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Hello readers, today we go where no man has gone before…ok a few men did. Actually, lots, our interview chair almost has the reputation of a slut… sorry, back to the topic. Hey Space Ranger, nice to have you here. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, what are some of your biggest kinks?

Aroooo. Hey thank you! So I am a Rubber Pup who’s been in the rubber and kink community for about nine years or so. I have a great young boyfriend who is also a Rubber pup. Within the community, I ran for and won the Mr. New England (US) Rubber title in 2017 and went on to compete for the Mr. international Rubber title that same year, where I came in third place!

Haha ok that you love rubber is clearly easy to see 😉 Why does it fascinate you so much?

Oh I do! First, I find rubber to be a great equalizer. I think it makes everyone look great, regardless of body type. Second, I absolutely love the human body covered in rubber. It creates smooth lines and makes the body’s form highlighted.. the butt, the chest, and the bulge 😉 . The possibilities for rubber suit designs, whether catsuits, surfsuits/rompers, or tops and bottoms, are endless. Especially now with so many rubber retailers and designers, and available colors!

Third, I absolutely love the feel of it on my skin and how it grips me everywhere. The more coverage the better with a catsuit, toe socks, gloves, and hood (a rubber dog hood to be exact ) layers of rubber are awesome as well, as it tightens the feeling, like being in bondage but not actually being in bondage. Most importantly, when I’m wearing rubber, for me it’s one of the only times that I truly feel sexy. I am not unhappy with my body by any means, however, when. I see myself in rubber, it makes me truly feel good about myself. Like I’ve become the person, or pup, or gimp that I love to be.

Is that also why you have your sports gear fetish? You’ve got quite the collection, from ice hockey to american football, right?

Yeah, I’d say so. Rubber is transformative. I don’t mean it to be that it turns you into something you’re not, but rather to be something or someone you want to be- the best that you can be. Sports gear is similar in that way for me. It’s transformative. I never played sports when I was younger and didn’t start playing ice hockey until the autumn after I graduated from High School. So, I was never a “jock” by any means. I did want to be an athlete, however. I saw that as being intelligent but also in shape and “cool.” So, my addiction.. rather, collection… of hockey gear started somewhat early on.

The attraction to the gear, definitely, in part, is the feel. The padding everywhere on my body is an amazing feeling. Even when taking a hit or a fall (yes, I fall) on the ice, the padding does its job. Even though some of it is loose, when contact is made, it feels amazing. It’s almost like a modern day suit of armor and I’ve transformed into a larger version of myself (as I do like gear that is a bit bulkier.) On the ice I’m not the fastest, and my puck handling skills could be better, but I love every moment while wearing the gear. What makes it even more fun on the ice is the variety of colors of the gear I have.. including yellow and also orange pants! The pants are the largest part of my hockey gear collection by far. In the past, at home, I have had as many as 5 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of shoulder pads on all at the same time.

So I’ve been collecting hockey gear for over 2 decades now, and quite a wide range of colors and styles. I loathe boring colored gear- black, navy blue, etc. Hockey is fun for me and I love injecting some brightness into it even more!

Hehe modern day suit of armor. So a little bit feeling like iron man or batman then 😉 ? And did you still fit through the door with 5 / 3 combo??

Haha! Yes!! Very much so. And definitely an iron man feeling. If I could get a real iron man suit, I might “accidentally” break the release mechanism, LOL. Oh and I didn’t leave the room with all the gear on. Though I think if I had tried I may not have fit through the door!

I know the feel. I’m a huge star wars nerd and making one of the clonetrooper armors 😉 Will be hard to get me outta there once I finish it. That much gear would almost an incidental immobilisation scenario then xD Would that be something you’re into?

Really! How are you making the clone trooper armour?? What is your process? And I’m absolutely into immobilization bondage. I am a HUGE bondage pig!

There are movie accurate building sets you can buy from the 501st forums. Still need to adjust, trim and finish with lots of bondo, sanding, painting etc. Takes a while, but the end result is awesome.What is the appeal of that bondage fetish for you? And do you combine it with your gear. Does it add to the sensation?

The appeal to it I think is a feeling of security and probably safety. I mean, isn’t that what we all want? To feel safe and secure? The rubber feels amazing and looks great, the sports gear helps with the feeling of transformation and safety as well. Immobilization is a safety feeling as well, but adds a level of trust; it’s not smart to go into a heavy (or even light) bondage scene with someone you don’t trust. So trust is huge in that, and the person that you submit to, has to be ready for all situations.

Do you also own gear that is not padded or armor like? What kind and why?

I do have a bit of a collection of vintage super shiny soccer uniforms (jerseys and shorts) as well. I love those, again, for the feeling against my skin. The soft touch of the nylon satin is wonderful. And it also feeds into my fantasies of having played sports which I would loved to have done while in high school.

Ok. And last question. Is there a gear and kink fantasy you haven’t lived out yet and would love to try out once?

I have not yet tried a long term bondage session with multiple layers of rubber and gear. It kind of hits all the checkboxes of rubber, Gear, immobilization, and endurance. When I say long term, I’m thinking at least a few days if not a week. And multiple layers could be several catsuits mixed with a scuba drysuit… or two!

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