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I Live With My Boyfriend And His Slave

MasterMarc: Hi Rubberyell. Thnx for inviting me to get an insight into the fetish life of you, your fiance and his slave. It is always nice to see different dynamics of fetish relationships. But before we talk about your kinky family let us talk a little about you. You are a 28 year old guy living in Edinburgh. When have felt that you’re more than just into vanilla? And what have been your first steps into the kinky world?

rubberyell-014Rubberyell: Hi, Thanks for having me!

Like a large proportion of kinksters, I really always knew I was into more than vanilla. I never really fantasised about anything other than kink. It was always about being tied up, submissive and being humiliated. My first time was when I was 17. I was really quiet when I was younger, had very little self-confidence and didn’t feel attractive at all. I was on a chat room on a popular dating site, in the bondage chatroom, and got talking with a guy who specialised in beginners. He was super patient and sweet. We agreed to meet, he traveled to Edinburgh and we met in his hotel. I had instructions to enter, strip, put on a blindfold and sit on a chair with my hands behind my back. When the cuffs went on, and my ankles were bound to the chair, I was super nervous but I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be. I got my first taste of cock in that chair and I’ve never stopped wanting more!

MasterMarc: I know how important such first experiences are and how addicted you can become after it. What have been the next important steps in your eyes?

Rubberyell: Absolutely. I would say the next steps were pretty slow for me. I did play occasionally for the next few years when I found guys I was comfortable with. Edinburgh isn’t exactly a melting pot for kink, so opportunities were pretty sporadic. It’s taken me quite a long time to build my self-confidence and kink personality. The next really ‘big’ step for me was meeting my (now) fiance. I was 21 at the time. We met for a 3-way with a top that he’d been seeing for a while. Our first kiss happened when I was hooded and tied in a standing spread-eagle. It was a totally amazing, life changing moment. We couldn’t be separated that night, we totally fell for each other.

From there, we had a lot of mostly vanilla sex, and I finally came out to my friends and family. My happiness and confidence grew. We were both largely bottom at the time (he is now totally top!) so we made our relationship ‘open’ so we could still pursue our individual kinks and desires.

Kink-wise, my next big step was at the end of 2012, when I tried on my first piece of rubber. I’d always loved the look of it. It fascinated me. Trying it on for the first time was so incredible. It felt so right on me, it was totally intoxicating. I absolutely needed more! I started my tumblr blog shortly after and found that I really enjoy showing myself off!


MasterMarc: Why is wearing rubber such an incredible feeling for you? What’s the attraction of if?

Rubberyell: There’s a fair bit to it. First of all, just on the physical side, it looks beautiful. It’s so shiny and smooth, comes in so many forms and colours. Just gorgeous! It’s also so snug and tight, wearing a full body catsuit is almost like being in full body bondage, it feels incredible.

The psychological side is where it really shines for me though. To put into context, as my happiness and confidence has grown, and my blog has been successful, I have become a little bit of an exhibitionist/egomaniac! Suddenly, after many years of being a bit oblivious, I’m told how hot I am. You really start to believe it after a while, and it has definitely changed how I see myself. When I build real chemistry with guys, I often become a very cheeky, cocky sub. All in good fun of course. There’s a fine line between cocky and arrogant, I hope I toe that line! Anyway, when I’m covered in rubber, that’s all stripped away. I’m just another object, a sex toy with no looks, no personality. Just a thing to be played with. That is my heaven. I can be the sub I really want to be in there. My pride is gone, it doesn’t matter any more. It’s a truly amazing feeling, there’s nothing like it.


MasterMarc: And which of the two personalities is the real one, the personality you really feel comfortable with?

Rubberyell: They’re both real to me. It’s all circumstance. I love being a cocky wee bugger, it’s great fun pushing guys buttons, seeing how far I can push them and challenge them until they’re overwhelmed by the need to put me in my place! It’s also who I am in my day-to-day life. I’m not a very naturally submissive guy any more.

The gimpy object is my favourite play space though. As I said, I do just utterly love having everything stripped away and being a plaything for others. I’ve found out so much about myself and my limits in that space as it’s totally relaxing.

MasterMarc: You’ve told us, that your fiance has been bottom first and now top only. How was this change for you and what has it changed in your relationship?

Rubberyell: When we first met my fiance, Aquila, was bottom. Honestly, I always felt this was pretty nominal from the start. He was definitely a lot more dominant than me, so immediately he was the ‘alpha’ sub. I guess he just changed over time. Because I was so bottom, I may have influenced/manipulated him to the top! Certainly, whenever we play together, he’s always been the top. But, to me, never (or very rarely) is he my dom. We don’t have any kind of master/slave, dom/sub etc relationship. It wouldn’t work for us. We’ve been through a lot as a couple and have always been equals.

The big change came a year and a half ago. He was stretching his dom muscles a bit more and was very lucky to come across the boy who is now his slave, Oli. When Oli came into the picture, his sub/bottom days were done! It’s a much more natural fit for him!

Our relationship is very strong. We have complete confidence in it. We’re often asked about jealousy and how we balance having the dynamic that we have between the 3 of us. Honestly, it just feels right. The 3 of us love each other, we enjoy being with each other, living together, playing together (kink or otherwise) so it’s very easy. It just works.


MasterMarc: If Oli is Aquila’s slave, what is Oli for you?

Rubberyell: A frequently asked question! I am Oli’s chief tormentor and part-owner (I own his balls!)

MasterMarc: Hehe. Now we really need more details. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rubberyell: Well, as I said, Aquila and I are equals in our relationship, so I had to own a part of boy, and I love his balls. They’re gorgeous, very low hangers. So satisfying to slap and squeeze. They had to be my part!

Chief Tormentor is a pretty casual role. He’s so submissive, I can really let my obnoxious side off on him. We all know that subs make the most annoying doms, I’m a prime example of that! I don’t let him away with anything, any minor transgression needs punishment, any moment of pride needs slapped down. Mostly I just tickle him, as his reactions are so damn fun, but he occasionally gets a light spanking (that’s his Master’s job really) of a big ol’ squeeze of his balls.

So yes, generally I just keep him in check, remind him of his place.

MasterMarc: As you see yourself more as sub and Oli is a slave than you should explain us, what the difference between a sub and a slave is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rubberyell: It varies depending on who you are, who you ask, what the circumstances are, so I can’t give an absolute definitive answer to that, just my own take. Personally, I’m sub when I want to be sub. I don’t particularly take orders as an absolute, I may choose to disobey if it seems right for the scene (depends on who I’m playing with) or I might resist, be cheeky, whatever. It also doesn’t really overlap with my day-to-day life. I’m not a submissive person out of the bedroom. Unless you’re something special!

Slave is slave. He’s a slave. He slaves every day. He has no desire to disobey his master, he lives to make master’s life easier and happier. That’s what makes slave happy.


MasterMarc: Btw. Do you play often with Oli or is that your boyfriends job? 

Rubberyell: Ha it’s definitely not a job! We play together occasionally but I tend to find my own play for the most part. I would say, perhaps, that over the last year or so, they have settled down a bit more kink-wise, it’s not such a huge thing for them any more, whereas I’m getting worse! I seem to be collecting new kinks just now. So I’m seeking out more fun with different guys, doing different things. It’s a great dynamic as we’re all very free and happy.

MasterMarc: Which new kinks are you collecting? ๐Ÿ™‚

Rubberyell: Well, back in September, I went to my first public fetish event, Folsom Berlin. It was such a blast, I had an amazing time there. One of the nights, I went to a club, Lab.Oritory with a couple of friends. I was asked if there was anything I’d like to do while I was there. I’d always been a bit curious about piss play before but had never had the balls to actually do it. It seemed like the right time and place…(anyone that knows Lab will know what I mean!)

Needless to say, I loved it! Totally played into what I’ve said previously about rubber. One someone has pissed down your throat, it’s hard to really be cocky anymore! I was in total subspace in that club. What a night!

Since then, I’ve also spent over a month in chastity, which was great, and have picked up some nice, sexy underwear, so that’s also a thing! Oh and also Boots. I guess I’m becoming a little bit more piggy!

That’s just the last 2 or 3 months, adding that to the list I’ve accumulated over the years, it’s getting long! One of these days I might try a kink that I don’t like. I kinda hope not, new things are so much fun. I hope my list keeps getting bigger!


MasterMarc: I see you are deveolping yourself. That’s great. And it seems as you have taken a shower in Berlin ๐Ÿ™‚ . But you have to explain me, why do you have taken off your chastity device after a month? Was there any reason?

Rubberyell: I did indeed, and I hope I’ll be back for more sooner rather than later!

I was under orders to be in chastity for all of October prior to going to meet a friend in London. I had a great time with him, drank more piss, went out to a cruising bar to whore my ass out, was generally played with in rubbery bondage with my favourites, electro and poppers. I guess I did well and was granted release and an amazing (if slightly painful!) orgasm.

I’m unlocked just now, but I’ll be putting myself back in. I loved the feeling it gave me, I was horny all the time, always wanting dick in my holes. I think I’ll just go lock it back up right now actually, it’s better that way.

MasterMarc: Yes that is really a great idea. Boys like you it should be locked. So put the chastity device on and shut up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey Ruberyell, it was great to talk to you and I hope we continue with our talks soon. 


You can find Rubberyell also on Twitter and Tumblr.

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