, in essence, do you like humiliation so much?

I think because in my regular life, I like to come across as cool or as normal as possible, and have people treat me as I would them. So it’s nice to occasionally just have all that stripped away, and feel totally exposed and helpless.

I’m already very submissive when it comes to sex and my kinks, so humiliation just feels like a natural extension of that submissiveness. To give all of myself to another person for their pleasure, even if sometimes it’s at the expense of my shame or dignity. Plus it’s just a lot of fun 😛

That’s very true 😉 Thank you for you time Xylo, and hopefully we’ll talk some time again.