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How to be a Footpig

An interview with the feet lover and author James T. Medak about his fetish.

MasterMarc: Hi James. It is a pleasure that you’re here with us. Some of our readers know you as autor. Your book “How to be a foot pig” has been read by many people. Can you tell us, what a footpig is?

James T. Medak: Hey there MasterMarc; I am happy (and horny) to be here.

A footpig, as far as my definition is, is a submissive male that craves, pines for, and needs to serve and be dominated by the power of male bare feet. Sweaty soles, succulent toes, and the dominance that comes from such a strangely intimate part of the male anatomy is almost impossible to define in erotic terms. Psychologically, the parts of the brain where the feet and genitals are located are insanely close to each other, which leads to a cross pollination at times and why some men act to bare feet like they would cock.

My life has centered around serving and getting close to bare male feet, leading to friendships formed and surprising erotic encounters, even sucking my college roommate’s toes as he drunkenly slept  (came so hard to that). There are those that are addicted to cock, but even more than that are footpigs who center their world around men in their unshod glory.

MasterMarc: It’s a pity that we have to talk now …. My boys know, how much i enjoy to get my feet licked. It is something which makes me feel relaxed and at the same time it is also a turn-on. Is the feet licking something humiliating to you?

James T. Medak: Oh goodness yes. Cos here you are, naked and with a full, thick, dripping hardon, the totality of your sexual being submitting to the glory that is five toes and a heel, those foot fingers controlling all that you do and when you cum. I love just scedeing all power to male feet, to let them dominate and dictate my actions and desires. It’s a bit humiliating, but gods it renders me horny, cockhead swelling and pulsing, turning beet red and constantly tingling, ready to explode at the command of some toes. I love it.

MasterMarc: What are the things you’re enjoying to do if you have nice feet in front of you?

James T. Medak: First, I take in the whole experience. The visual and aesthetic of the foot, including the tender soles, flexing tendons, flaking of hair, and color of that underflesh … it’s dick-stiffening.

Then you get to the smell of it, those powerfully dominant pheromones obliterating any sense of free will while inflating that cock like a balloon until it’s about to burst.

Lastly, of course, is love and care for the Masterfoot itself. Had a long day? Let me slowly work and massage your puppies, slowly at first until I get much deeper in the tissue, working those kinks away. Then, should Master permit me, let me slowly wrap my tongue around one of those toes and start sucking, serving, and worshiping. I want you to hear that slurp each time my mouth swallows those big toes of yours, all while then maybe licking and slobbering over Master’s pungent mansoles, my dick radiating horny pleasure while begging, absolutely begging, to be touched.

MasterMarc: Mhhh. seems that you want to turn me on, boy. Btw. do you prefer clean or smelly feet?

James T. Medak: I prefer kind of a mix. Smelly often gets conflated with “rank” and it can easily tip into the scale of too much on a dime (hence why I was never a big shoes guy). There’s a nice “mix” that can be achieved though: not overpowering but pungent enough to render one hypnotic.

MasterMarc: Why do you think that a lot of people see foot licking as a strong symbol of submission?

James T. Medak: Well this one is pretty deliciously easy: you are literally worshiping the lowest possible part of a man. When he is standing, you must bring yourself all the way down to the floor in order to snake your moist slavetongue between your Master’s beefy toes. It’s considered a very “low” form for great reason, as footslave as a term isn’t too far removed from footstool or footmat, all things designed for the support, use, and comfort of your Master. It’s a completely different headspace being down there, but for footpigs like myself, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

MasterMarc: Is it just your fetish for feet which makes you feel good in this position or are there also other reasons?

James T. Medak: Well there is certainly a bit of a humiliation aspect to it as well, to be one who, whether I be fully clothed or exposed and nude, would still drop everything to be underneath the toeprints of a powerful, masculine man. I have numerous fetishes and submissive desires, but all the key elements can trace back to an underlying, unyielding love of feet.

MasterMarc: For a lot of people foot play is just foot licking and probably a massage. Can you show to our readers that there is more and that foot play and also be very various?

James T. Medak: There’s this one video by the now-defunct master Prince of Caprice where he gives someone a “tease-job”, tying up a horny masked sub and placing his succulent pink toes NEAR the too-horny cock of his, wiggling those toes, tormenting his footcrazed brain and getting him to shoot without even touching him once.

Worship of feet, licking of shoes, getting stepped on and humiliated in public: it all adds up. There is something truly covet-able about feet, something so much deeper about a slave’s connection to them, which is why masters tend to find that footpigs are the most devout of submissives. Want to see one go crazy? Toss him in chastity belt and take your socks off and watch him go fucking balistically insane with horniness.

MasterMarc: Hehe. I love for example let my boys also lick my boots, sneax and also feet in clubs or at parties. What kind of feeling is that for you as footpig, if you are at such a party, naked, and your master is talking to others and you are naked on the floor licking your masters feet?

James T. Medak: It’s incredible, cos let’s be real: cocksuckers come a dime a dozen. But footlickers are unique, distinct, different. To see one bend down so low to service a God’s toes in public, it’s like getting your fetish, this unique identifier to who you are as a person, out there in the open for all to see. It’s exposure and the height of vulnerability. You aren’t just a footlicker: you’re a public one. And by being six feet under your Master’s powerful dominance, someone else unshod could walk up and want to be worshiped, and in order to see who they are you would have to crane your neck in a twisted shape to do so: wouldn’t it be easier for horny naked exposed you to just worship this new person (with Master’s permission of course), proving conclusively that this is truly what you were born to do?

MasterMarc: In such moments but also at home i think one of the important things is also, that a boy is just here to be usefull, so you don’t need to consider him. He should do the job he is made for. He will get feedback if he is doing something wrong. What do you think about this kind of nonobservance?

James T. Medak: It’s not only hot, but how it should be. It’s an understandable trend, but in today’s “instant culture”, people are largely self-serving in their needs and their needs alone. I had a good master friend recently tell me about a terrible experience he had with a footpig he met online who showed up, craved worship, but didn’t listen to any of the master’s orders and wouldn’t behave. It was a terrible experience, but indicative of where the “satisfy me” culture comes from.

So patience, waiting — that is proper subservience. One master, the godly bearfoothunter, doesn’t believe in putting his slaves in chastity: if he tells them not to cum, they better obey. And trust me: you can alllllways tell when someone has or hasn’t cum recently, chastity or no. More to your point, chastity is a great focusing tool, but the effect should be the same: putting Master’s needs over your own. Plus, admit it: the longer you wait for sweet satisfaction, the better it is … even if you go a bit insane in the process. 🙂

MasterMarc: This little footpig is right. I love to have my boys in chastity, but that is more needed if they aren’t under direct controle. If I am present the chastity device is needless. But let us talk again about feet. What are nice feet for you?

James T. Medak:  Honestly, nice feet to me are a MAN’S feet. My mood changes over time like anyone does, but there’s something especially about straightboy feet that I find absolutely intoxicating.

Too dirty is not for me, as I’m here to experience feet, not dirt. Similarly, too clean/manicured feet are removed of that masculine essence that makes male feet so specifically thrilling paragons of horniness. My cock throbs at longer, finger-like toes though. The coloration on the balls and the feet and tips of the toes is still enoguh to get me to cum while standing. A light dusting of hair on the tops? Now the pre is coming out. Fresh out of sandals? Sticking out of a pair of blue jeans? Well now I’m at full attention, and absolutely hopeless to my own desires, craving feet more than the very air I breathe. I LOVE FEET SO MUCH

MasterMarc: Do you like sox too?

James T. Medak:  I rather enjoy socks: amazing collectibles of pristine footscent. If you’re wondering if I’ve stolen the socks and sandals of friends before, the answer is obviously of course yes.

There was an episode of the NatGeo show called TABOO which profiled Dug, the founder of Foot Fraternity. In it, he had hundreds of men’s socks in sandwich bags, and he sometimes broke them out, sprayed a bit of water in the bag, put it in the microwave for 5 seconds, and bam: that glorious scent came on again. It’s the best possible footpig momento one could have.

MasterMarc: Why are sox a turn-on for you?

James T. Medak:  Portable man-scent. Portable humiliation. Aphrodisiac on demand. If you maintain and hold onto them properly, you can recreate and get readdicted to those powerful smells time and time again. Trust me: well-preserved socks from weeks ago? Cumshot every time.

MasterMarc: Last but not least we have also to talk about sneax and boots. It is still realated to feet …. has it also the same attraction to you? 

James T. Medak:  Absolutely not for me, interestingly. I love me some socks and am a slave to some soles, but interacting with the physical properties of the foot is key, and dealing with an inanimate object like shoes or sneaks? Not appealing. Sandals I can handle cos the foot has quite literally been there and is a great preserver of footfunk, those sweatblackened toeprints a thing to behold. Sneakers is a less satisfying experience overall. If ism dragging my slavetongue across a guys toes, I want him to feel it. Socks do that. Sandals do that. Shoes do not.

Bear in mind, I have loads of friends who are both sneakerheads and sneakerslaves, and while I’m sometimes partial to guys wearing low-cut Converse, bare or bust is my own sexy personal motto. 😉

MasterMarc: You have never mentioned the tramplin as fetish. Isn’t that something you like?

James T. Medak:  Not for me personally, but there are those who feel best when not only are they serving feet, but are physically trapped under them. Pressed down. Helpless under all that weight and all that pressure. Sometimes it’s the pressure of feet through sneakers or boots, and sometimes it’s the pressure of a bare foot holding your head down and giving you next to no room to wiggle or even squirm. Since pain isn’t anywhere in my rolodex of perversion, trampling ain’t for me but I totally get why some footslaves find it as the ultimate form of being underfoot …

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what submissive guys can learn if they read your book “How to be a Footpig” ?

James T. Medak:  Well despite the title, the book is actually my first full-length novel, the tale of a young foothorny man who has his secret leaked out to the wrong set of frat guys, who in turn, make him sign a contract guaranteeing that he become their sex toy, fetish slave, and oh so much more. It’s the thing I’m most proud of, my best-selling book by a mile, and what I know is responsible for hundreds of cumshots the world over. It has a positive message underneath, and all I could hope is that it lets guys know that having an addiction to footflesh isn’t just normal: it’s fucking awesome, and should be fully embraced.

MasterMarc: Than i should buy one for my slaves, so that they become even better feet lickers. 🙂 BTW. Where can people get the book?

.James T. Medak:  They can get HOW TO BE A FOOTPIG and any of my other books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all the usual places. Paperback & ebook. Footboner guaranteed.

MasterMarc: Great. It was a pleasure to talk to you, James. So it is time to thank you and now I want to enjoy your tongue at my feet.

James T. Medak:  You’re welcome and …

MasterMarc: Shut up and start to lick my feet, boy!


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