An interview with Michael Klein (18), a young guy exploring his kinky side in front of the camera.


MasterMarc: Hi Michael. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. You are a young guy who started as fetish model some time ago. How was it, to stand for the first time in chains in front of a camera?

Michael Klein: When I first saw the BDSM scene in real life it was at my first pride event here in Phoenix. It was exciting. There I met Mastr Alex who is part of a company known as Dungeon N’ Delights; he introduced me to my first BDSM photoshoot. This was where my career in the industry began, starting as a model for a commercial website.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what your first shooting was about, what kind of action?

Michael Klein: All of my shoots were advertising equipment ranging from prangers, shackles (neck, wrists, legs), and special equipment such as the horse which was a mid-evil torture device. Perhaps my favorite shoot that we did was an idea that both me and Mastr Alex though of. The shoot involved poses of me shackled holding a tray with drinks.

MasterMarc: How was it, to stand first time naked in front of a camera and to know, that a lot of people will see you naked, in chains and in a quite humiliating position?

Michael Klein: I do have to say it was different but there was something about the fact that people would see made me wanna do it. I’m not ashamed of my body and this was, in my eyes, showing that. When I stood as a model at Phoenix pride I loved having an audience and that’s how I still am. I love my fans.

MasterMarc: Between photo shootings and sexual action is a big difference, when have you been used and tortured in front of a camera for the first time? And can you tell us, what kind of action it was?

Michael Klein: See it’s very different from a photoshoot and videos. Now nothing sexual was done but it was a scene none the less. Torture scene to be exact. For me it was a lot of fun. I’m really into BDSM in the sense of blind folding and intimidating someone with the sense of what is to come next. The scene involved close pins on the front of my body which someone fished them off with a flogger. The next was I was chained to a post and had Electro pads put on my body and was shocked a bit. The third and final I was suspend from the ceiling and was beat the crap out of. It was awesome.

MasterMarc: Was that your first experience with bdsm action? Can you tell us about your feelings?

Michael Klein: My first experience with BDSM actions was these photoshoots. Those photoshoots expanded my curiosity which made me go and try this new realm with my partner. So the next day I asked Mastr Alex if I could barrow some equipment and next thing I knew I had my boyfriend chained up, blindfolded, rubbing him with and ice cube, and flogging him. It was exhilarating. I’ve often even told myself that this is a good stress reliever. You enact pain… It feels good. That sounded really dark but needless to say both party’s really do benefit.

MasterMarc: Would you say that you like also in private life to be used and tortured? And can you tell us, why this kind of pain feels good? Do you have also other sensations if you get used?

Michael Klein: See it’s strange, I don’t do BDSM much but that’s because casual sex is still too satisfying for me. I know eventually BDSM will become something I do on occasion in my private life but as for now it is a once in a while type thing. In terms of pain, there is something about it that makes you feel larger than life. It pushes me to see how much I can handle. Because I aspire to be a great Dominant some day I allow the torture to sometimes get very uncomfortable to me, then I imagine about what pain and revenge I would inflict on my torturer. It’s a beautiful thing to be verse like me. You have no label. Master, slave, nothing.

MasterMarc: But do you think you will continue to act as slave in fetish porn movies and can you also imagine to be used sexually as slave in such movies?

Michael Klein: Of coarse. If there is a demand I will always be there. To answer your second question as acting as a slave in such movies, I would have to say the same. If there is demand then I will be there. Viewers and fans really don’t understand how important they are; they are the life of the industry. If enough of you want something we listen and we provide. I really am thrilled and blessed to be given the opportunities I’ve been given and I will act upon as many opportunities as I can.

MasterMarc: How do you see your future in the porn industry? And do you have kind of taboos you would never do in front of the camera?

Michael Klein: I see a long, exciting, journey in the industry. Absolutely thrilled to continue my career and change the way people view porn actors. We’re all people. We’re really just doing a job and that’s all there is too it. Some of the strongest people you’ll ever meet are right here in the industry because we deal with all the crap that comes flying our way. There’s my political statement for the day.

Admittedly there are somethings I will refuse to do on camera and in my private life.

Just because I don’t perform those acts or want to does not mean that I have anything against people who do specific things. Water sports is one of them. Anything to do with feces is a big no-no. Other things are because my fear of causing permanent damage to my body. Some of those things include fisting. Now I will admit I have done fisting one time before with a partner. Ever since then I refuse to do it again for the purpose that I got injured and didn’t realize it until the next morning. I’d rather play it safe, cause after that I couldn’t bottom for at least a month. Most things I am open to doing though or trying.

MasterMarc: Hey Michael, it was a pleasure to talk to you. I know in August your first scene for Boy Crush will be published and that is a big next step in your career. I wish you all the best for your future.

Video Preview by ExtremeBoyz / Photos by Mstralex

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