We know Apolo as a cock hungry bitch with very dirty fantasies and needs. Today we will present a new side of him. This little exhibitionist loves to have sex in public places. He changed his private movie platform to produce much more of such kind of scenes as OF don’t allow it. It seems that this kind of sex, which includes the risk to get caught by strangers or even the police, is a real kink of him. Let’s talk with this little pig boy.

Hi Apolo. Nice to have you back. Always, if we talk together, you’re showing a new piggy side of you. You did publish the first “sex at public places” video some days ago. For how long do you do such kind of sex, and do you remember the first time?

I always loved this type of situation. I don’t pretty much like the “arranged” sex, I like the situational. Like meeting someone right here, right now, and let’s get a random place to fuck. First time I was like 17yo I think. It was late night, I was horny and went to take a walk with a small tight shorts that enhanced my ass. And a guy, I had no idea who he was, has known that I was wanting dick because there was no one around, only me in slutty shorts, so as he came to me, he already put his cock out I started sucking him. Then he told me to get on knees like dog style and started to fuck me. It felt sooo good, cuz it was my first time doing such a thing, my first experience like literally on the street, like a real whore. It felt amazing. But no one showed up cuz it was really late night. It was great.

But haven’t you been scared? You’ve been very young, he was a stranger, and it did take place in the neighborhood your parents live and everybody knows you?

LOL. I was a dumb ass as I was young. Probably I still am. 🙂 Let me tell you what I used to do as I was 16 years old. I loved to let the door open and wait until guys pass in front of the house, and then I showed them my open ass. Ready to get used …. Today I wouldn’t do that because it is where my family lives and everyone knows my family and also me. But in my young years, I didn’t think about.

But to come back to your question. The day I’ve had my first sex on the street, it was at minimum 3 blocks away from home. So the risk wasn’t big.

Did your family never get feedback about your activities?

All things I’m telling happened over 10 years ago … I’m 29 now. But in the past, near my home, there was a bar. And sometimes I went to the door at midnight, to wait if there was any man down to fuck. I started to exhibit my ass and wait them. And the owner of the bar told my dad one time. Dad told me to stop. But I wasn’t able to. If my pussy is needy, then my brain stops to work.

So no spanking or other punishment? Do you don’t think that little whores like you would need to get punished? 😉

To be honest, I think that a harder education with punishments and spankings would help me to be a better slave today. But my parents have always been very correct and tried to educate me with conversations. They are great but to be honest my desire would have been to be treated stricter, more old-school education.

As a sub, would love to have a Master around now, who would be up to give me the punishments I missed in my childhood. But no one seems to be able to do that here. 🙁

What have been your next sexual encounters at public places?

Well, it’s not something I figure out. Or intend to do. It just happens. Like I said, I like the situational. Anywhere is a good place to have sex. It already happened at the beach, at parties, in sidewalks, anywhere. Last time I did it was with a homeless man in São Paulo.

With a homeless? How did that come, and how was it?

I was out doing my thing, and when I was coming back home I saw a homeless guy, young and kinda muscled, bare feet, shirtless, only wearing a short with no underwear (you could see his big black cock bouncing under the shorts). I couldn’t stop looking at him, and he noticed that I was hungry. So he came up. I discreetly grabbed his cock and he took me to a hidden place where he used to sleep near a big staircase. Lucky me his cock was clean haha, so I sucked it and put it all inside my ass while some people went up and down the staircase but couldn’t really notice us very well.

How do you feel in such moments?

Well, I felt like the dirties bitch in the world. Sucking a homeless man just for my big desire for big dicks and to please him and satisfy his manly needs cuz that’s what a good faggot/femboy should do to real men in this world.

Was it good sex, how did he react, and would you be up to meet him again?

You want to know if he liked it? First, he liked my cunt, while I was sucking him he put three fingers in my ass. I loved that. That was before he started to fuck me. Second, it seems that he was happy with this pussyboy and his services. But to be honest, I have the feeling that he would fuck everyone and everything who/which wants to have sex with him. And yes, I would love to have sex with him again. He has had such a nice and huge cock, and you know I’m a cock hungry bitch.

Are you just into sex at public places, or do you like also other adventures as exhibitionist?

Anything related to exhibitionism turns me on. But also not intended exhibitionism … I like those moments that people exhibit but “not intentionally” like “oh the towel just felt down”, “oh sorry, I forgot the door is open”, or specially at the gym’s locker room, when it’s a proper place for getting naked and showering, changing clothes, etc. I’m free to show off, it is a proper place to do it. I love to walk around naked in the gym’s locker room. But that is not really sexually motivated. It is just the right place for that. So it is just normal.

In such situations, not the risk to get caught but just the inner need to show yourself naked to others is your motivation, I suppose. Can you tell us, what is the turn-on if you show yourself naked to others?

It’s literally this. To show off my parts that are “sexual” cuz we be born built to know these parts should be hidden, it’s a taboo. And to show off in unexpected places and situations that turns me on. Like when I’m buying an outfit at a store and I totally undress with the fitting room door opened. Things like that.

You did publish some days ago your first scene you have filmed in public. Why did you wait so long to produce such movies, and can you tell us a little more about the scene?

This scene was made in the beginning of 2021 but never was published due to the fact that the old platform I used don’t allow this type of content and I didn’t know, so I filmed and kept with me on my computer. When I moved to onnowplay, I was totally able to post the shit I want.

I always wanted to make an outdoor vid. It was my first experience filming outdoor and getting fully naked in the street. That’s the hottest part for me. Cuz normally in “outside fuck” people only uncover their genitals and fuck. But me I got fully naked. The sexual tension was beyond. I felt like a depraved slut. I remember two homeless man watching from far. It was real hot! While I was sucking the guy I exposed my big butt to them as they were looking.

Haven’t you been afraid that others or even the police will see you?

Oh, there was no police. And about others I don’t worry, I love to be seen. There have been two guys watching us. That was so hot and as I was sucking I was spreading my ass in their direction. But they didn’t want to take advantage of this offer.

Ok …. And now you’ve to tell us about your upcoming exhibitionist projects, boy.

I think the next exhib film I want to produce will be located at the beach. There I can be used totally naked. This way I can feel like a real bitch. I think at the beginning I’ll wear a thong so that everybody can see my bubble ass. Goal is to suck big dicks in the beginning and ending with them fucking my boy pussy and breeding me. Maybe we will also try fisting at the beach. I really hope that other men will see me getting used.

Last but not least, we’ve to talk about ultimate exhibitionist fantasies. I know often they are not to realize in real life but tell us, what are yours?

To be honest, it would be to be naked in the city center and being caught by 2 or 3 hot police men who will at the start to abuse me. I would have to take their dicks in all of my holes, drink their piss while they have arrested me in cuffs. But that is really fantasy. It would be stupid to mess up with Brazilian police. 🙂 Another fantasy is to be fully naked at a farm.

But there, not a lot of people would see you.

I know, but the animals would ….

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