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I want to be kidnapped and prisoned for weeks, maybe months

Hi boy, I know it was stupid to present myself and to show you where we are here. As much as I know you, you’d have preferred that I kidnap you in a dark corner on your way back home. 🙂 What is the attraction of kidnapping scenarios for you?

Hello Sir, for me its important that I’m helpless and powerless, that I feel I’m a little powerless boy, that the master or kidnapper really doesn’t give a shit about my freedom, I’m a little slaveboy and I need to be tied up! Also, the verbal humiliation is important, that they tell me what I am and what they are going to do with me, that I’m useless and stuff!




Your needs sound interesting, boy, but you haven’t really answered my question about the special thrill a kidnapping scenario is giving you.

I’m sorry Sir, the not knowing what he will do with me gives me a kick, I’m getting scared and excited at the same time. That’s why I like a good gag during a kidnapping, then I’m really not able to tell them to stop.

That sounds better, boy. Have you ever had such a kidnapping experience, and can you tell us about it?

Yes Sir, I was at folsom and addictedtoropes (on twitter) said I had to go to his hotelroom, I did like the good boy i am, there he grabbed me and tied me real tight, he gagged me and blindfolded me, it was so exciting, at the same time I was scared, but I loved the scared feeling.

Tell me a little more about your feelings. What kind of emotions and sensations have you had there?

At the same time excitement, the ropes felt real tight, I could barely move, the gag was really tight, a nasty sock in my mouth and over that a tight tape gag, it was humiliating, scary and hot.

Was he a stranger you’ve never met before?

I just saw him once one day earlier at a party Sir, but I already followed him online everywhere from my 18th.

Have you talked with him before, and why have you been sure that you’ll be safe?

I talked with him on recon for years and talked with him shortly on the party the day before the kidnapping! So he already knew a bit what l like, and when we made plans to meet again we talked a lot about some scenarios, what i like and what i really dont like. How u know your safe.. that is something u never know 100%, but when for me the feeling is right, its tells me enough. Bondage has always a little risk, but talk about what your likes and limits are is already a big part i think.

I know you’re not really into sexual interaction but at the beginning you said that you love to be powerless, and that you love if a master gives shit about your freedom. Does that mean that you don’t like sex but you love to get forced to do things a master like?

Yes Sir, thats sometimes difficult cause for a lot of masters sex is a important part of the play.. but i like to be forced in other things, like getting spit on my face, being in bondage for a long time or when I beg to get my gag off that he doesn’t listen to me. But i don’t want to be forced into sex.

So what kind of action do you like, boy?

Ofc the bondage, the humiliation, being forced to do tasks in bondage, like trying to get to the other side of the room in the fastest time, and if it’s taken to long getting punished! Escape challenges, i love also to be tied up by more then one guy,so the boy of more guys, they drink a beer together and i have to be tied up with them 😍 especially when i dont really know the guests.. that they see me like the slaveboy i am for the first time.

So exposing and humiliation is a big turn on. Can you tell us about the emotions you have in such moments?

Well exposure only in a private setting, not online!!

The feeling im a little boy, helpless in the power of a guy or more guys, that they tell me what i am and what i have to do, that they decide how much freedom i have, i cant explain what kind of emotions i have then, a kind of hornyness and the feeling of being powerless and embarassment.

But are you a boy who just want to suffer this embarrassment or do you want also to be useful for a master and how can you be useful for him?

Well i think im more a boy who like to suffer the embarrassment, and that way i serve the Master too! I guess they like to see me like this.

Hehe. You ve told us before that you like to serve in front of his friends while they drink a beer together… In my head I ve had immediately the picture of a human urinal. Are you into dirty stuff?

No Sir, im okay with being pissed on but i dont want to drink it! And i like to be spit on, that my face is totally wet from the masters spit😍.

What has been your most embarrassing experience you ve ever had?

The first time my face was made totally wet by to doms, i begged them to stop, they first did like they would stop but then they laughed at me and continue.

What was for you the mix of emotions you’ve had at this moment?

Angry, because they would stop and then continue. Embarassed, because they laughed at me and they spit on my face, humiliated because they spit on me and hornyness because i like all those things hehe.

Hehe. In such moments have you never asked yourself “WTF am I doing here?”

Yes Sir, but i don’t think they would let me go because of that reason, they dont tie me up without a reason hehe.

Hehe. Do you like it also harder?

I like when they deny me things Sir.

And what about pain?

Not too much Sir, only ass spanking and slap in the face.

Do you have to like punishments?

No Sir.

So pain as punishment is something you like, even if you don’t like it?

Well depends if its over my limits Sir, i dont like cbt for example.

Tell us more about your limits?

For me sex is a limit, i will suck the dick of a master and they can massage my dick over my boxers! Anal is a big limit because i really dont like it, i tried it a few times and its not for me.. cbt is a limit for me cause my cock and balls are really sensitive and i cant turn the pain in something horny! Breath control only when i know the master really well.

What kind of guys do you like?

Dominant guys, aged between 20 and 50 (dated older and that was fun too so not a real age limit) and i have to feel the right click ofc. I dont really have a special type but i have to find them attractive of cource!

Last but not least … are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Oo so much haha, a realistic kidnapping, a bondage slave for longer than a week, and meet some guys i know from twitter, instagram or from Darklands who i find very hot and sexy. Like i cycle from football training to my home and suddenly a little van is parked in front of me, i want to bike fast to pass it quickly and suddenly a view guys grab me and put me in the van and keep me imprisoned for weeks, maybe months 😍😍😍

And ofc being kept in a dungeon.

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