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FOLSOM EUROPE IS … Our Reader’s Highlights of the 2019 Edition

Once again, the big european get-together of the gay fetish communitiy is over. For days thousands of kinksters made Berlin the world’s capital of kink. Such big events like Folsom Europe are something special for every visitor, but everyone has a totally different experience, because everyone chooses his own program out of the various offer you have. That’s also the reason we asked totally different kinksters about their experience and highlights. We talked to YoungSub21, a Folsom rookie who has also had some negative experiences, Bolt our european queen of rubber dogs, MuDelta, an experienced Master from Belgium, FFag, a young eastern boy living in Berlin, ToyTorture, a well known blogger and toy tester and last but not least Oakleigh, a kinky porn actor. Let us check out what Folsom means to them and what their highlights have been.

YoungSub21 – A Folsom Rookie


Hi YoungSub21. You’re back home after having a good time at your first Folsom Europe. Have you been nervous there? And how does it come that you decided to travel alone to such an event without knowing anybody?

Hello MasterMarc, yes it was a great experience in many ways. I am still new to this kinky world and to be honest also in the gay world. So it took me some courage and preparation to even go there. But I also saw this as an opportunity to learn more about my desires and if I really liked things I just imagined until now. As i do not have a Master or kinky friends and I am not openly gay, I was more or less forced to go alone.

What have you done first as you arrived to Berlin. And what was your first encounter with the Folsom world?

I booked a room in a cheap hotel that i found on the Folsom Homepage. Now I realize that this was much bigger than I imagined and to be honest, I was also a bit overwhelmed by it as I started realizing that the people quite openly live their fetishes here. One thing I am not used in my everyday life. It was a bit like a small boy’s first time in a candyshop. Which also made my courage falter … 😄

Folsom is not our normal society, it is more the society we would dream to live in. 🙂 What have you done during the days you have been at Folsom?

Yes true, but still, it was really cool to have this experience. I wanted to experiment and try things out. But for sure also wanted to go to one of the main parties. So I used a dating App to better find what I was looking for. I met some really nice dominant men that also helped me and gave me hints on where to go. But I realized soon that as a beginner sub you should not blindly trust everybody, and on an Event like this having a dominant “Master for the Day” really helps to keep you save.

Yes a Master you trust is always a good protection of you as sub. Tell us, what have been your bad experiences that you’re giving that advice, boy?

I met this guy on the dating App. Before the meeting we agreed on the kind of things He will do with me while i am i his room. We agreed in that this will be my first ever bondage session, that He was allowed to spank me and when i am tied up, he can use me for oral Sex. As he was well spoken and explained a lot I agreed and met him in his hotel room. First he was sticking to all we agreed. But when i was completely tied up and immobilized, things changed. He started to not only spanking my ass but started fingering it… Still thought ok fine not a big deal. I unfortunately agreed in getting gagged by that time as he said to not disturb other guests in the hotel when spanking. Then He started using dildos on me, I started to protest as good as i could but he ignored it. He even went one step further and started fucking me, bare, without even asking for permission. In the first moment i was really getting in a panic. Luckily He at least kept promise to release me after he came and i could go. That was when I learned that I will not do something similar without know in the man better.

Yes trust is one of the most important parts in good sm, and even more important is that it has to be consensual. But all in all, despite this experience, did you enjoy your first Folsom and will you come back to Berlin?

Yes I realised this as well. Even with this slightly unpleasant lesson learned, yes I hope to get back as I met 4 really great people. That showed me how much I really enjoy being a submissive kinky boy and I think next time there is even more to explore. But i hope next time i will not go there alone anymore, but under the protection of my own Master.

Pup Bolt – An Infamous Rubber Dog

Folsom is more social than anything else

Pup Bolt on Twitter

The cold metal soon warmed up in the dark, silent and sweat-infused atmosphere of the military hazmat bag. Folsom 2019 for me started with hard, heavy play with a trusted good friend in Berlin. Naked, chained, in chastity, with electro on my balls and inside me, and being forced fed poppers and piss through an S10 gasmask with a fitted gag. That changed into throat-fucking while caged in full rubber, before my brains were fucked out while chained on a bed in a doggy position, fully gimped up. Finally, I was allowed to cum via electro, suspended in a leather sleepsack. A full seven hours of bliss.

From then on it was all about you guys. After playing hard at the start, Folsom for me is more social than anything else. The joy of seeing old friends again, and the excitement of making new ones. Saturday kicked off with a ‘Gimp Army’ photoshoot around Gleisdreieck park and u-bahn station for Hart magazine. The eleven of us were a strange, even threatening, sight but Berliners don’t flinch at kink. And the sound of laughter and chat amongst us reassured them.

Laughter and chat continued at the street party and well beyond. As I usually work from home I can often gear up when I want, so seeing and being around others in gear is what does it for me. It’s liberating and makes you re-evaluate things, including your self. Growing up gay is one thing, but growing up gay and kinky is another. There’s no reason to be ashamed of sex – even our kind of sex. Reminding yourself that you’re not alone, and making friends like you, and with those who have different kinks and perspectives on fetish is the best thing about Folsom. And they’re friends from across the world. You’re never alone with kink. Unless you want to be, sealed off from the world in a hazmat sack, that is…

MuDelta – A Belgian Master

MuDelta on Twitter


Looking back on the past few days, I find it difficult to summarize the experience in a few words. It was a succession of highlights, each different but memorable in its own way.

Many of those are about helping others grow and explore: introducing a youngster to others during the rubber social and seeing him get enough peace of mind and confidence to put on his first latex in public, unplanned tit torture and CBT during the street fair which got some spectators and noticeably excited the subject, turning a Welsh pony dog into a hot mess caused by multiple anal orgasms, giving a muscle pup his first taste of electro at the back of Prinzknecht.

Others are about my personal development. Most notable was the private fist party organised by Toytorture where I was able to let go and explore being a fistee, giving the trust I demand from others.

I also enjoyed the multiple social get-togethers with like-minded people, such as the Shibari brunch organised by the Puppeteer.

Finally, my Folsom would not be the same without my partner StormWolf who gives me the room to go my own way but is there when I need him.

FFag – A Shy Bitch


FFag on Twitter

It was my first Folsom and when i got used to it it ended… when i talked with my friends about folsom their reaction was u were talking for 4 years so we are happy that u went. Unfortunately i couldnt join all or most of the events because i didnt feel well these days and also time and money wise it would not be manageable.

Street fair was really nice because you can be whatever you want and open for everyone, at the same time not everyone joins! For example prides in europe is not lgbt+ populated anymore -i dont say that this is as a bad thing but a fact- for folsom you can only see people who are into fetish and some very limited guests gay or str8 which were nice.

I personally liked that my master can hurt me whenever he wants in general it was fun but when I adopted myself it ended so if i am lucky i wanna join next year too also there is easter.

ToyTorture – A Perverse Power Bottom

ToyTorture on Twitter

Folsom is what’s going on behind the hotel room doors

Folsom Europe is one of the kinky highlights of the year because I get to see again many friends from throughout the world. Despite the socializing at the street fair or meeting new people in front of Prinzknecht, my favorite thing about Folsom Europe is what’s going on behind the hotel room doors.

The Friday Fisting party at my hotel room has become a bit of a tradition over the last few years. I love bringing greedy kinkster with a good energy and hunger for play together for a steaming hot few hours way beyond the room mirrors fogging up. But also the random encounters are great. There is something magical about gearing up, knowing soon there will be a knock at the door, a gloved hand will cover your face and for a few minutes or hours you will be living out some of your wildest fantasies. And afterwards, both of you will be drift back into the anonymity of a hotel filled with kinksters, waiting for the next opportunity to perv out hard, faster, stronger.

Oakleigh – An Insatiable Porn Slave

Folsom is such a liberating event

Oakleigh on Twitter

Folsom was yet again an epic experience for me. I took a slightly more slow and sedate approach to things this year. Choosing to socialise more and also work on the Saturday. It was great to see so many faces and meet good friends, both old and new. Of course things revolving around the usual hotspots of PK bar and Zsa Zsa burger.

For me my personal highlight was our stand at the street fair, it’s always good fun building it up Friday night and getting there very early on the Saturday to see a very empty street fair. Folsom is such a liberating event, you can be yourself and not have to conform to the usual life you lead back home.

It was a sight to behold, seeing all the very hunky leather men, intoxicatingly seductive rubber gimps and all the cute pups along with the diaper boys. If you have never been, I really recommend you add it to your bucket list of things to do. Once you go, you won’t be able to keep away from Berlin. The city has so much to offer the fetish scene, I can’t recommend it enough.

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