Sex and fantasy are two things which are definitely connected with each other. For one, our wanking activities are mostly connected to it, even if we watch porn. But there is also the fantasy which goes much further than the boundaries reality is giving us. Our guest today, a 22yo french kink artist, has a very vivid fantasy he shares with us through his kink animations and illustrations. I think it is really time to explore his dirty mind. 🙂

Hi Hajnalski. Are your animations really coming out of your wet dreams? Because for me as top tentacles holding me down and starting to penetrate me would definitively be a nightmare.

Hi MasterMarc! Indeed, I’d say that my own fantasies largely shape my own work, and it has happened to me to dream about these scenarios more than once! As they are very personal and, let’s admit it, very weird, I am often surprised by the success some of my animations have gotten. Some of the most common comments I get on my work usually go “I don’t like this kind of stuff usually, but this time, it’s different” or “My brain is confused, by my dick is hard as a rock”. So either we are all freaks that want to choke on tentacles and dick flowers, or we like something else… Personally, I am of the second kind.

People don’t like to be eaten, yet some like vore. People don’t like to lose consciousness and identity, and yet, hypnosis and drones strike a nerve for some of them! And in my case, people don’t want to shove dick flowers down their asses, yet they like my stuff. As far as I’m concerned, what I like in my tentacle work for example isn’t the pain, the fear, the helplessness (to a certain degree, let’s say)… but the idea of it, a warped version of these feelings, transformed into a pleasurable experience: being gently stroked and massaged by a wet, overwhelming aphrodisiac mass, giving up to a benevolent force…

Not everyone sees my stuff as I do, of course. A lot of people like more direct, painful stuff too! But I’d say that behind my “nightmarish” scenarios, there is always something deeply gentle, soothing and warm, that people seem to almost instinctively catch, something weirdly consensual, in fact. I help the viewer by explicitly drawing pleasured faces, lewd smiles, rolling eyes… traditional signs of sexual pleasure. I also put emphasis on genitals, which is not an obvious thing to do! These are methods I use to transfigure nightmares into dreams.

So you mean what you’re doing is the opposite of typical plots of horror movies in which something nice and lovely like a clown or a puppet becomes the evil? In your illustrations, the scary things like tentacles or other monsters are becoming … probably not good, but at least sensual and satisfying.

Very spot on! Both are cases where the artist uses an archetypal image and associates it with discordant properties to strengthen emotional involvement of the viewer. Associating something creepy to an otherwise innocent creature creates a strong sense of fear.

Similarly, I think that associating pleasurable (or attractive) aspects to demented, alien things creates another kind of dissonance. I don’t think I could word it clearly, but there seems to be something appealing in the mixing of fear and pleasure. In most of my animated work, you can find a sentient creature being “captured” and “used” by a living, yet utterly foreign creature, that seems to only respond to stimulation, raw desire and animal instinct. The fear comes from the idea that this creature could completely dispose of you if it so wanted, only pushed by its purely biological functions. And pleasure comes from the fact that this powerful, ever-expanding creature uses its immense power to immerse yourself in a once in a lifetime bliss. In my opinion, pleasure is made more acute by the looming fear of pain. In French, we sometimes refer to the orgasm as the “petite mort”, which translates literally to “little death”. It must mean something, mustn’t it?

I think that these paradox looking connections of emotions is something we kinksters know very well, and “normal” people just think we are freaky. But for us pain can become a pleasure, or it becomes like “another” kind of tenderness, humiliation can become a self-confidence boost, etc. But in kink life trust is the base and for that you have to know the other. Why is the unknown, the alien, the creature out of the dark, such a turn-on for you?

To answer this question, I think I have to talk about the specific medium that I use, and my love for artistic creation. In fact, my work cannot be further decoupled from what I would enjoy in real life. In real life, the unknown is scary, violent, sometimes even traumatizing and indeed, I would not like to live in the world I depict in my works. What turns me on is not the unknown per se, it’s a specific vision of the unknown that I carefully construct and that is only permitted by works of fiction, an unknown that is here to pleasure you, to wrap and promise you that you’re never going to feel needy again. Each frame individually can take me up to ten minutes of work, and there are 12 of them each second: I spend hours crafting each sequence, trying my best to catch the unknown, tame it, dissect it, and transform it into a substance that I sprinkle my works with, to give it an “edge”, let’s say. And this is this consciously constructed edge that I like the most. The element of trust in my work lies between me and the viewer: it’s almost like there were a contract, where the viewer accepts that what I’m showing them is purely artificial, the result of days, weeks, sometimes months of work, and that they are free to translate all the weirdness I’m presenting them into, to put it frankly, wanking material!

I think there is a parallel to be drawn here with the furry community on the whole. We all know that femboy foxes, dragons and other creatures are not real (unfortunately!), yet we accept to see them in works of fiction, because we like the idea of it. All the terabytes of porn that the community has produced relies on the same premise: what you’re seeing is impossible in real life, and could be seen as weird (in fact, the majority of people do see us furries as weird), but it is this “edge”, this slight difference permitted by fiction that appeals to most people in the fandom. Cat ears, fox tails, are to me similar to sentient tentacles in the sense that they add something “weird” to porn, but a carefully crafted weirdness that people in the community accept.

In my eyes, there is nothing more boring than to be normal, just to be standard. And yes, it is a lot of work you invest into your animations, and it is great work you do. Is one of the benefits of this hard work that you get your own wanking material with it?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t rub one off to my own work occasionally! To give an idea, 4 out of my 11 animations are personal projects, and even when I do commissions, I am often given a lot of creative freedom to let myself go! So, with only rare exceptions, my work closely maps my own fantasies. And I don’t think I would be as motivated to animate as I do if I wasn’t 100% into the things I am working on.

So, which of your animations is your favorite one, and can you tell us why?

I think that my favorite animation is the one with the floating hands. It was inspired by an artwork called “bliss” created by the very talented furry artist ecmajor, where tens of hands would swarm a delighted unicorn laying on soft pillows, drawn in black and white. I have tried to do a replica myself a few years ago, with a fox, and it is still one of my favorite early works. So when I started to dabble into animation, I knew it was a thing I was going to do at one point. The idea of being touched everywhere, gently caressed and played with is a leitmotiv of my work, but I think it is best depicted in this particular animation. Using hands instead of tentacles or dick flowers allows hinting some further kind of “intentionality” in the process, but it also allows imagining wilder scenarios and wonder: what if there were more? Who or what is guiding them? And also, it has the power of depicting something that could never happen, but that is more “credible” than sentient tentacles or the kind, so imagination can go wild! As I have never experienced it (and even if I’m not sure if I would enjoy it if it were to happen to me in real life), I can build on my experience, and fill the leftover space with how I think ultimate bliss might feel like. And the larger that space is, the more powerful the desire and the lust.

Now I’ve really to ask you, which is your fursona? Is it you who gets touched by many hands? Seems you like sexual abuse while sleeping. 🙂

I feel like I enjoy the idea of it, but only when it’s in a controlled, clearly fictional setting. It also helps that I don’t represent “myself” in that kind of scenarios, but rather some kind of “placeholder” in the form of this fox. It’s true, he shares a number of similarities with me, but I never gave him any precise characteristics that would make him “me”. I don’t even think he could be seen as my fursona…

In the furry community, having a fursona is not a requisite, but it’s rather common, and for some, it’s even the first thing they think about when setting foot in the community. On my side, it’s always been difficult to build one. This fox, who, by association, has become “Haj”, a short-hand for Hajnalski, feels like a neutral placeholder that I never really put many thoughts on. It’s just a fox, an animal that I chose partly for its reputation in the fandom, and partly because it reminded me of an ancient saying opposing the hedgehog, who knows one big thing, and the fox who knows a lot of insignificant things, but because it is curious by nature. So the choice of this fox helped me to project myself in my artworks, but I don’t think I ever saw him as my fursona. In fact, I only started to want a proper fursona after my first furry convention, in October 2021, and he eventually saw the day in January 2022, under the name of Niski, a blue, white and black arctic fox who really is supposed to be myself, this time. He likes the things that I like, and I really hope that with time, I will build a strong attachment to him. Will I want to subject him to the same scenarios I usually depict in my animations? I don’t really know yet.

Aren’t foxes sluts?

I love your straightforwardness, haha! Indeed, foxes are maybe the animal which the fandom has associated with “slutiness” the most. To give an idea of the ubiquity of this characterization, I can share a small anecdote that happened the last day of my first furry convention. I was at the check-out, with my badge around the neck, proudly showing my fox to everyone. And here, an attendee I didn’t know came to me, and asked me something like “Oh, you’re a fox?”, after which he continued “So you’re a slut, aren’t you?”. Personally, I chose a fox more as a sub than a slut, but one does not exclude the other!

But now, it’s a real question, isn’t it! I’d say that I love the idea of being a slut. I mean, look at how that poor fox is used in these animations! How eager he is to suck a dick down his throat, to be penetrated by whatever, as long as he gets to release the tension rising inside him… In real life, however, I am probably too shy to act like it, unfortunately. Also, it may seem weird, but I am so used to be exposed to porn produced by English-speaking artists that I have a much easier time finding English slut talk sexy… French slut talk, however, weirdly gross me out. I guess I would have an easier time being a slut in English-speaking environments!

Oh, a two-faced slut. A bitch in foreign countries and a good boy at home?

Maybe more like a slut in the content I produce (which is in English, indeed), but a good boy in real life! I still have a long way to go before becoming a true slut in an intimate setting, even past the language used. I’m still maybe too awkward yet. But they say that it comes with experience, so I just need to train myself and stop overthinking when I’m in the bedroom I guess. Thankfully my partner is a treasure, as he always makes me feel accepted, even despite my tendency to overcomplicate things!

Sounds like he is the good boy in your partnership, and you’re just compensating your hidden slutiness, which you would love to live, in your drawings. 🙂

Maybe, maybe! And with my animations, I hope I help even more people imagining themselves as this fox, whether they are in a relationship or not! It all comes back to the power of fantasy and artistic creation: for a brief moment of time, you can imagine yourself as someone else, to the point of being aroused by the thought, and I find it very impressive. Who would have thought that our bodies could feel sexually aroused by the thought of being surrounded by slimy tentacles or choking on ghost hands… The number of “I wish that were me” comments I get is astounding, this is why I think that most people watching my content imagine themselves as the fox. The capacity our brains have to project ourselves even in the weirdest scenarios is crazy. If it’s here, it’s maybe because it was selected by evolution, but then I really wonder how it helped survival and reproduction haha!

You’re right. Mostly, wanking fantasies are a projection of yourself into memories or external inputs. And with your drawings, you provide a great service by delivering very hot inputs for our own fantasy. BTW. Where can people find your “helping hand” for their wanks?

My animations are all available on my Twitter profile, where you can also find more obscure fetishy content. You can also go to my FurAffinity page where it’s easier to navigate!

Last but not least … I’m quite sure you still have a lot of real crazy fantasies in your mind. Probably, some are too complicated to bring them into an animation. But would you like to share some of your dirty thoughts with us, and probably also tell us about the projects you’re working on?

I have a lot of projects for the future, and still a lot of dirty things I want to explore! Notably with tongue stuff, it’s something I really like in general but that I think I grossly underused in my work. Extensive, slimy tongues have a lot of common with tentacles, except for the fact that they are more associated with “human” characteristics, and it’s something I’d like to dig in. Hypnosis is also somewhere in my to-do list, albeit only in the background. But I will continue to animate kinks that I find interesting, but always with my own style.

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