Remember our article on how to hook up your sex toys to games and such? Well some time has passed since then, and creative minds have been busy, especially in the field of VR. So let’s dive into it.

Now, it’s highly recommended to first read our article on and hooking up your sex toys to other things to understand what’s going on here. And I should also mention that you might need some technical knowledge to modify a open source game within Unity, and modify your character model to allow you to actually use that. I will give links with detailed instructions that make it not that difficult though.

Alright. Back to the topic. The things I’m gonna tell you about today are called the Dynamic Penetration System and VibeGoesBrr. They are mods for VRChat.

The Dynamic Penetration System (DPS) allows you to align your virtual characters dong and sex toys (penetrators) with orifices in your vrchat model. Essentially allowing you to find and somewhat accurately fuck someone’s holes and be fucked.

The VibeGoesBrr Mod hooks up your real-life bluetooth/wifi sex toys with intiface and and makes them sync with VrChat and the DPS mod, giving you real life feedback when someone plays with you.

The combo of both allow you to have basically first gen (ok second gen if you include second life) virtual sex as your digital avatar 😉

Ok let’s go about the how.

First you’re going to need some things.


You’re going to need to download VRchat. And no, you can not just download it from the oculus shop. They have restrictions on that version. It needs to be the Steam PC version. That means if you want to use it with an Oculus VR Headset you either need to use a Cable or set up your Oculus Link on your pc, or use Virtual Desktop. Any other Cable SteamVr headsets should work fine.

What SDK to download

VRChat has several SDK (Software Development Kits) you can download. These are used to create avatars, worlds and mods. They’re a separate thing from the actual game itself. It just connects to it and lets you import stuff you created in the steam game.

(Note: You first need to play a few hours within VRchat before you can actually upload content. So go into the game and enjoy it a little, get used to it, and learn how it works before starting here)

As you want to customize and modify your character into able to be penetrated, you need to download the Avatars SDK. You will notice that this says unitypackage in the file. Well that brings us to the next thing. Unity.

Unity, if you don’t know, is a game engine. That means you can create your own game with that. Or modify it, in our case VRchat that’s made with it. That means, of course, you have to download Unity. You can do that over here.

You will first download the Unity Hub program. Which, when you run it, lets you download the latest version of Unity. (personal version is free).

Before we go further, I recommend you go into the very detailed doc by VRChat itself to read what we’re kinda about to do. Do give it a read, at least somewhat to get a basic grasp on how things work in VRChat if not the whole thing.

Once you managed that, it’s time to …wait, before that, let’s quickly talk about avatars.

Choose your Avatar

Avatars are 3D Models which you can use to move around in your virtual world. For them to work though, they need to be rigged, aka give them virtual bone structure so they move accurately to your movements and controls.

Now, if you’re talented, you could create your own character avatar. But that takes effort. You could also just download free ones from several websites if you google “VRChat Avatar Download”, “vrchat avatar buy” or “vrchat avatar free model” etc. There’s many corners of the web where you can get them from. Many are even customizable, or have customization options made by fan of a model.

Once you downloaded one, it’s time to get the rest.

Getting the Mods

You can download the Dynamic Penetration System and VibeGoesBrr from Gumroad. VibeGoesBrr also requires you to download Intiface and MelonLoader. Also recommended is UIExpansionKit.dll found in the files there.

Setting up the

When purchasing VibeGoesBrr, you’ll get the unity file and a full set of instructions on how to set up the reacting vibration zones (touchzones) etc for your avatar. Same goes for the DPS mod. Once you installed the mods themselves in the correct folders, and imported their avatar modification unity packages into Unity, it’s time to modify your avatar to make it usable. I won’t go into too much details myself. i’d likely forget things and in any case It’d go way too long. The tutorials below give you a pretty good impression how import files, and to set up a custom character and set up DPS inside Unity. As for VibeGoesBrr it’s pretty much the same as the other modifications for custom characters. The instructions files explains it well too.

Once you’ve uploaded your modded avatar to your VRChat account (as in the tutorial), you’re done…yeah, actually done. You have got it. You can enter different worlds with your avatar and enjoy virtual penetrations. Congratulations!

If that all was too complicated for you, wellll… maybe wait another few years? There’s bound to be a software that combines it all automatically eventually. Perhaps. In the meantime, enjoy the porn VRchat creates.

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