As a child, most of us loved superhero comics or movies. Many of us have fantasized about what we would do with superpowers, which abilities we would love to have, and how we would defeat the bad antagonist. But for most of us, it hasn’t been something sexual. My guest today loves superheroes and lycra, and it is not only a fascination, but also a sexual turn-on for him.

Hi Spidey. What exactly is for you the fascination of superheroes?

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons after school. I always have been attracted to superhero TV shows, no matter Japanese Sentai (Power Ranger) or Superman/Batman cartoon. Although they all have different storylines, they all have one thing in common: Superheroes always wear tight spandex to fight crime.

I was fascinated by watching strong powerful men suit up into their spandex uniform, and put a mask on to hide his identity. It’s mystery and excitement for me!

How old have you been when you realized that superheroes also have a sexual attraction? And do you remember how it was for you as you realized it?

I remembered when I watched superhero TV show, I felt extremely excited when the hero fell into a villain’s trap and got captured and tied up. It felt special, but I didn’t know why. As I was 14, I found a website called “HARDHEROES”. As I entered the website, everything became different! I watched gay porn before, but I was not into it. But when I watched the preview of the website, I understood that that was exactly what I wanted! I remembered the clip clearly. A strong young hero wearing a shining golden full spandex suit and black wrestle boots called Phoenix, his big bulge catching my eyes, when he wandered around suddenly a big net fell down over his body, and villain used sleeping gas to incapacitate him. Watching this strong superhero unable to break the net and struggling like a worm made me feel so horny. After few minutes, he fell asleep and villain laughed loudly. When the hero woke up, he found he was tied on a frame, the villain touching his strong chest, his arms and his giant bulge. It’s so humiliating! No matter how hard the hero tried, he couldn’t break free of his restraints. The video and the website inspired me. When I was 15, I immediately applied for a credit card for registering on that website. I am glad the website is still online even today. I rewatched that video many times.

Hehe. Sounds that this was really your trigger into kinks. Do you remember how it came that you’ve bought your first spandex gear, and how it felt to wear it for the first time?

I remember I was 17 when bought my first Spandex suit. It’s a yellow zentai. The reason I choose yellow because it reminded me of the Hareheroes’s video and the hero Phoenix.
Before I bought the zentai, I bought boots, cape and Zorro’s mask to match it, but I could never find a good time to put them on without trouble. I finally got a chance when all my family was out. I took off all my clothes and stood there, naked in front of that uniform. I put on the yellow zentai slowly. When my skin touched the spandex fabric, it felt so good, and I got a boner immediately.

After I zipped up the suit and put all the gadgets on, I looked at myself in the mirror, it’s reminded me of the superhero Phoenix. I imaged the villain capturing and torturing me. I was so excited and horny, I couldn’t help touching myself and rubbed my bulge back and forth. The desire to become bigger and bigger, my crotch was going to explode. Suddenly I heard the doorbell rang, I took off my suit immediately and hastily and nervously put on my normal clothes. That was the first time I wore the spandex, it’s a bit awkward but impressionable!

How was it to play for the first time with other Lycra lovers, and how do your sessions look like?

I remembered when I was 18 and Facebook became the famous social media. I created a fetish account and want to find someone who had same interest as me. I was a lucky guy. There are many people in Taiwan into spandex. After I have posted some pictures, I got many likes and comments. I started to communicate with my Facebook friends and chat how found our fetishes, and which cartoons influenced us the most. That was the first time I could talk about my fetish, I felt so comfortable and happy. I met my first friend over FB, he was a college student who lived in the same city.

One day, he messaged me and told me he was available between the class, and I was available, too. As his college is next to my house, I invited him to come over to my house. My family was travelling. He said yes and told me he would bring his zentai, and we could suit up together. The clock was ticking, I was so nervous. I opened the door as soon as the doorbell rang. He was a charming and funny guy. I let him inside. It became a little bit an embarrassing mood, I was so nervous and didn’t know what’s the next step. He proposed let’s suit up, and I took off my shirt slowly. He comforted me and helped me suit up my zentai. When he zipped up my suit, a magic thing happened, he hugged me. I felt so blushingly hot, and my heartbeat was so loud. Afterwards, I started to help him put on his black zentai. When I zipped up his suit, my hands touched his bulge unconsciously. Suddenly he turned around and looked at me. He started to touch my body and kissed me. My mind went blank completely. Our crotch rub each other and became bigger and bigger. My hands start to touch his back and butt. The touching was so amazing, I was so intoxicated. And so was he. When my mind came back, it’s already been 1 hr. He proposed to cum on the suit and I said yes. I started to rub his bulge and touched his nipples, and he did the same thing to me. After few minutes, we came inside our zentai suits together. The suits became nasty and wet, but we hugged each other nonetheless. That’s my first experience when I played with other zentai lovers.

How important is that dirty and nasty aspect in your Lycra play?

Honestly, it’s slightly important. I don’t think cumming is important and necessary when I play with my Lycra friend. We prefer touching and hugging. Through the Lycra fabric, feeling the other’s body and observe his reaction. In my opinion, I think wearing spandex is sexier than naked. You can see it attach your skin tightly and depict your genitals obscurely. It’s also incredible, the spandex fabric enlarges the body’s senses.

That you got to explain in detail: What is the difference in your sensation between getting touched when you’re naked and when you’re in Spandex?

When I am naked I feel awkward and embarrassed to see my whole body. I am not confident on my body shape. But it’s different when I put on my zentai. I prefer put in on slowly, feeling the fabric climbing from my toes to my fingers. It cover my body tightly and fully. Because Lycra fabric has stretchy properties, it feels like the fabric and skin connect perfectly.
when I zip up the suit, I feel totally different. In my mind I become a strong, powerful man like a superhero. I enjoy every minute when I put on the suit. The touching and the feeling are irresistible, you can’t help rubbing yourself. It’s the reason why I’m still fascinated by the spandex.

Every superhero has his own character, his own abilities. We know them from many comics, movies or animés. If you want to play with a guy, what is important, and how do you bring the characters of your roles together?

First I will communicate with him. Understand what he prefers. Whether he prefers being a superhero or a villain. Based on his answer there are many ways. If he wants to be a superhero, I will suggest we wears bright and light spandex. In other hand, if he is into being a villain, dark spandex and some leather accessories might be more fitting. We then continue to create a scenario together. If someone wants to be a villain, we can create a simple storyline like he wants to capture the superhero. If both of us are superhero, we can create a storyline about they are lovers.

But I have to admit, only a few spandex lovers have superhero fetish. Mostly we just are wearing the spandex and touching, hugging each other.

Is there a difference for you if a friendly Spiderman or a dark Batman is dominating you?

Yes, there is! Based on different character you or your partner played. It can develop different story and dynamic. I think that is the most interesting part of the superhero fetish.

Honestly the superhero fetish is unfamiliar to many people. Even I don’t understood it when I was a freshman to the fetish community. I thought I wanted to be dominated by someone like a villain who captured the superhero. I met a guy, and we communicated before we met. I thought that’s what I want. But when I walked into his home, he asked me to take off my clothes and put on my suit immediately. I felt weird and uncomfortable, like I am a prisoner and he a warden. He used rope to tie me up, but I didn’t feel anything. I don’t remember how it ended up in the end. But I remember I was very frustrated and depressed after the play. Until I met my friend Robin Hero who ran a website named Superhero Fetish. I chatted with him online, and I told him the experience, and he helped me figure out what was wrong about my last play, and told me it’s important to create a scenario where both put in effort together. A superhero shouldn’t be defeated easily. The villain need to find their weakness. Like Superman being afraid of Kryptonite. Superman is a powerful and strong male, but when the villain take out the Kryptonite, he become weak and timid. The conversion really fascinated me.

Which is your own favourite character and why?

Robin, Batman’s sidekick is my favorite superhero. Although he doesn’t have any super powers, but he is brave and bold. And his fearless and reckless ways always put him into a villain’s trap and waiting for Batman’s rescue.

Beside his uniform always attracted me deeply. No matter whether it’s the green trunks and white tights in the 1966 TV show or the sexy rubber nipples suit in the movie Batman Forever, I love them so much! That’s the reason I like this character the most!

Sometimes fetishes are complex and combine many hobbies. If people can’t understand your fetish, don’t feel bad about it. As long as you don’t hurt anyone and get yourself a thrill, you should be proud of yourself!

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