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FemBoy Fetish – I Like The Transformation

MasterMarc: Hi Chris. If we talk about lingerie lovers a lot of people think about older men. I don’t know why. But you are a young sexy guy loving to dress sexy female underwear. When do you have discovered your fetish for lingerie and what have been your first steps? I think it was a desire you lived hidden for a long time before you started to show yourself to others.

KinkyChrisX: Hi Marc. First thanks for your interest. I can’t say exactly when it began. I remember that I have tried the stockings and the suspender belts of my first girlfriend when I was about nineteen. I also remeber the colour – blue. I didn’t tell her or anybody else that time that I had borrowed her lingerie .

After that experience I didn’t wear lingerie for years, but I noticed that I like nylon, especially pantyhoses. Then I watched porn with girls in stockings and pantyhose, and asked my girlfriends for wearing it. Later I noticed that I also would like to see boys in nylon but I didn’t find something in the web I really liked. So I started my own thing.



The first video I’ve uploaded was just me in thights nearly two years ago. I still remember, they were thights for men from “Adrian”, I’ve ordered them on ebay and I still have and wear them.

After that, well… I’ve just done the next video and the next and next. The first ones only with the webcam of my laptop. Later I’ve bought a camera and lights and the outfits became more and more girly and end to those you may know.

But, actually, I must say that I like making photos more than videos. The postproduction is easier.


MasterMarc: Let us talk just a moment about the first experiences. Have you felt ashamed about your love for lingerie? And have the feelings changed?

KinkyChrisX: Ashamed? I wouldn’t describe the feeling like that. I knew that boys don’t wear lingerie. That was a fact for me and I’ve accepted it. I also didn’t have an urge to wear it for years. But what I started in these years was shaving my legs and private parts. Every girlfriend I had loved it and the few guys, too. Some girls told me that they would like to have such beatiful legs than mine. That assured me. My current girl knows about my fetish and she told me once that it was a great idea to change the roles.

Back to your question: It isn’t like feeling ashamed. The opposite is right, you’re proud when you look at your self or your pictures and wondering how girly and sexy you can be. But what you also know is that the society isn’t as tolerant as it should be. I’m sure that nobody would lambast you or attack you physically. You see their looks and speculate about their thoughts. So I prefer to show me on the web where everybody who sees me really wants to do it and I can fish for compliments.


MasterMarc: Hehe. Can you tell us a little about the feelings you have if you wear female underwear? What makes it so attractive to you?

KinkyChrisX: Of course it’s a sexual feeling, we talk about a fetish. But it isn’t only sexual. By the way I wear skinny, girly jeans every time. It’s difficult to describe… there’s a physical feeling which I like. It feels so silky wearing this smooth and sheer fabric, but that’s only secondary. The major feeling is that you can look as cute as a girl in those clothes. As a pubertal boy you’ve jerked by watching girls in sexy lingerie and now you realize you can be this, too.

I love to be full fitted. I mean it’s unexceptional to wear only the lingerie for me. The transformation from man to girl is what makes me crazy. I think everybody who did it will agree with me that’s difficult to explain exactly how it feels. It’s stunning.


MasterMarc: As you have told us repeatedly that you like to feel as girly I have to ask you, if you still feel as man or if you would prefer to be a girl? 

KinkyChrisX: That’s aquestion I be asked very often and I can answer directly that I don’t want to be a girl. I’m a man and don’t have any aversions beeing on. The reality is that I am a man most of time. To be exact 100 percent, because I can’t switch. To be able to switch when I want, that would be awesome. I’ve told you in my previous answer that I like the transformation, and if I were a girl I couldn’t transform anymore. Maybe than I would like to dress like a boy. It’s just a fetish I really love to have and live, but much more than a hobby.


MasterMarc: I know that you have a girlfriend but you like also men who are sharing the same fetish as you do. Why are you attracted by female boys? I’m asking because often people like other things at other people than on themselves.

KinkyChrisX: I think I just like cuteness. Smooth, small and skinny bodies – shaved off course. Maybe it’s because I am still a man having a protective instinct. Physics says that opposites attract each other, but psychology said that humans like humans who are similar for a long time. Dr. Paul W. Eastwick from the University of Texas says that isn’t correct. His findings refer to character properties, but we talk about outer appearances. I don’t know.

Well ask a man why he likes blondes, skinny or chubby, or ginger. I think nobody could answer rationally. We like what we like. What I really don’t like are manly men in lingerie. Manly men generally. Big guys with a lot of muscles and hairy bodies – no way.


MasterMarc: You’re totally right. As sex is also part of most fetish lifes I have to ask you, what you’re into and don’t be shy as a lady to answer this question. 🙂

KinkyChrisX: I don’t have this one practice I prefer for each other.  I like a lot of kinky things. It’s superfluos to say “crossdressing” at this point. Smooth forms of SM are hot and bondage, too. I really like it slippery and wet, totally oiled boddies playing on a rubber ground are gorgeous. I also like wet kisses and I mean really wet. Swapping sperm from one mouth to another. Golden shower is great, especially through sheer pantyhose. I like anal sex passive and active. Rimming, pussy eating and “normal” oral games. All these thinks make a lot of fun and I am very glad to have someone to share.

Of cours I have no-goes, for example scat. I don’ like medical things like catheters. To extreme SM I also wouldn’t like to try. Selfevidently nothing illegal.

My principle is: If you want to try something special, just say and we’ll do. If both like it, we’ll do it again.


MasterMarc: I see you’re really open for new things. That’s great, but not all are. Have you ever gotten into trouble cause of femboy fetish?

KinkyChrisX: I can answer this very shortly: No, not that I remember.

MasterMarc: That’s really great. Hey Chris, it was a pleasure to talk to you and I’m sure we will see more of you on sadOsam in the future.

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