Hey readers, We’re talking to a very talented artist mostly known for his detailed 3D compositions today. Joahtheo, can you tell us how you did get started on that? What brought you the idea of starting 3D fetish art?

Hey guys, thanks for having me.

I work in graphic design and was therefore naturally interested in the technical aspect all 3D-design and -art related. I never had the chance to really look into it and try it out for myself until 2020 hit and suddenly there was a lot of leisure time.

Inspired by other 3D artists on twitter I started looking into the matter and began creating simple 3D objects, played with the lighting and was impressed what is possible today.

Quite fast I wasn’t satisfied with creating simple objects like bowls or lightbulbs once I realized I had the tool in my hand to bring my interests and phantasies to „paper“. So I started modeling 3D guys and put them in rubber 🙂

I once gave blender a try about a year ago. Sadly never got much over the tutorial donut xD it takes a lot of patience to create something detailed as you want it. What was the first kinky thing that got stuck in your head and you wanted to create after you learned? And did you manage to make it “to paper” fully as you wanted?

Yes it definitely takes time – the software can be incredibly complex but also quite powerful, once you know what you want and really stick to it.

The first thing I really wanted to make, was a mask made of rubber – a mixture of classic latex and transparent rubber – with nose tubes and and a gag. This is nothing extraordinary if you’re into rubber but I wanted it custom and it didn’t even had to be realistic in the sense of „practical to use“ – It was a kinky phantasy and I wanted to see it on screen.

And no – it didn’t worked out at all – after a couple of month doing other things and progressing my skills I worked again on the mask and was finally happy with the result.

Is that what kinda makes such art so appealing? You can make it almost real, but it doesnt need to use the real world rules, so to say? 🙂 Or why else do you think 3D is a good medium to bring your fantasies to life for you?

That’s exactly the point. Lately I made some more realistic pictures, cause I got requests on it, but the original purpose was to imagine kinks without the boundaries of real world consequences or even physics.

And I think we can agree that doesn’t only apply to fetish phantasies or kink or anything sexual at all. Look at the movies and shows from the last couple of years – few of them aren’t relying on CGI and a lot of them playing with exactly this kind of new possibilities. Stories with superheroes, supernatural beings or simply out-of-earth sci-fi topics. People love to escape to „impossible“ places – even if it’s just on screen.

What is one of the pieces you spent the most amount of time on you’d say? And does it show much if you look at pictures of it? 😉 Or is it more small details you as artist see?

It’s definitely the small details that keep me working and reworking on one picture for hours – and it’s not only objects, clothing or expressions that keep me up – most of the time it’s the lighting I want to get right. Good lighting can make a day and night difference on a scene and – if you ask a photographer – there isn’t a general lighting rule that fits all subjects – there are principles, but each scene or even camera angle of one scene is different.

The ones that took me the longest to create were „tubes“ and „training“ and I think or at least hope, that it shows. But I have pictures shared today from people who like them, wich were one of my firsts and I wouldn’t even look at them anymore, cause they’re pretty amateurish.

I regularly thinking about deleting them from my profiles, but people seem to enjoy them, even if I found them to be technically primitive.
Saying that I still think you can see the progress in my pictures over time and appreciate small details even if you’re not into 3D-art or even anything design-related.

Very true, especially when it comes to reflective materials like rubber/latex as you do that is indeed important. Actually, scratch that, with almost all materials it is, especially in 3D to bring the realistic/ right feel over xD What is the creation you’d say you are most proud of, be it technical achievement- or just look-wise? Or do you not have favorites?

This is a strange one – it isn’t the most complex or even technically difficult – but I really enjoy the story it’s telling. It’s „exhibition“ – it’s simple, it’s clean, not even „unrealistic“ and I probably should rework the lighting but I like the characters, the pose, the dominant but still gentle and proud vibe coming from the dom.

People for sure might see this different, but for me personally it’s not just a regular porn picture – I made, let’s be honest a lot of – but here you can imagine a background story and that’s what I like about it.

I agree, the (e)motion feel it gives is definitely special and bring it to life, and those are not easy to make. Your composition is very well done there. Do you have a favorite topic or kink to work on? What inspires you for your projects?

That varies a lot. I started of course with my own favorites – these topics you still find in my pictures a lot. Basically anything rubber suits and clothing, especially transparent ones 😏, gags and bondage.

Maybe it comes along with being into rubber, which is an inorganic material itself, but you won’t see a lot of wood, classic rope and just few leather items in my work. I prefer a more futuristic approach when it comes to materials like chrome, glass and steel and of course plastics.

Besides that I get a lot of requests and ideas from people who like my work and want to see different kinks – also some recreation of their own pictures.

Do you have some projects you’re currently working on? And do you have a big project in your head to create once, but don’t know how to go about yet?

Currently I’m a bit careful about big projects and commissions. When I started I approached it as a hobby with a couple of hours a week, now I’m working up to 10+ hours on a single picture and I’m not sure, if I can and want to retain that, once the current situation eases and people are allowed to be out and social again.
It’s a money and time-consuming hobby which I love, but need to be very careful on not overdoing it.

I got requests from people who wanted to purchase my picture to have them in high resolution or even print some of them to put them on their walls. This is really flattering and I’m glad people like my work and maybe this is something I need to think about in the future and treating my work more seriously.

But besides all of this, one thing I sure want to do in the future is to illustrate a whole story – there are a lot of great kinky minds out there who are much better with words than I ever be, and maybe someday there is a possibility to work with someone on a comic or illustrated story.

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