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Good BALLBUSTING Is Not Just Kicking Balls

To guide boys during action is very important for masters. In sessions, it is often better to give non-verbal signals than to shout orders. In such situations, the balls of a boy are a very helpful and powerful tool. Just with small moves and a little of pressure, you can cause such a quality of pain, that most boys are just surrendering and following your desires. Pain in the testicles is for most guys really awkward. But there are also guys who love it, who can’t get enough of it. One of these guys is Jerome, a real BALLBUSTING LOVER. Hi Jerome, you’ve really to tell us, what makes pain at the balls so desirable for you?

Hi MasterMarc. It’s always been obvious to me, since age 12. It’s not necessarily a “pain”, if you think out of the box and aren’t afraid to feel and do things differently from conventions. It’s an intense sensation that overwhelms you in an amazing way, when the ballbuster is good and finds the amount you need. Then it’s like some kind of orgasm but one that can last loooooong, modulated in different ways. 

I like it in bursts, through punches, or continuous through squeezing. Different bustees (receiving end for this fetish) have different preferences. Basically you can split them in 3 categories: the deep ballpain types (punches, squeezing, trampling, bongers, etc.), the mixed ball+skin-pain types (slapping, paddles, finger flicking, etc.), and the ballsack-skin-pain types (clothespins, nettles, etc.). As sub, I am only a deep-pain type: the intense sensation in the balls is what I crave for, but the skin-level pain is just a disturbance, a noise damaging the signal, for me. And pain in the seminal cords is to be avoided: too dangerous to be played with (that’s why I really advise against hard pulling of the ballsack).

It’s an intense sensation that overwhelms you in an amazing way, when the ballbuster is good and finds the amount you need.

Photos by Detlev Hoffmann

But, to say it straight ahead: most guys, including some “experienced” sadists and Doms, are badly trained at ballbusting. Real great ones are rare. That’s why I gave workshops a couple of times, to make the techniques and basic tips better known, so people can explore the immense range of sensations, and also learn how to really avoid severe damage.

Now you have really to tell us, what a good and a bad ballbuster is. I think there are readers who think, it is just a game you kick as hard as the other can take and that is it. But it is much more than that. Can you explain that?

The ballbusting I talk about is a BDSM game. As any other BDSM game, it’s not about just hitting as hard as you can. It would be as adequate as thinking that good cooking is to just throw some sausage in a Fritteuse and then throw tons of sauce on it. I mean, what I call higher-quality SM is like the art of being a good cook: You need technical knowledge, experience, feeling, subtelty and creativity. 

As any other BDSM game, it’s not about just hitting as hard as you can. … You need technical knowledge, experience, feeling, subtelty and creativity. 

I won’t go into all the psychological details, the role-play, the benefits of physical warming-up and some kind of psychological ‘lead-in’ procedures or rituals, though they all matters, also for ballbusting… because these are really just basics of any BDSM play. But there are also things to know that are specific to ballbusting. I mean, if the Dom wants to cause a horny-ballpain (and not just brutally beat up someone, like any idiot can do) and to go further into it with a “bustee”, he/she/they should avoid causing unwanted damage. I always take care (whether I give a workshop or just private advice) that some basics are known. After years of experience and having had accidents myself, I made up a relatively simple own list of basic “rules of thumb”. Should I sum they up for your readers?

Yes please, I am sure, there are a lot of people, who are interested in ballbusting, who would like to get some advices.

First, I’d like to insist on what I advise Doms NOT to do, to be on the safe side:

(1) Twisting: never do it. Any responsible Dom should just forget about that one.

(2) Very brutal pulling, is very risky too. Not advised… You don’t want to damage the spermatic cords (which are much more fragile than the balls), but make the balls themselves hurt. What goes a long way to add some safety here, while allowing lots of hard hitting (increased pain, decreased risk, and it just looks sexier too): Use ropes to both stretch the balls out somewhat (within reason) and have them nicely tight and shiny and fixed for the busting: This makes the balls themselves sometimes hurt more, as they can’t escape/move when hit, and at the same time it protects the spermatic cords (i.e. increased protection against testicular torsion and other severe damage to these cords), and also protects the pubic bone. This makes sure you bust specifically the balls.

(3) When kicking, don’t use full force and wear hard boots (a sane barefoot buster will usually avoid breaking his own foot’s bones, that’s an inbuilt safety).

(4) With electro, beware of using inadequate electro, e.g. never do it directly from the mains (special SM electro is painful enough and won’t cause severe damage; field telephones are a higher risk for severe damage, should be really rather avoided or modified and used only rarely and ‘moderately’ if you can’t help resist the temptation). Agonizing pain through electro is a great goal, but too extreme and “inefficient” electro can also cause excessive tissue damage for the same ‘amount’ of pain as more efficient, less damaging electro.

(5) And of course, at some point too much crushing/too much weigh on the balls will cause severe damage. How much is too much can’t be told in advance, alas. But one should be at least a little bit sane… unless one wants to be castrated. Some people wrote it might be that each ball can take up to 50 kgs of weigh (and I try to keep it in mind for myself), but the limit is different for each body, each pair of balls.

Oh, and though I know a few Doms pride themselves on never switching, in my 13 years of experience I found out that all Doms who are really good at torturing balls in amazing ways, all tried the techniques on their own balls first, and know first-hand how things feel.

Actually, for most ballbusting techniques, you don’t need even need another Dom to get a feeling for it. You just need to “have the balls” to experiment how to do hard hits, crushing and electro on your own pair…

Of course, there are some exceptions. Some guys got really good as busters from years of learning, without ever hurting their own balls. Like the few women who became also really good at it (whereas many women are very bad at it, imho, either too soft or much too brutal and cold).

I can imagine that it is more difficult for women as most of the women aren’t as good in blowjobs as guys are. But it is logical: They don’t have dicks and balls so they can’t imagine how it feels. Do you have some special advices for guys who want to do their first experiences with ballbusting?

I would advise starting slow and take the precautions I mentioned before.. Or if one wants to start hard, then find a partner who really is experienced. Try different sensations to find out what you’re really into… You probably won’t like all of it but only experimenting will tell…

Can you tell us a little about your hottest and also about your hardest experience you’ve ever had?

About the hottest experience, I really can’t pick one, there were many and each was different… About the hardest, I can give two answers: the most damaging vs the most painful (it is really not the same!).

The Most Damaging

In 2010 from a pro Domina and her boyfriend… They both kicked (she with hard PVC boots, him with army boots), kneed and punched my balls many times, using real full force… It was no fun, the balls were badly damaged for 3-4 weeks: The ballsack got really at least 4 times bigger, swollen and all black (blood-filled) – I thought I was gonna lose the balls or worse, but luckily it slowly came back to normal… and fully recovered. I took the risk not to go the hospital back then, to avoid surgery. I came out lucky, but that was a big risk. On the other hand, surgery would possibly have made things worse.

The most painful (subjective)

In 2015, a guy (unfortunately an old, not sexy guy who faked his identity) did torture my balls (hitting, squeezing and electrotorture) and also ‘edging and denial’ play with my cock, for as long as 15 hours (well, we spent about 4 hours sleeping, whhereby I was exhausted while handcuffed in segufix restraints, and half an hour eating some food, so that was around 10 hours of tortures)… By the last hour, i.e. 14th or 15th hour (which was real nasty electro torture, while the top was ignoring me and having sex with another guy), I got so desperate with the extreme electro-pain that, for the first time ever, I really completely lost my hard-on and also started crying with big tears in desperation. After maybe 7 to 10 minutes of such crying and really-seriously (and pathetic) begging in tears for mercy, he stopped the electro and then, didn’t stop altogether but gave me another half hour of punching my balls with his fists before ending my ordeal. The punching, as crazy as it sounds, felt like a relief from the hell of the electro…

In the meanwhile, I experience more often hard bustings over long periods, like being punched hard many thousands of times (highest count over 48 hours to this day was 4700 hits). But I make sure it is not with too much force, to prevent severe damage.

I’m still missing your hottest experience, boy ….

I can’t choose a single “hottest experience”, because there were too many. But among the best experiences was one session where my balls were trampled over more than an hour in a “trample box” (and I was gagged and my hands tied to my neck), until I did cum from my balls being pumped barefeet and then trampled another 20 minutes after cumming (there’s a 51 minutes video from it; a short free extract is here).

Another hot session was one where I was ballbusted by an amateur-wrestler, within some play-wrestling whereby (as I have zero experience as wrestler) he easily held me in positions where he could hurt my balls again and again.

More recently, an especially hot session was when a friend did 1001 relatively hard punches into my balls while I was tied on a bench, legs tied up and spread.

Ironically, he damaged his hand by doing the 1001 punches: his right hand got more swollen than my balls!

With the exception of the wrestling session, usually it’s hottest when I am tied well and the buster gives me many medium-hard hits with the right techniques (i.e. causing deep ball pain, repeated again and again over a long time, but with no excessive pulling, no pain in the punic bone, no skin-level pain and of course no real damage caused). One of the tools I like is the bongers (see this extract)… but still, naked fists are still often the best.

Hot videos, where can people watch the full version of it and probably also other of your videos?

Thanks for the compliment! I’m sharing for free my full-length videos, either on my Pornhub profile or on my ThisVid profile when Pornhub rejects them.

Real hot videos. If we compare your bad and good experiences we see, that pain can be good and bad. Can you explain what kind of factors can turn good pain into a bad way of getting pain?

I’ve been trying to find that out too. It can be several reasons: Either when the wrong places get hurt (wrong technique or different kind of pain that works maybe for other guys but not for me), or when the Dom is really just too brutal and careless, or when something contextual isn’t right (too cold, or too much in a hurry, etc.). And there’s also a psychological aspect like in every SM scene: i.e. sometimes you feel the absence of this very special sadomaso-connection, which makes it feel hot. It’s a deep shared feeling, a kind of empathy of a unique kind, where both sides share this complex feeling of domination, submission, suffering, abandonment, etc. When it works, it can get as strong as a mystical experience in the spiritual world. When it completely doesn’t work, the pain is just annoying and no fun.

When it works well (and also when I was kept chast for at least 5 days), then I can be pushed well beyond my “limits” (I usually play without safeword, just letting the Dom take clues by himself on how I’m responding and decide himself how far to go), until the balls really physically need a brake: e.g. lately I had a session over 5 days with 90% ballbusting, yet on the morning of day 5, my ballsack-skin had a small wound under my right ball and then I had to ask him to play elsewhere than on my balls. (Two hours later though, he decided to leave out the wounded part but still torture just my left ball some more ;-D …)

Seems a little that if we talk about the good and bad pain, the connection to the guy you’re with and the feeling you have with him is more important than the action.

It’s both equally important. If there is too little action, it doesn’t work well either (for example, I get just bored when merely tied and left alone for a while).

When it works, it can get as strong as a mystical experience in the spiritual world. When it completely doesn’t work, the pain is just annoying and no fun.

Photos by Detlev Hoffmann

Do you still have some new ballbusting projects you want to realize in the future?

Oh yes: I already started doing more “speedball settings”: where I am tied in a way that the balls hang down nicely to  be punched like a speedball: many fast punches to the balls, with the balls hanging in the air, not punched directly into a hard surface. Key is to have a very fast tempo of punches, for a long time. (Some of it is already filmed, not edited yet; I’ll release the videos next year I guess…) I want to do it in more positions, with various ways of hanging/positioning me. And ideally I’d need 3-4 busters at least for an ideal scene, taking turns giving the fast speedball-punches, wearing boxing gloves and boxing gear, for several hours. So far I did it with 1 very fit body-building guy, but he needed breaks as he was getting exhausted with all the fast punching (and his fist was hurting)!… So I’ll really need more busters taking turns, so each can recover while I don’t get a break myself.

I’d also love to do a ballbusting concert (several subs, several Doms who are musicians, making music out of the moans and screams, with a real good rhythm), to get ballbusted and gangbanged-fucked by BBCs (who doesn’t have BBC-gangbang fantasies? ;-), and also to be ballbusted more often by all-women groups (without serious damage).

Servile Jerome


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