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I Have This Dream Of Covering Myself With Tattoos

A talk with porn actor Yoshi Kawasaki about BODYMODS.

Hi Yoshi. It was great to see you again for the X-mas shooting last week. You and Pup Seven have done some great pictures. It is nice to see how you get more and more body modifications. When do you have done your first tattoo, and what was your motivation to do it?

I made my first tattoo when I was 20 years old. I had always wanted to get a tattoo even though the Japanese society considers it as a taboo because tattoos often relates to Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. But I got it anyway haha. The one on my chest is the one.

Something about body modification always intrigued me. It might be going against what I was taught was bad, the desire to look different, or the mixture of those. And look at me now! I’m totally obsessed with not only tattoos, but with piercings.

The writing on your chest looks nice, but it is a tattoo you can often see, just with other words. But then it seems that your tattoos have become more and more very special. I have to say I like your tattoo style. Can you tell us, if after the first tattoo it has changed how you select your motives?

Yes, the motive has changed after a couple of tattoos, for sure. First I believed that all of your tattoos should have meanings, or else you might regret getting them when you grow older, so I made some tattoos accordingly. But I realized that whether your tattoos have a meaning or not, once you get used to them, the passion or interests into them will, more or less, fade away eventually anyway. That is when thought myself, “I should get whatever I want, but I will design every single details of my tattoos.”

The first tattoo that I designed is the one on my left sleeve, and I am extremely content with what I created.

Now I think of my body like a place to showcase my creativity. I’m just like a kid who is doodling an empty blank paper 🙂

Where do you get the inspiration for your own motives and are all done by you, or do you have got some help from the tattoo artist?

The ideas of my tattoos are coming from mainly traditional calligraphy and a hint of rubbish polka. I always try to put my Japanese heritage into whatever I do, that is where the calligraphy popped into my mind. And also, I love the designs of realistic trash polka, so I may put the essence of it more and more in the future.

I design 99% of my tattoos, but I cannot see how they actually look on the body, so I definitely need a help from tattoo artists for that. When your tattoo just follows your body structure and not against it, it looks incredible!

Of course, good tattoo artists with a lot of experience are very helpful and of course later they do a great work. But it isn’t easy to find good tattoo artists. How have you searched for and do you have any advices?

All my recent tattoos are done in Japan, fortunately or unfortunately. To me, it seems more natural to let Japanese artists do the calligraphy tattoos simple because they know when the brush shape looks right. I have tried to get a tattoo on the right elbow just like my right sleeve in Barcelona, but it just does not look quite right. Although it ended up looking more like trash polka, so I love the result haha.

My only advice would be, if you are looking for a tattoo artist for the first time, “Just do your research, at least what style of tattoos the artist is good at” 😉

I see our travel expanses will be higher than the tattoo costs, which could be expensive too. 🙂 Do you think that tattoos and piercings change the sexual appeal of a man? 

To me personally, tattoos and piercings are a total-added bonus. So YES, they completely change the sexual appeal haha. I love tattoos on guys in general. Something about it make him look more fetish to me. I can say the same thing to guys with piercings too. Not to mention, I am completely obsessed with guys with PA hehe.

Recently I have found Guiche more interesting than ever, so I might get it myself soon 😉

Hehe, I hope that you will have it soon. It makes good pussyboys look even more bitchy. 🙂 How important is the size of piercings for you?

When it comes to the size, I always say “the bigger, the better.” Yeah I know, big surprise haha. In my personal opinion, the chunkier the piercings are, the more fetishy the whole look becomes. Especially septum piercing and Prince Albert. I find small piercings more fashionable than sexy to me, which I am into, I put on small septum piercing for my daily life but when I go to sex club I would normally change it to bigger one.

You’re just a size queen, Yoshi. 🙂 Most of the piercings are hidden in daily life, just piercings in the face are visible for people who don’t see you naked. I know there aren’t many who just see you in cloths. 🙂 But you have a nice Septum piercing, with which you look real kinky. Was it never a problem in your job or at school?

It’s absolutely being a problem. I think it is safe to say piercings on ears are pretty much accepted in the society, so I normally take it out, and as soon as I get home put it back in haha. It’s inconvenient, though, because the bigger gauge that used to fit in, doesn’t fit any more.

I also have a bridge piercing right in the middle of my face, so I wear a pair of glasses to hide it. As long as it is hidden, no one can say anything, or I don’t get those “Oh my god, did it hurt?” questions, haha. But it is a sexy look, so you should try it once 😉

What kind of experiences have you done in the porn world? Is the industry bodymod friendly?

Personally, I think it is a very body-mod friendly environment. Once or twice I was told to take off the piercings, but it was for me to look more appropriate for the scene, so I had no problem with it. And of course you see so many porn actors with tattoos, so I really appreciate the industry that I am in.

As you have become a little addicted to bodymods I am really interested to know, how do you think that your body will look like in 5 years, and what are the next tattoos and piercings you want to get?

I have this dream of covering myself with tattoos, except face, so hopefully I can make I have this dream of covering myself with tattoos progress for that. Next tattoo would probably be filling out the gap between my pecs and bellybutton, I think 🙂

I will get my PA much bigger for sure. I get so many messages to put back nipple piercings since I removed them, but I am actually pumping my nipples and really loving this huge nipples, so I do not think it is happening any time soon haha.

Also, I will continue to explore other piercings too so, who knows? I may get a tongue piercing.

Last but not least, Yoshi, when will we see you back on screen or on stage? Is there something we really shouldn’t miss?

For the New Year’s Eve, I’m going to do a live sex show with James Bennett (Jamesbennettxxx) for SBN in London.

And 16th of February, I’ll be performing as à gogo at Gibus Club in Paris celebrating the Chinese New Year, together with all the amazing Asian performers!! While I’m in Paris I am planning to shoot some scenes with Pablo Bravo for, his porn company, so you will see me back in screen soon!

Do you want to see even more of me? I am setting up an account for where I make an exclusive content for. There you can find even more sleazy stuff 😉

Yoshi Kawasaki


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