Hello and happy easter everyone. In today’s funny weird fetish corner class, we’re gonna learn how to make eggs (and shapes) that are safe to insert into the body and will dissolve over time, therefore safe to keep in for longer time. So if you want to play easter bunny and hide them somewhere real safe, you can.

Let’s jump right into it.

The recipe itself is actually pretty easy. There’s only one thing you need to get from the grocery store. And what is that magical ingredient you wonder?



I am not a medical or chemistry professional. Merely an enthusiast. I compiled various sources from the internet I could find to give you the best information on fake cum recipes providable through that. I give no guarantees on the accuracy or healthiness of any information here. I will credit the sources so you can make your own judgement. Anything you do with the info in this post is up to you.
Additionally should you be a professional and have concerns on any recipes here, please contact me asap so I can change and notice it accordingly.


Now if you don’t know what gelatine is, and have never had a pudding or whatever, here’s a short explanation.

What is Gelatine?
It’s basically hydrolyzed collagen derived from animals.

What is Collagen?
It’s a protein that makes up around 20-30% of your body’s protein. You find it in everything from your tissue to your bones.

What does it do when used?
It makes jelly.

And that’s also already pretty much the entire magic trick on how the eggs work.

You can buy gelatine in pretty much every grocery store in the baking section. It usually comes in two forms, either sheeted or pulverized.

Either one works, just the process of using it is a little different.


Danger Note:

Be sure only to use pure gelatine, not with added sugar etc, as that can produce yeast infections etc (especially important when using vaginally).

And ok, I lied (forgot), you do need to get something else. Egg forms. There’s various ways you can go about that.

One trick many like to use is to use silicone whiskey ice ball moulds. They are pretty easy to use since they have a hole in the top to fill the gelatine in. Another way you can go about it is using chocolate egg moulds. Simply get some moulds you can clamp together, and drill a hole in the top you can close with some tape. Done. You got a gelatine egg mould.

Note: I personally used plastic forms for this and would recommend those. But, I guess, you could also used silicone and simply cut through that? Not sure though, and won’t give any guarantees.

How large can the egg forms be?

As large as you want, however I recommend to use some extra packs of gelatine on top of the recipe amount for very large ones as they can partially crumble when you try to insert them without being VERY loosened up to take them on the first try beforehand.

Now onto the actual DIY

What do you need

  • Gelatine
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Stirrer
  • Egg forms
  • Clamps
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup

How much gelatine do you need?

Fill the forms of your eggs with water, and then pour that into an empty measuring cup.

Metric: 30g is for 125 ml

US: 1oz is for 1/2 cup

Simply size up those mix ratios for your water amount. Add some extra perhaps if your eggs are large.



  1. Fill the pot with the amount of cold water you want to use for your eggs.
  2. Put the sheets in (recommended to cross and move them, not just on top of each other).
  3. Let them soak up the water for 5 min.
  4. Take out water with the cup until the sheets are barely covered.


  1. Fill the pot with the amount of cold water you want to use for your eggs.
  2. Slowly pour in the gelatine powder while stirring the pot (slowly and spread to prevent foam and crumbs).
  3. Let it bloom (sit) for 5 min until it’s a solid jello.

Steps from that point for both:

  1. Heat up the pan on very low so that your finger feels slightly too hot to touch the pan, in no way boiling etc.
  2. Wait until the gelatine has dissolved into a slimy liquid.
  3. (for Sheets) Now add the rest of the water and mix with the stirrer.
  4. You’re done. Use the Funnel and fill up the egg forms. When using powder, be careful with the foam that builds on top. Don’t let it in if possible, as that can make it easier for the final egg form to crumble.
  5. Put the eggs in the freezer for at least 4h, better 8h.

Recipe sources: Primal Hardwere | Sinnovator

Tips & Tricks

Don’t use immediately after taking out. Let them warm up a little. Don’t let them in a too warm area though, or they will start to dissolve.

Some people like to use them while they’re still some part solid and cold inside for temperature play. Be careful when you do that, as you can get frostburn or cramped muscles that could hurt your colon.

The eggs are single use, that means for one play session. You may be able to put them in and lay them several times during a session, but they will start to slowly crumble and dissolve at some point from your body temperature, so they won’t hold forever. Also, do not put them back into the fridge, as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Throw them away.

When you plan to keep them inside your body, you should know that once they dissolved, they’ll become sort of a jelly enema and will exit as such. Note: Cold water from douches etc can solidify it a partially again. Be sure to use warm when you want it to exit but it’s “stuck”.

It may be easier to insert the eggs with the help of a sex toy. There are specialized for that kind of play toys called ovipositor dildos which push the eggs inside you as you move down it. Not to mention they also can add to the fantasy. The sources I mentioned both have high quality toys for that kind of play in their shop.

Video tutorials for gelatine:

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