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I Was A Femboy Before Discovering My Pup Fetish – Now I Combine My Kinks

In your mind, what’s your dog race?

When I went for my hood I didn’t have a breed in mind (unless there’s a naturally pastel pink and blue dog breed out there I don’t know about) but I like to think of my pup self as a Beagle. I can be pretty excitable but most of the time I’m chilled and have got a rather dopey and cuddly personality.

Pup Bubble


United Kingdom

How did you start out as a pup? What was your first time trying it out? And what was it like?

I’m not sure if the Wish hoods are still a taboo but they’re how I started out as a pup. I ordered one as a joke with some friends and I didn’t really feel much the first time I wore it probably because I was joking around. The hood probably sat in my wardrobe for a week or two before I thought about wearing it again with some more feminine gear that I already owned. I suddenly felt a bit more ‘pup’ with the two paired together. Over time it felt more natural to wear my hood and just pup around!

Have you been a femboy before descovering your pup fetish? And can you tell us about the attraction of feminie gear?

I was a femboy before discovering my pup fetish for probably a year or so, I was always attracted to more feminine clothing styles and so it just felt very natural. For me the main attraction is the very soft vibe that a lot of femboy gear has (plus I’ve always loved pastel colours). I find a lot of fetish gear sticks to bold/neon colours, so I like to combine the two and then everyone is happy!

Also a lot of femboy gear also tends to be physically soft and pretty comfortable so I usually wear it casually at home. If you’ve never twirled with a skirt on before you’re missing out!

Sound like to be a fem dog is a question of the outfit. Do you have also other feminin attributes?

For some people it’s a feeling and that’s totally valid! But for me I find it more of an aesthetic because I’m very much in the mindset once I’ve got some long socks on.

To be perfectly honest I don’t feel like I physically embody many feminine traits! I’m lucky to have that kinda ‘typical’ femboy shape but I don’t think appearance or characteristics define being a femboy. I know guys who you’d never think they’d enjoy wearing long socks and small pants from first impressions.

What is pup play for you? And how do you live it out?

For me pup play is like roleplay/social aspect of my life. I love talking to people and hearing about everyone’s different sides to pup play because the overall diversity of it is what I love! I mostly pup out at home but I do go to social events from time to time.

I’m currently a stray puppy and although I’m not actively seeking a pack or a Master/Handler I’m always open minded to try things and maybe in the future I’d consider it to immerse myself more into pup play!

Whats important to you when pupping?

Mainly I love connecting with new people but the sexual side of pup play does appeal to me a lot to. I think what really helps me enjoy it is the feel of being cared for when I’m getting pets/ear scratches or someone is playing pup games with me. It’s like a softer and non-sexual form of being submissive and I enjoy that cosiness.

What makes you wag your tail?

Non-sexually being called a good boy really gets my tail going, especially when paired with pets or even treats (those tiny cookies are my favourite). I usually can’t keep my tail still if I’m being cuddled either, it’s just a weakness of mine especially being tightly squeezed and wiggled around.

On the dirtier side of things I’m always wagging my tail for having my snout forced into someone’s pits and being called less than wholesome things.

Hehe. So you like smells? What is the attraction of it and can you also tell us, what kind of other kinky action you’re into?

Guess it’s time to get lewd! You could say I’m bit of a musk puppy but it’s mainly just pits and not much else. I am basically just a sucker for people being assertive over me so having my face shoved into places ticks all the boxes.

In terms of other kinky action, another pretty key weak point for me is nipple play (they really are the windows to the soul for me). Spanking/paddles is another big turn on for me and (not to brag) I’ve got a nice butt for it!

Another kink of mine that is maybe a little less common is zentai. I’m a massive tease so anything skin tight interests me a lot. Zentai is pretty comfy too!

Hehe. Sounds great. You’ve told us that you’re submissive. How submissive are you and what is the attraction of having a dominant play partner?

I’m like 90-95% submissive, it’s very situational if I ever end on top to be honest.

To me the appeal of a dominant play partner is the idea of being controlled and having someone who can push me around and use me. Everyone makes a lot of decisions in life so it’s kind of a selfish pleasure submitting to someone in that sense. I especially enjoy doms I can be a bit bratty/playful with at well just to tease them into being more assertive with me. Although I don’t try that with everyone because I get it’s not everyones thing.

What would be your ideal day as a pup?

I’ve never really thought of myself as a full lifestyle pup so it’s a bit harder to construct an ideal day as a pup. In my head I’d definitely want to fully head-space and be geared up and treated like a house pup for the whole day. Hood, paw mitts, tail and so on! I’d love to have a handler keep me for a whole day as a pup (maybe even longer).

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