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Have Fun but Take Care about You and Your Play Partners

BDSM and sex in general is about you and your play partners needs and fun. But never forget that your health is important and that you should play in a reliable way. Here we want to offer you some very important information about STDs and PrEP. As drugs are for some of you also part of your sexuality we want also to inform about the risks and what you should know to play as safe as possible.

Communication is the Key

Even if gags could be part of the fun don’t forget that communication is very important. First the with your play partner. Talk with him, talk about your needs and talk about the no-goes. Anonymous sex can be hot but believe me if I say that as better you know your play partner as more trust can be build up and as more satisfaction you get. If somethings happens go and visit medical doctors and speak open to them. They are not allowed to talk to anybody else about you and believe me, they have a lot of weird experiences so that yours will not be the first. Communications help them to help you!

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