An interview with the kinky illustrator Gasaiv.


MasterMarc: Hi Gasaiv. It is a pleasure to meet you. By watching at your pictures I have to say, that it seems that you are into muscular and kinky twinks. What are for you motives you really like to draw?

Gasaiv: Thanks for having me and hosting my first ever interview ! To answer this question Id say that I’m more into the athletic or thin twinks but the I’d be 100% down to drawing more bara body types. I’m working towards achieving the bara body style but it is a lot different from my athletic body types . My motives to draw are my fans , I love being able to bring fanservice to characters that lack it and this is why you will see a lot more fanart with me . The online art community already has enough of the Sakimi pinup style art out there so it’s nice to bring art that I enjoy making and that others enjoy seeing but dont see as often or dont like to admit it.  That and the ability to visually depict your greater fantasies 😉


MasterMarc: Is drawing your profession or is it a hobby and how does it come that you are illustrate a lot of kinky motives?

Gasaiv: I’d say it’s half and half right now , I work 40 hours as a butcher and the rest my time is for my art. It all started out as practice for me to get better with anatomy but it turned into something I enjoyed as well. I’d say I’m also influenced by other kinky art to draw my own. If I see a well done piece with a certain kinky to it , it inspires me to incorporate that into my future drawings.


MasterMarc: You’ve told us, that you’re a butcher. Does your profession help to draw muscles and the anatomy in general?

Gasaiv: Haha , it would be awesome if it worked that way but unfortunately I only cut steaks and chickens and such so nothing to major but still dirty . When the day ends I still must go home and practice practice practice 😀


MasterMarc: Most of the kinky artists love to draw very huge dicks. So do you. Why are the dicks so important and does it show your personal preferences of guys? 🙂

Gasaiv: There are probably many reasons that huge dicks come up as a common archetype but I’ll share my own views on it . I like to draw big dicks , yes, but I do try and tone my down a bit so it doesn’t look to off or just so its fitting . I like to do this because when you get down to it most of the things I draw are quite unachievable body type and scenarios and big dicks falls into this category. You don’t often see a dick as big as they come in art and if the artist has the ability to bring a big dick to life, what’s stopping them right ? In short I like to draw them big simply because I can. As for personal preference , As long as it fits into some nice undies than I am a happy guy !


MasterMarc: For me as top asses are much more important than the dick size. 🙂 Could it be, that you love to be a bottom and what are you sexually into? Do you have any kinks in your sexual life?

Gasaiv: I think that I could go either way, I’m probably more of a bottom physically but definitely top mentally. Personally I think I prefer either a slim athletic build or someone with thick legs and pecs :D. I’m not one to be into really really big guys or vice versa and I like a smooth body . As far as kinks go I don’t know if this counts but in a major underwear guy and I love variety and unique designs ahaha , idk where I picked it up since my past undies were trash but I’ve got myself a nice collection now .


MasterMarc: Are there any kinky motives in your head you still haven’t drawn? What kind of motives are that and what is the difficulty you have to draw it?

Gasaiv: I don’t think there are any other kinks I’d like to draw , I see myself doing more tentacle or bondage pieces but when it comes down to it Im really comfortable in the underwear bulge department. I guess one I’d like to draw is submission of some sort , a very dominant top with a struggling bottom , I have no clue why but I guess its something Id draw in the future !


MasterMarc: Do you have any message you want to send to the beholder?

Gasaiv: If you’re wanting to draw kinks but don’t think your skills are strong enough , just do it and keep practicing , it’s taken me a few years to get here. If you are just simply enjoying my art , thank you for finding me and I’ll still be here continuing to create more !


MasterMarc: Where can people find your artwork?

Gasaiv: You can support me on patreon for as little as $1 to gain access to unseen pieces:

Or find me at :





MasterMarc: Thank you Gasaiv, it was great to talk to you. I wish you all the best for your future as kinky artist and we hope to see a lot of new kinky drawings of you.


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