Today I’m talking with a kinky British artist who integrates his big fetish for assplay and fisting into his artwork. As a kinky illustrator he is doing great fisting sketches and digital art drawings.


1988 | 178 cm | 75 kg
London (UK)

The level of initimacy and trust involved is what makes fISTING so special to me.

Ass play seems to be in general something you really like. If you think back, when did you start to push things in your ass and how did that come?

Maybe I’m a late bloomer by todays standards. The first time I got fucked, and really had anything in my ass, was at the age of 20. It hurt like hell! After that I swore I wouldn’t go through that again and bought my first dildo in a sex shop in Brighton, UK. It was 9 inches long and about 6 inches around. I guess quite ambitious, but I never looked back.

Why do you like to get fisted and what makes fisting such an intense feeling?

The level of initimacy and trust involved is what makes it so special to me. Wether top or bottom the trust and respect for the human body is paramount and adds to the intensity of the experience. I feel i still have a long way to go as a bottom; I’m lucky to have played with some incredibly talented bottoms, but even now there’s nothing quite like it in terms of intensity and intimacy.

Fisting seems not only to have a sexual attractiviness to you but also a aesthetical. You do fisting artworks by yourself. Why is fisting and its results such an interesting motive to draw?

I come from a drawing and painting background and was always celebrated for my artistic abilities through my school life. The logical thing seemed to be to go on to study art at university. As much as I loved the experience I quickly found myself intimidated by other artists and started to doubt my abilities. I stopped drawing in the years following. I struggled for a long time to find an aesthetic and a subject matter that would excite me and i could flourish in. I made the decision recently to experiment with digital art, a very different experience after a lifetime of working with pencils and brushes. It was just one of those lightbulb moments: what am I passionate about right now? Fisting!…I really hadn’t seen much artwork out there depicting the kind of sex I like to enjoy and certainly not in the styles I like to work in. I’m still very new to digital art but the response I’ve had so far to my artwork on twitter has been so humbling. My twitter FFamily has been very supportive.

I like drawing people that are passionate about what their doing.

Isn’t this topic limiting you as artist? And can you tell us what kind of motives are worthy to illustrate?

Some might see it that way. I prefer to think I’ve found a gap in the market and I’m doing something that no one else is doing. I’d rather be unique than popular!

In terms of motives. I like drawing people that are passionate about what their doing. I want to try and capture the ecstasy of getting double fisted or the obscene pleasure in riding a huge toy. I’m very bored of just seeing illustrations of hot guys everywhere.

Why do most guys into fisting prefer to get fisted than to fist? And what are in your eyes the sensation a fister gets?

i’m not sure if thats true or not. i’ve had many sessions, wether one on one or in groups where I was more than happy just giving pleasure to bottoms. I have rather small hands and i’m very good and finding my way, I’ve given several guys their first double fisting which is such a powerful thing to be a part of someone’s ‘first’ anything.

Let us talk about bottoms again. There are many fistees who are really proud of their rosebud. Can you tell us about the attraction of slipped out rectums?

I only have a little one myself and only after some heavy toy play. If I’m honest before I started Fisting it was a turn off for me. But when I started playing myself it was so fantastic to see the transformation, now it’s a huge turn on to see a wrecked hole, especially if I’m the one that’s wrecked it! I guess the sense of pride bottoms feel is the same as a bodybuilder in the gym. It takes practice, hard work and it’s not something everyone can do.

Hehe, so the result of hard work with a destructive motivation is the attraction of it. 🙂 And why do you like to illustrate it?

Yes definitely, for me at least! I’m not interested in guys looking perfect, poised, unattainable. I want to draw people getting messy, destroying themselves, feeling the agony and ecstasy of stretching their holes with others. That’s where I want to take my work.

I’m not interested in guys looking perfect, poised, unattainable.

What was your best fisting experience ever?

I’ve been involved in a few really hot group sessions which have been documented on my twitter page. But funnily enough one of the best experiences I had recently with a great Ffriend. It was such as unexpected session and neither of us had much time to play, but I achieved my first punch fucking as a bottom. It was so hot and so intense and was so glad it was with someone i consider a good friend.

What kind of guys are you looking for and do you have still some fisting fantasies you want to live out?

I like guys that are respectful, drug free, and zero attitude. After that I dont really have much of a type, muscular, slim, stocky…I find so many different guys attractive.

I would love to have more group fisting sessions; and maybe get fisted in a hot tub, and fisting a cute boy in public!…….

Oh, a little exhibitionist. 🙂 Nice! And what kind of upcoming art projects do you have and where can find people your artwork?

I want to keep drawing some of my Fisting heroes, some of them have been so kind and supportive to see themselves immortalised.

Probably a collaboration with a toy brand would be interesting for future projects,or to have my art on T-shirt’s, mugs would also be great. To see someone wearing my art would be such a huge achievement. If you’re interested in my upcoming art just follow me on twitter.

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