A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

I was drunk after a Saturday night clubbing but I was aware that Jason and Jeremy helped me home. Jason drove and Jeremy sat with me at the back seats of Jason’s car.

Once I hit the bed I was knocked out and fell asleep.

I dreamed that I was molested. I wanted to push the intruding hands away but my hands were heavy and could not moved much no matter how hard I tried to lift up my hands. After some desperate and trying time, I let out a scream and I found myself sat up in bed. The molesting hands were gone. It was darkness around me. I laid myself back on the bed as fast as I sat up and I went back to sleep.

My dream continued. I was raped. I felt a hard cock pushed into my hole and started to rape my hole. The rapist’s cock stimulated my hole very well. I felt good and at ease. I did not protest. I did not push away the rapist.

I felt the sensation of the hard cock ploughing my hole as I was fighting from awaking. I was heavily intoxicated by alcoholic drinks. I felt heavy. I wanted to sleep. My body was heavy and I felt like sinking in my bed in my sleepy mood and reluctant to move. So were my eyelids. They felt heavy and did not open. I wanted to continue to sleep. But I was disturbed. Not only that I felt the rapist’s hard cock inside my hole, I also felt the rapist body behind my back. I was beginning to have conscious of the situation as I was disturbed from my sleep. I was lying on my right side in bed and someone was fucking me sideways. He was fucking me and spooning me in bed. My first drowsy thought was who it was. Was it Jason or Jeremy?

I did not stop him as he had one arms over my shoulder and arm embracing me. I let him fucked me. I kept my sleepy eyes closed and relaxed and half going back to sleep and half enjoying him fucking me until he orgasmed and stopped. He pulled his hard cock out of my hole. And, I felt his weight off the bed.

I dozed back to sleep.

In the morning, I was awaken by the door bell. I got up and walked to the living room with my groggy head and opened the door.

It was my neighbor’s son. He brought my attention by pointing at the key in the key hole of my main door. My apartment keys were outside my front door the whole night. Then, he brought my attention by pointing down there and said I was not dressed. I was naked!

I apologized sheepishly in a stupor manner and thanked him for informing me about the keys and closed the door and went back to sleep.

I was more or less awaken by then. I was fondling my smooth dick and I was thinking at the same time… Did Bryan, my neighbor’s son, noticed I was hairless like a little boy down there?

I decided to get up as it was late in the morning and it was warm and the view outside my bedroom windows was bright and sunny. My whole bedroom was bright.

I sat up and looked around. My jeans and socks were on the floor. My t-shirt was on the bed.

Then, I remembered that someone fucked me last night. Was it real? Was I dreaming?

I stepped into the bathroom to pee and washup. Then, I felt like pooping. I noticed that the moment I sat on the toilet bowl my poops just slipped out smoothly in seconds.

After showered, I picked up my jeans and socks that were on the bedroom floor and my t-shirt that was on my bed and placed them in the laundry basket. But I could not find my underwear anywhere. It was my favorite skinxwear that I used whenever I go clubbing because I wanted whoever strip me to see me in my most sexy underwear as it was often that I get laid after clubbing.

While I was tidying my bed, Jason and Jeremy messaged me through the handphone separately.

Jason asked: “u wake up yet?”

Jeremy asked: “how r u?”

I replied to them separately and without thinking: “who fucked me?”

Jason replied: “u don’t know who fuck u!? lol”

Jeremy replied: “someone fucked u last night?”

I asked again: “where is my underwear?”

Jason replied: “u r weird but kinky”

Jeremy replied: “someone took your undies?”

The end?

Guess who fuck me?

I was drunk again. It was one of those clubbing nights which I had too many free alcoholic drinks from my clubbing friends. They kept buying me drinks.

I guessed my friends sent me home. I slept very soundly and well and slept like a log after too many drinks. I dreamt that I was raped by four black monsters with no face in a dark space. All of them had giant and thick hard cocks. And, they took turns to rape me. I was gang banged by black monsters. I struggled but I could not move. I protested but no sound came out of my mouth.

After a very long period of time of being raped, I managed to scream. I momentarily woke up to a space of darkness and quietness. There were no monsters. I went back to sleep as fast as I woke up.

Then, the dream continued. I was raped by a white monster by its hard cock. It was as hard as a piece of solid wooden pole. It kept ploughing my hole like forever. I wanted to get up but I could not. I was immobilized. I could not move at all.

I could see white bright light. It was uncomfortably glaring and I closed my eyes. I moaned at every thrust by its hard cock because it stimulated my hole very much and also caused a dull pain when its hard cock penetrated deep inside me.

After a very long time, finally, the white monster orgasmed with its heavy breathing and its monstrous growls and shot warm stuffs inside my hole like it would not stop. As it pulled its hard cock out of my hole I felt warm stuffs dripped out of my hole and to my balls and groins.

Then, everything was silent. My groggy eyes were still closed. I was like extremely mentally fatigued and not even half-awake. And, I sank into my bed and fell asleep again as there was no more monsters to disturb me.

Next, I was awaken by the ringing of my handphone. I wanted to get up but I could not move my arms to support me out of my bed. I was lying in my bed faced down. I wanted to bring my legs together and towards my body to support me to get up but I could not move my legs.

I opened my eyes. It was bright and sunny but I could only see the headboard of my bed in front of me. I looked to the left and right I could only had vision from the windows to my wardrobe.

Then, I noticed my wrists were restrained in leather cuffs and chains and locked up by pad locks. My arms were bound and spread out wide.

My legs were restrained as well. My thighs were tied and spread wide apart. And, so were my ankles. I felt leather cuffs strapped on my ankles. My legs were also bound and spread out wide by chains and locked in pad locks.

I could not move at all. I could not get up to answer my handphone. Whenever I tried to pull myself up to reach the end of the chains that were securing the leather cuffs of my wrists, I felt a tug on my balls and cock. My cock and balls were tied and secured to the bed too. I was spread out five ways – both my arms and my legs and my hard cock. Yes, my cock was hard.

After much struggling, I was completely awakened. I realized I was bound in my own bed and completely naked too.

I tried to escape from my bondage but it was helpless as I could not unlock the pad locks without keys. I had accidentally pushed the keys off the bed.

I had no options but to stay in bed naked and bound until noon when the door bell sounded a few times. (I had a clock on my bedside table to tell time.) Next, my handphone rang again. Then, the door bell continued to ring. Next, I heard someone calling my name inside my apartment! It was Bryan, my neighbor’s son!

How to get out of that! I thought to myself. But it was no use even though I did not want Bryan to see me naked and bound in bed with my butts sticking up in the air. There were two pillows under my tummy to support my body and made my butts pointed up in the air. It was a humiliating position and I could not help it.

Bryan came into my bedroom. I could see the twenty years old boy standing by my bed wearing his white army singlet and his black PT shorts. He was serving the national service in the army.

I was very embarrassed.

He leaned forward and touched my naked shoulder with his hand. Then, Bryan continued to slide his hand to the small of my arched back and continued to my butt crack. It felt weird that he was doing that but I was helplessly tied up and I could not do anything about it.

Before I found enough courage to utter a word out of my mouth, I was shocked and humiliated when Bryan slipped a finger into my cum-filled hole. I was very humiliated by Bryan, my neighbor’s son, fingering my hole in that bound position. I froze and did not know what to do or say. I was mortified.

Bryan broke the silent and said, “My cum is still here.”

I was very embarrassed by it as I knew Bryan five years ago when he was just a teenage boy at the time I moved to this apartment. And, we were not close. We were only doing “Hi” and “Good morning” at the lift lobby if we happened to use the lift at the same time.

Next, Bryan removed his shorts and underwear and went behind me and climbed on my bed and fucked me like he had done it many times before. His fucking was good. It was a good mix of torture and pleasure. It simulated me very well. And, the dull pain he made when he completely thrust his hard cock deep inside me made me surrendered to him as it was a right thing for a master to give pain and pleasure to his slave.

I moaned so loud that he had to dismount me and gagged me with his underwear. And, then, he continued to fuck the living daylights out of me.

After an hour or more, he cummed in my hole filling my hole with more of his cums.

I was completely conquered by Bryan. I did not care I was naked, or bound with my ass pointing up in the air, or stuffed with an underwear in my mouth. I was his to use. Bryan did not care about making me cum. He only wanted to use my hole for his pleasure.

After Bryan was satisfied and happy with cumming in my hole he helped to release me and we showered together.

In the bathroom, we found four used condoms with residual of men cums in them. I guessed I was fucked by four of my friends in my sleep or when I was passed out and lost consciousness when I got real drunk in the night before Bryan fucked me bare back at dawn.

Bryan confessed to me that he was the one who fucked me earlier in the morning at daybreak. And, he was also the one who fucked me the other time and took my underwear which I realized it was the same skinxwear underwear he used to stuff in my mouth earlier.

And, he really liked to thank my friends who left the keys in the keyhole unintentionally resulting in providing him the opportunity to fuck a guy for the first time in his life.

Since then, I let Bryan had a set of my apartment keys and he came over to fuck me in my sleep almost every morning at dawn after his run and before he went to camp. Bryan always fucked me bare back and cummed in my hole and he kept taking my used underwear to wear after his shower. Bryan never bothered to make me cum. He did not bother to touch my dick. He only wanted to use my hole to pleasure his horny cock which was always as hard as a solid piece of wooden pole. That was actually good for me because I had other BDSM sessions too in the weekends. And, other masters usually ordered me to kept my cum for a few days or a whole week before the sessions to make me horny as hell and to serve them eagerly and slutty and obediently and submissively.

P.S. Bryan told me that I was already stripped naked by my friends before he found me. And, I was already tied up in bed when he found me.

I was Bryan’s sex slave for a few more months until he moved to a hostel at a local university. And, he found more sex slaves over there to satisfy his daily needs.

However, there was one time during Bryan’s school holidays; he came into my apartment in the middle of the night. I was already asleep in bed. But I was awakened by someone sitting on me. I tried to struggle but I could not because the intruder’s weight was on my back and both of my arms were squeezed between his strong thighs.

Although I could not see but I heard, “Help me pull off his loincloth.” That was when I knew it was Bryan because of his youthful voice.

I slept naked and that night I was wearing a fundoshi (a Japanese traditional loincloth) given by Yuki. I also had another piece of fundoshi that I used as a blindfold. I blindfolded myself in bed that night when I went to bed. I had a habit of sleeping blindfolded. Most of the time, I slept naked. Sometimes, I wore a fundoshi.

But who was he talking to?

I felt my fundoshi (loincloth) removed and it was used to tie my wrists together.

I was turned to lie on my back with my wrists tied behind my back. Being totally naked and bound in bed, I was embarrassed especially knowing that Bryan brought a guy with him to my apartment and in my bedroom.  I murmured shyly, “Bryan?”

But there was no answer. There were only hands caressing my naked body and my dick. My dick got hard from the fondling and making me sexually aroused. Then, a pair of lips started to kiss mine. It was not Bryan! Bryan never kissed me. He only satisfied himself by using my hole. Bryan was quite selfish. He was also dominating for his young age.

I was beginning to enjoy the kiss but suddenly the lips were gone. Then, I was roughly pushed to the edge of my queen size bed. After some rough movement on my bed, I heard moans and the bed started to bounce. Bryan was pounding that guy in my bed! I heard the guy moaning while Bryan was ploughing him. It was arousing to hear the fucking moans. But I was not enjoying it because Bryan was fucking that guy and not me. That guy was enjoying it.

Bryan was fucking the guy in my bed with me in it. I got frustrated. I mustered up some courage and murmured softly, “Bryan! Bryan! Bryan!?”

After a short while, the bed stopped shaking. Next, I heard a loud groan from that guy. He seemed to be in pain.

Before I could ask Bryan anything, I felt a piece of cloth forced into my mouth and gagged me. Next, it was secured by another piece of cloth tied between my teeth. I was effectively gagged.

Then, I heard another loud groan in pain from that guy.

I did not know what happened to that guy. But I felt my legs being spread wide apart and something hard and slippery wet was shoved forcefully into my hole. I groaned in pain the same way like that guy did earlier.

I guessed Bryan was disturbed by my murmuring. He gagged me and plugged my hole with a butt plug to keep me occupied. I guessed the butt plug was in that guy’s hole before it was in mine.

There I was naked, bound, gagged, blindfolded and plugged while Bryan continued to plough his friend.

After they were done, I felt I was pulled by my legs. The next thing was my butt plug was removed and a hard cock was shoved in my hole. Finally, it was my hole’s turn to be ploughed. But it was short. Bryan pulled out his cock but was replaced by another hard cock. I was fucked by Bryan’s friend! I had no complaint. I enjoyed the fuck. When his friend was done, Bryan fucked me some more. Both Bryan and his friend cummed inside my hole.

Instead of untying me, they carried me to the attached bathroom. My hole was plugged again. They tied my legs spread out wide apart to the bathroom piping. My cock and balls were tied up with a single long stripe of cloth that was also securing the butt plug in my hole and it was tied around my waist. My tied hard cock was pointing up in the air while I lay on my back with my legs spread out wide. I wanted to cum after being fucked. I protested through my gag. I was not ignored. They responded with warm stream of pees on my face. I learned to keep quiet after being peed on.

I was left on the hard bathroom floor soaking in their pees while I heard them snoring away in my bedroom. I tasted their pees as my cloth gag was pee soaked. I could not spit out the cloth gag as it was tightly secured by another piece of cloth between my teeth. I could not push the butt plug out of my hole as it was secured by another piece of cloth. Being blindfolded, I had difficultly sitting up as I was afraid that I might hit my head on the underside of the toilet bowl. I had no option but to lie on the bathroom floor as my legs were tied spread out wide to the piping.

I endured the rest of the night until the following morning when I was greeted by their morning pees. They had another round of fucking in the bathroom while they were showering. Bryan fucked his friend. I could hear the familiar moaning from his friend. I did make some noises through my gag but they were too busy having sex.

Before they left, my bond around my wrists was loosen. I managed to wiggle my hands out of the bond and the first thing I did was I jerked off. After I cummed all over my body and my face, I quickly removed my blindfold and gag. I slowly sat up avoiding the toilet bowl and untied my legs and untied the cloth that was securing my butt plug. I pulled out the butt plug with the help of pushing from my hole.

After I washed up, I found an unread short phone message. It was from Bryan. It read, “Did you like it?”


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