Tip Width: 0.97 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 0.88 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.65 inches

Insertable Length:
3.32 inch

The Helix Trident is from our newly released Trident Series, based on the legendary Helix shape that was used for the Helix Classic and our best-selling Helix Syn. It’s a thing of beauty, with an aggressively angled head, new Trident “W” arms, and a contoured body that is great for beginners and advanced users.


The Helix Trident is the perfect model to begin your adventures into a world of orgasmic euphoria!

Don’t let its smaller dimensions make you think its any less effective, this model has its bumps and curves in all the right places, perfectly proportioned to tickle your P spot of pleasure!

The ideal model for the beginner and even those completely new to anal play due to its slender size and smooth surface, making insertion a breeze.
Even for experienced anal players I still recommend starting with the Helix as it’s the model that first opened my eyes to just how amazingly intense the male orgasm can be, giving me my first “Super O” with virtually no effort and for that reason it’s the one I always return to!

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