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IMBB ’16: Always Shine First!

An interview with Erick Joseph, the new International Mr. Bootblack 2016.

MasterMarc: Hi Erick. First of all congratulations. You are now the International Mr. Bootblack 2016. After getting the crown of bootblacks I have to ask you, who will polish your boots now?

Erick Joseph: Thank you for reaching out Marc! There won’t be a specific person to polish my boots. Since learning how to Bootblack I was taught to ALWAYS sit for other Bootblacks. It’s definitely become of my favorite things to do. You can learn something new every time or at least enjoy a great connection with that individual. Something I highly recommend to everyone! From leather events to shoe shine stands in airports!

MasterMarc: Would you say, that being a bootblack is kind of a fetish? Or how would you describe your passion?

Erick Joseph: For me at first it was just a fun service I could provide to my community. Until I realized the amount of connection and how hot a boot scene can be, it feeds me and I absolutely enjoy what I do. I have a love for service, preserving the energy and memories in leather and blacking from the lap!

MasterMarc: Is this love to serve focused just on your services as bootblack or would you say, that you have a submissive character? I ask that, because I know there are also dominant blootblacks.

Erick Joseph: There are indeed dominant bootblacks! Personally I like to be on both ends. I’m versatile in and out of the stand. 😉

MasterMarc: What was your motivation to participate at the international bootblack contest and can you explain our readers what you have had to do during the contest? 

Erck Joseph: I chose to compete for International Mr. Bootblack simply because I knew more about this title than any other title and because I WANT to be International Mr. Bootblack! The IMBB contest became a judged contest in 2013. We were judged based on our skills over 3 days of blacking, amount of ballots collected each day, a private interview with the 3 judges and stage presence. It was definitely exhausting by the end but well worth the effort. I got to do what I love and bond with the 3 men who competed next to me. I’m proud to call them my brothers 🙂

MasterMarc: Sounds a little like a bootblack fraternity. I am sure, you are proud about your title. What is your aim for your year as titleholder and which message do you want to send to the leather world?

Erick Joseph: My goal for my title year is to bring a positive and fun face to International Mr. Bootblack while having hot scenes in and out of the stand. A message I would like to send to the leather world is that I invite everyone to come have a fun year with Tigger (IML38) and I as we spread the word of IML and IMBB around the world. #LetsChooseToHaveFun.

MasterMarc: You have told us, that your experiences as bootblack have shown you, how hot the boot scene can be …. can you explain us, why the boot scene is attracting you?

Erick Joseph: I mean really, who doesn’t want to be in or near someone’s crotch while loving on their leathers! I can do just about anything if both of us give consent! I got a little excited and eager in the crotch of one of my customers during the contest. Almost got in trouble! I’ll leave that up to imaginations though. 😉

MasterMarc: It seems that the work as bootblack has a sexual aspect for you. As we are a fetish magazine can you tell us, what are you into? 

Erick Joseph: I have a very open mind and am willing to try most things in due time with clear communication and negotiations. A few of my favorite kinks would be puppy play, fire play and electricity!

MasterMarc: As bootblacking is not so popular in Europe, are you also planning to travel to Europe to promote your fetish?

Erick Joseph: Europe is definitely on my radar for travel this year. I plan on attending Folsom in Berlin at the beginning of September! I’d love to be able to black publicly and teach a class if possible. I’ve heard that it’s an amazing time for all who attend. I think it’s important for bootblacking to be seen as fun, sexy or sensual. Especially in areas where it might not be something well known.

MasterMarc: What would you say to interested people how to start a fetish career as bootblack? What is important? What has to be the motivation and how to become a real and good bootblack?

Erick Joseph: Anytime I teach a bootblacking workshop I explain that I can’t teach you how to bootblack. I can give you the basic skills but it’s something you have to dive in and try. Eventually you make it your own and put your own twist on it. There’s no one way to love on leather, just make sure to have a knowledge of type of leather/boots and what products to use. As far as motivation goes I believe that is on a personal level. My motivation is to be of service to the community at large. I have always enjoyed helping people when and where I can. Plus there’s a lot of fun things that can happen in a bootblack stand. To me the most important thing is to always Shine First, and I don’t just mean the leathers we work on. Have fun, be positive and love everyone.

MasterMarc: Thank you Erick. It was a pleassure to talk to you. I wish you for your year as International Mr. Bootblack all the best and a lot of positive experiences. 

You can find Erick on Twitter.

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