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I Wanted To Be A Part Of It And Try It Myself

Pup Ayden

1991 | 170 cm | 58 kg

Indiana (US)

@ayden_pup on Twitter

Hey fellow kinksters, we got a beginner pup here with us today. Ayden, you just recently joined the pup community. How did you discover it? And what made you wanna try it out?

Pup AydenWruff! Well, I got my first taste of puppy play about 4 years ago as I was looking through different type of BDSM videos online. I’ve always been into the domination/submission aspect of the kink world, so as I learned about puppy play over time, I quickly grew interested in it. However, it wasn’t until last month that I decided I no longer wanted to just view puppy play videos, I wanted to be a part of it and try it myself.

The first time I put on my puppy mask, I was actually a bit apprehensive.

Something just clicked for me, and after getting over some initial shyness, I decided that I would never know if I truly liked puppy play until I actually put on the mask and got on all fours. So I did and here I am ?

Hehe yes indeed. What was it like when you actually put on the mask for the first time? And what does it do for you?

The first time I put on my puppy mask, I was actually a bit apprehensive. It was a new, different feeling seeing myself as a pup, all dressed up in gear. And to make matters worse, my dog was terrified of it, adding to that feeling of apprehension. But over time, I wore it more and more, and with some practice getting into a pup headspace, I’ve grown to be fond of my mask and I like wearing it now.

For me, what it does is it helps me zone out for a bit. When I’m wearing it, I’ll block out anxious thoughts of bills, or inadequacy. I won’t let my daily stressors bother me. It helps me simply focus on the now and whatever it is I’m doing as a pup at the time.

How did the community treat you when you first joined? And where did you try to join in initially?

I have always gotten such positive messages and comments from other pups

I was very surprised in that the community treated me very well and has always been so accepting, right from the start. I initially created an account on a Twitter. I was hesitant to use something along the lines of Facebook for my pup account, since I had a real-life account and there were no pup/kink meet-ups that I count find near me. I heard people on Tumblr complaining about flagged pup play accounts, so Twitter seemed like a pretty good choice at the time.

Since then, I have always gotten such positive messages and comments from other pups, handlers, and alike. Surprisingly, most have not even been sexual in nature, just wanting to woof and say hi. Some have even offered helpful links to pup play informational websites or meet-ups since I’m a pretty new to the scene. It’s been a good experience for me.

What are some things that you haven’t been able to try out yet but love to?

There are tons of simple things that I’d like to try, such as being walked by someone on leash. Or play with some fellow pups and few dog toys. The training aspect has always piqued my curiosity, too, and I think it would be fun to be ‘trained’ as a pup.

As far as other things, I’d love to try going to a meet-up or a big convention and pup put in public with some people. I suppose there’s a lot that I haven’t tried yet!

Well that means you got a lot to look forward to then 😉 And do you have also other interests besides pup play you would like to play out?

There’s a lot in the fetish world that I would like to try, but just haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. Rubber/latex is something that I’m curious to try on, as well as being restrained completely in bondage or I think it’s called mummification? I’d love to try a good flogging session or try out electrostimulation…within reason! But those are just some of the things I can think off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more I just haven’t encountered yet, haha.

That’s the exciting part 😉 The not knowing what could come. Ok last question: What would you say if you could talk to some fellow pups and handlers in your area right now?

come say hi! Or wuff!

I would tell them…come say hi! Or wuff! I’m interesting in going to pup meet-ups, making some new friends, and trying some new things!

I hope you heard that pups around Indiana. Go sniff him out 😉 Alright, we’re at the end now. Thank you for talking to us Ayden, I wish you a lot of fun exploring and may you have many fun adventures.


Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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