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I need the feeling of being powerless and used

MasterMarc: Hi Kakeshi, you’re a 28yo slave from Bangkok. Can you tell us for how long you’re living your kinky side and how have you started?

Kakeshi: Hi MasterMarc. It is a pleasure to be with you, sir. I’ve started to live my kinks more or less 3 years ago. But of course, seing tied, blindfolded and gagged guys has made me become hard for many years now. It was just not so easy to find guys to play with. The first master I have found on a fetish  web board. It was a great experience I have been looking for a long time. I was tied for a long time, I have get spanked and whipped in the spread eagle position and of course there have been also a lot of wax and piss. Yes of course, it was hurting, but it was a great feeling I liked.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us more about the feelings you have if you serve as slave and what are your preferences?

Kakeshi: I love and need the feeling of being powerless. If you are tied you can’t escape, and you become reduced to the master boy toy. In these moments you are just existing to be used for the others pleasure. That is a feeling I really love and it feels right and good for me.  If we talk about my preferences I have to say that I like a lot but the most important is, to be in bodage, blindfolded and gagged. ? If you want to make me horny, than you’ve just to play with my nippels. That’s the magic button.

MasterMarc: The feeling of being helpless, just exposed and ready to be used is a feeling many submissive want. But do you want also to be used hard, even harder as you would have said before?

Kakeshi: I have a few limits a master has to respect. My family, my job, not in public, shit, permanent marks and too heavy pain. Beside these limits I am just there to make the master happy and satisfied. Use me for your pleasure, sir and feel free to push my limits a little. That is what I have been made for!

MasterMarc: Do you prefer to play as much as possible with the same master or do you prefer to play with different masters?

Kakeshi: Do I have to decide? ? I serve masters who want to play with me. It can be the same for some sessions but the advantage of different masters is, that everyone has his own way to live his dominance and that you get new experiences. So I do play with different masters often.

MasterMarc: Do you don’t think that to serve a Master for a longer time would help you to discover new things, to develope yourself as slave?

Kakeshi: You are totally right, MasterMarc, but here in Thailand it isn’t so easy to find a Master who wants to have your services for a longer time. I would say that is probably the main reason why I play with many different masters. I would love to be educated as slave for more than just a session.

MasterMarc: So what kind of master would you like to find?

Kakeshi: A master you really wants to own me. A guy who respect my needs and desires as slave but also my limits. Here in Thailand to have a good image in your family and in the society is important. So I want a master who really treats me as what I am, as a boy toy and slave, if we are alone and at his place, but outside his home he has to treat me normally!

MasterMarc: If you would be at your owners place do you want that he treats you just in a sexual way as slave or would you like to serve him in all aspects?

Kakeshi: I see myself as slave so it is normal that I want to serve him in any way I can. I am there to satisfy him and his needs. I really love if I can see that the master is happy with me and my services. So at his place I will do anything he wants, as a toy, maid, doll, etc. I want to serve him, his friends and proudly show my collar and cuffs. How do you like my answer, sir? 

MasterMarc: It is a good begin. But do you want that your master has the right to take all the decisions for you without asking you, if these decisions aren’t concerning your family and job.

Kakeshi: I would feel ok with it if it hasn’t any effect to my normal life, my family and my job.

MasterMarc: Tell us a little about your experiences, boy. What was your hottest experience you have ever had?

Kakeshi: I have visited a master at his hotelroom. As I have arrived he has given me the command to strip in front of him, put down my shirt and my pants and to turn me. I was there naked and I haven’t seen what he was doing. It was arousing not to know what happen next.  Than he cuffed me and he used my t-shirt as blindfold. There I was, naked in the hotel room of a stranger, no way to escape ….

Than he has turned me so that I was standing in front of him and he started to punch my abs, not to hard but it was a little painful. I started to scream so that he pushed a ball gag into my mouth. He kissed me and he restarted to punch my abs, harder and harder. Than my nipples have got tortured with clambs. As I have told you, that is my magic button. I was rock hard at this moment. I have had to lay down on the bed and he tied my legs. I was now completely helpless. I was just his boy and I have had to take whatever he wanted to do. Spanking! Oh my ass was hurting but I loved. I was screaming but my master mas calming me down with kisses. I felt great even if it was a long and hard spanking. Than he removed the gag and as reward I have got his dick to suck. At the same time he played with my nipples. I was just happy and as he was cumming on my chest I have known, that I was a good boy. Than I have had to go. But I will remember it for a long time.

MasterMarc: Haven’t you been fucked? Do you like to get fucked and why or why not?

Kakeshi: I love to get fucked. Isn’t that what pussyboys are made for? But the master decided not to fuck me at the first meeting. A pity but it was his decision.

MasterMarc: Can you also tell us about your hardest sm experience and your hottest sexual experience?

Kakeshi: My hardest was a torturing session I was tied up, hooded and gagged. First he whipped me hard. And than he has played a lot with my nippels, many clambs and other ways of torturing my nipples with weights and other toys. It was hurting and as he removed the clambs too fast they have been bleeding a little. He was asking me if I’m ok and I’ve told him, that I need a break. After an hour we restart the session at the X cross. My back and ass has been again the target for his whip and than he started to put an electro toy on my cock and nipples. Hot wax was the finish.

This was really a toruture session with no sex. To be honest my masters haven’t used me sexually yet. I have just had normal vanilla sex. Belive me I have sexual fantasies, I want to be used by my master and his friends, if they would wear uniforms it would be great. But the most important is, that they use my holes hard and for their pleasure.

MasterMarc: I hope you’ll find the right master for you, who can use you hard but fulfill also your dreams and needs. It was a great pleasure to talk to you and I hope to have you back on your knees in front of me soon.

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