A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

A Seventeen Year Old Boy Finds a Most Unique Kind of Love

As a seventeen year old guy who seemed to have an unusually strong sex drive, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued with gay culture. In high school I had a sexy pretty blonde haired cheerleader girl-friend with whom I was fortunate enough to have a quite sexual and open relationship with. Now during the summer as I was ready to attend college I found myself becoming intrigued with what it might be like to be with a man as well. On a couple of occasions while in high school I had visited a couple of mostly gay beaches on Cape Cod. After graduation on a warm June day I went to an isolated gay beach in Provincetown hoping to sunbathe nude. While there, I had an exciting and quite unexpected first sexual encounter with a man at that same beach. It was a brief, exciting, sexually charged, and heatedly anonymous encounter but I was definitely interested in exploring much more.

I think my thoughts were more than a bit unusual. I am convinced that my odd thinking was influenced in some way in my early teens after finding a well-worn pornographic comic magazine called “Daddy’s and Boys”. It was stashed in an old building in the woods not far from my home and it depicted and illustrated the actions of gay men having sexual relations with much younger boys. I must admit I was quite intrigued. I sometimes masturbated imagining what it would be like to be one of those young boys with one of those older and quite masculine men. At the time I thought that the man to boy world depicted by that magazine was mere and complete fantasy, but after spending some time surfing the internet it seemed that the culture I had read about could be and was quite real.

In bourgeoning curiosity, I browsed several gay male web sites where I found the male dominant – submissive culture to be incredulous and seemed even more intriguing to me. My first experience with that hot older man on the isolated beach had just seemed so incredibly passionate and the images of men in submissive compromise on the web sites were quite stimulating to me. That man I met on the beach was at least twice my age. Even more, I loved how he just took control of me and ravished me on my beach towel while I was initiated into gay sex and took his thick, chard cock as his bottom boy.

I also loved how older men seemed to love cute young guys like me. I felt a sense of confidence in my appearance as well. I was in great physical shape and I am short and also quite boyishly innocent looking, in my appearance. My bleached blonde hair and summer tan made me feel like I was desirable. I have flat abs and a swimmers build which gives me additional confidence in my appearance. A day later on that same beach I was whistled at by more than one hot guy. I knew I had at least some appeal to certain guys and even lusted in showing my almost nude nicely cut body off in nothing but a shameless skimpy black string posing brief that barely covered my too often ridiculously hard 7 and a half inch cock. I was a flirt and enjoyed it perhaps too much!

I found a web site with personal ads for hooking up Masters and Boys. I was so moved by the possibility of that type of fantasy that I signed up immediately. I saw an ad from a man in the Boston area that intrigued me. It read like this.

Dominant Master seeks in shape, obedient, smooth shaven young boy willing to train in the arts of bondage, submission and pleasure giving. Must commit to signing and abiding by a Master – Boy contract.

I found his asking to sign a contract to be quite fascinating to say the least. I wrote him back and asked about the contract. He sent me a copy right away. My eyes widened as I read the contract!

Formal Contract and Agreement between Master and boy

As Master’s boy “in training”, the boy will endeavor to commit to a training period of no less than 40 formal total clock hours in which the boy will be thoroughly conditioned to serve as a boy in unselfish service to his Master. This period may be made to be flexible and may be extended or reduced with the goal of a more formal collaring if so earned. Before said training, Master will at his expense pay for blood testing and cleanliness checking of the boy to commence immediately and prior to the aforementioned training. The boy will then be collared upon signature of said contract and thus will begin training once the boy’s medical test results and physical status is cleared.

The boy will train and serve in the condition of complete nudity, partial nudity, or in uniforms so chosen by the Master. The boy will wear also be garbed in any other apparel, devices or ornamentations as chosen by the Master. The boy agrees to obey to the full and best efforts of his ability – to devote himself entirely to the pleasure and desires of Master. The boy also renounces all rights to his own pleasure, comfort, and gratification except insofar as permitted by Master.

Master agrees to learn what excites the boy through exploration and communication. Master will endeavor to incorporate this into the Master – boy liaison; however the boy’s gratification is or may be earned and is allowed ONLY with Master’s verbally expressed permission. Master accepts the full responsibility for the conditions of and for the boy. This includes but is not limited to: boy’s feeding, survival, health, physical well-being, and mental well-being.

The boy accepts the full responsibility for informing Master of any real or perceived dangers or safety concerns, but also states and understands that Master’s decision will be final regarding these issues. Master agrees that the boy will not be punished for respectfully stating these concerns. Master further agrees to listen to boy’s concerns with a clear and open mind however all final decisions belong to Master. Master shall endeavor not to inflict physical harm upon the boy that is so extreme as to require the attention of someone outside the Master – boy liaison.

The boy agrees to at all times make his body, heart, and soul readily available to Master for his use. The boy will have his hair well kept, his body well cleaned, and his personal places always prepared and scented in the manner in which the Master prefers at all times. The boy will promise to keep his entire body shaven free of all body hair for his Master as well and at all times. The boy agrees to wear any, none, and or all clothing Master so chooses whether in the Master’ home or in a public environment in which the boy may be displayed as the personal property of said Master.

As agreed on _________________________


_____________________________________ Boy ________________________________ Master

This contact is an outline and guide intended to clarify and make clear the major agreements, intents and conditions that shall exist between The Master and the boy. Any failure in the contracts intent, spirit or the above parties’ actions may terminate the above agreement / contact. There can and shall be no monetary compensation for either parties’ failures should the agreement /contract be terminated.

I kept reading the contract over and over! It was a stunning incredibly strict yet quite erotic guideline that I must admit caused me the ultimate in curiosity. I never imagined any concept of that kind. My cock kept growing the more I read through it yet my level of apprehension and fear may have been as much the cause. Would I be like a moth flying and drawn into a flame? Was this dangerous flame just what I truly needed? I had no idea other than how powerfully I was drawn to this entire idea.

The contract was quite a commitment! I still couldn’t believe the words and concepts. The sentence where it makes clear that (“The boy shall make his heart body and soul available to Master at all times.”) struck a chord in my heart that I was enthralled by and feared at the same time.

I would definitely sleep on this one before I e-mailed the Master back. I slept restlessly and quite torn emotionally knowing that my curiosity and my lust might have me truly wanting to meet this very mysterious and dominant man! I was never so afraid and yet never so excited at the same time. I envisioned myself in his collar in my dreams and I think I knew all along that something was just drawing me to pursue this arrangement further.

Via e-mail we arranged to meet at a storefront café in the South End in Boston about ten miles from my new apartment. I was nervous beyond belief. It took all of my courage to walk in the front door of the café. I saw him sitting in the back corner as he promised. He was tall, slim, and elegant in appearance with slightly greying light hair. He was wearing a red tie and an expensive looking black pin striped business suit. I was already more than a bit smitten. He gave me a big hug. He seemed genuinely pleased to meet me and I felt pleased but more than shy about meeting him.

The man who might be my Master was a co-owner of a real estate firm in Boston. Most of his clients were gay but not all. He was a very busy man and in a strange way I felt honored that this powerful man was taking an interest in me. I was so unlike him. Being so much younger and not even in college yet he was so interested in everything I would say and he seemed to have a kindness that was quite charming. He was a great salesperson who sold well over ten million dollars-worth of real estate each year and he was selling me on taking the chance on being trained by him.

He sensed my nervousness and put me at ease by telling me that I was very handsome and that I was just the kind of guy he was hoping to find for his training process. Those words made me quiver and I listened intently to every word that he shared. He asked if I had experience being so young. I told him that I had sex once with a guy and he seemed amazed. I think he expected me to be much more experienced yet it seemed to please him greatly. “Master” was very busy on weekends and had a bit of time on weekdays. He asked my thoughts about the contract and I said I had a lot of questions.

He said he would explain it all to me. I listened half in shock and half in lust as he described how he would train me and discipline me so that I would become the perfect boy. He said he did not want a sissy boy and that he wanted a strong and devoted boy who could become very well disciplined as a pleasure giver. He told me about his level system and how he would make clear how I stood in my training. It was all so detailed and elaborate yet it was so incredibly clear. Master said happiness was living in a clear and completely understood and communicated environment. It made sense but I found myself believing in virtually everything he explained.

Master also told me that if I wanted to move forward that I was to go to a clinic to make sure I was disease free. He showed me a paper showing he was negative for HIV and other STDs and that I was expected to do the same. I asked if he planned to use protection and he said that was why I would be checked medically and thoroughly. He talked about trust and how he would insure my health and well-being while I was “his”. It was all so much and like a whirlwind yet when he put the copy of the contract in front of me I looked at him and melted. I signed it without any hesitation. He signed it as well and gave me a kiss! I was so smitten and I blushed! I’d never been kissed by a man in public.

He made a phone call and I was given an appointment at a clinic in Cambridge at 4:00 PM that day and we agreed I would begin my training in two days on Wednesday. I left and Master gave me a long kiss that made my cock swell as his tongue searched my mouth and I responded like a young girl in love. My head was spinning. Would I really begin training as a boy for this Master? I was so excited about it and yet part of me was scared to death. Being accepted by this older, hot powerful man was perhaps more than enough for me. I knew I would be there on Wednesday even though I was full of doubt and trepidation!

Chapter 2

I arrived at his South End address on time as Master expected. He had more than hinted about obedience and clarity of expectations and I wanted for him to be pleased with me. His home appeared to be in a very nice brownstone building that was three stories high. His name was below the bell and I soon found that he owned all levels of the structure. I took a deep breath. I knew I was getting into something pretty serious and I certainly was filled with doubt. The fact that he seemed well educated, generally kind and caring is what convinced me to push the buzzer.

Via speaker he welcomed me telling me he was pleased that I was prompt and on time. He told me to come inside and close the door behind me. I was in a spectacular room with a huge chandelier and high ceilings. The floor was a bright new looking elegant hardwood wood and the bright walls were decorated with stunning paintings of partially nude and nude men! There was stunning antique furniture and there was a fireplace made of marble. He came over to me dressed in only a leather jock strap with leather straps crossing his shoulders. He told me to stand still. He told me I was to be known only as “boy” and it was time to surrender all of my clothes and valuables to him!

He helped me remove all of my clothes. I gave him my wallet and car keys. He then said – “boy – get down on your knees!” Master disappeared with my possessions. When he returned he had a pair of wrist restraints which he put on each of my wrists. He then reached into a black bag and showed me the collar that I was to wear at all times. As I looked up at him I quivered. “Relax boy! I will explain all of this as we begin your training. You may ask questions until I tell you otherwise.” Master sounded very powerful and authoritative. He clipped something onto my wrist restraints and soon my hands were helplessly fastened behind my back. As I knelt before him completely naked he showed me the thick, black collar.

This will be your collar for now. It had three rings on it. One was in the front, and there were two on the side. He showed me an inscription on a metal plate that was riveted into the back of the two and a half inch wide thick leather collar. “What does it say boy?” He asked menacingly. “Property of Master” I read out loud. “So are you ready to learn to be my property boy?” I was already a bit overwhelmed yet my cock was hard and at attention! “Yes Master!” I said as clearly as I could. I was collared and had it locked with a pad lock to my neck and soon my training began.

“Whenever you greet me you will lick my boots boy.” He said. He went on to explain bowing or showing respect in public situations in the place of licking his boots. He had me lick his boots thoroughly explaining how to taste the leather and how to leave them clean. Then he had me lick his leather jock strap and I could feel his cock harden inside the thick leather pouch. I was mysteriously enjoying this and my helplessness added to my frenzy. There would be much to learn but I was already demonstrating a very strong willingness to hear and do all that was expected of me!

Master eventually clipped a thick black leather leash to my collar and told me to follow him. We went up a level of stairs and then up another level as he kept me firmly on the leash. We entered what was a beautiful huge sized bedroom and went through a door to a darkened room. It would be here where much of my training would take place. I couldn’t see much initially but Master had me sit in a wooden chair as he put on a pair of high black leather tie boots that were my size. He tied them tightly and then told me I was ready to begin formal training. My wrists were tied to a spreader which was chained to the ceiling. I now saw that the room was filled with implements similar to some I had seen pictured on the internet. I gasped realizing that my plight was all too real!

I certainly did not expect what was next. I was put into a leather hood of some sort. I was able to breath out of the mouth of it but barely could see out of the eye openings. Master fastened something leather to my cock and then balls. I would later learn it was called a cock and ball spreader and it kept my cock at such attention that I found the sensation absolutely stunning.

My arms were then hoisted further by a powered lift. Master told me it was time to begin to test my limits and that I should show him I was not some kind of sissy boy! He squeezed my nipples and I felt a sharp pain first to my left nipple and then left. I winced and whined as I struggled to deal with the burning sensation of a pair of nipple clamps that had a chain connecting them.

I then felt his hands at my naked bottom. Then I felt a quick stinging spank and then another to my other ass cheek. The next ones were even firmer and more powerful. I jumped and cried out a little. Asked how I felt I replied to Master that I was doing all right. Then I really got some heat. I was made to count each blow and thank Master for each. After ten vicious spanks my ass felt like it was on fire but I had followed his directions well.

He then explained I was to feel his heavy leather paddle and the loud thuds echoed in the room as I counted and felt the blows of 10 more. Not being able to see and his pauses had me on a psychological edge. It was difficult not knowing when the hard stings and blows would meet my bottom. Next he announced that his belt strap was next and these ten blows had quite a stinging and sharply hurtful effect. I stayed focused and brave and then Master announced the next implement. I never knew anything about the cane but I would never forget it. Oh my god did the blows of cane hurt my already tender ass cheeks! I screeched but counted each blow as my whole body lurched forward with each burning thwack and I had to re-balance myself each time. The blows stung so badly that each drove me up on to my tip toes making my wrists swing in the spreader.

I then felt his hand rubbing my bottom gently. He removed my leather hood and I was perspiring all over. He told me to look into the full length mirror. It was stunning to see my reflection. Collarred and spread eagled toward the ceiling in high black leather boots and only the cock and ball spreader and the addition of the scorching hot pulsing nipple clamps on my breasts – I was quite study in helplessness and in male submission. The eroticism of my plight was as stunning as anything I’d ever experienced. Then Master turned me to bear witness to the marked results on my bottom. My entire smooth ass was a crimson red. There were clear brighter red lines across both ass cheeks and slightly raised welts from the stinging strikes of the hard cane. Master then mercifully rubbed an aromatic oil on my bottom and I practically cooed in thanks and delight, especially when his finger slid to my anal opening. He teased me there with his finger and I gushed and groaned in delight.

As he rubbed me there I unconsciously lifted my bottom and instinctually thrust backward towards his finger. He thrust it forward and I gasped in the pleasure I felt when his finger entered me. “Don’t be such a slut boy!” He said loudly. “It will be quite a while before you get to earn your Master inside your hot sexy ass!” His words greatly disappointed me and I whimpered.

I was then told to count to ten as I got my first real lesson of my boy training. It would be my feared nemesis the cane. He already knew how I found the cane to be so painful and so punishingly hurtful. It would be the go to implement for Master to use on me should I need and reminders and reinforcement in the future! With the oil on my bottom the ten stinging blows of which I thanked him for so thoroughly had even greater effect. My fear of the cane would inspire and enhance my focus and learning process! I would definitely be a very good boy for him!

Master introduced me to each of the eight carefully designed BDSM implements in the room. There was an incredible device called a stretcher – which he explained was devised in Middle Aged times to do harm to rebels and enemies by torturing men for their wrong doings. I was made to sample each and had leg irons put over my boots in for the large wooden cross. I was put into two types of slings and Master unabashedly said if I was lucky and obedient I’d be lucky enough to have “my brains fucked out in” if I was a good boy. As crazy as it seemed it was something I could not only envision – but that I so wanted to truly happen!

Master told me that I was doing very well. He untied me from the last implement and gave me a deep kiss as he held my hot buttocks and drew me to him passionately. I swear I almost orgasmed from his warmth and touch on the spot. Master had already explained thoroughly to me during my time in the spreader how my pleasure and needs never were to come before his. I was happy beyond words as I savored his searching tongue deep in my mouth and throat. I felt so small and vulnerable in his arms. I wanted to please Master more than I could ever have dreamed and I was only three hours into my training!

Master said I had one more very important task to work on in this my first session. I had told him earlier when he asked if I was a good cock sucker that I didn’t know! That was because as I had explained to him – I never had sucked on a man’s cock. Master seemed pleased and even amused by my admission. My only gay experience was being fucked at the beach by a stranger and I had not even thought much about oral sex at the time. My girlfriend had been fair at it and didn’t seem to like taking my 7 and one half inches very far into her mouth. Master explained that he would train me to take all of him. It was time to learn!

I was then told to kneel on a leather pad in the cool dungeon room. This time Master used steel handcuffs and my arms were once again locked behind my back. I certainly knew what was coming, and there was a nervousness in my stomach. I would soon be quite shocked. Master had me lick and suck on the leather jock strap covering over his huge phallus as he had taught me earlier. He then undid his leather jock strap cock cover – and my eyes widened in disbelief as he fully exposed the largest cock I had ever seen in my young life! It was just my luck that my first cock would be a full nine inches long and so thick that I didn’t believe my own eyes! I was scared and quivering. I still had a great desire to please him though. I was determined to do my best. That was what Master said he expected from me today.

Master took his cock head and fed it to me. “Suck it boy! Suck it! Suck your Master’s big cock boy!” He said in an almost menacing tone. I did my best. His cockhead was huge and thick and circumcised. I tasted a man’s cock for the first time and he began pushing it further and further into my throat! He was getting harder and harder as I struggled. I sucked and slurped as he grabbed my head with both hands and used my mouth for his pleasure. I never felt more helpless in my seventeen years yet my own cock was pulsing and so rock hard that I knew being used so thoroughly was apparently something I was finding to be more of a good thing!

Master withdrew and began slapping my face with his huge cock. He slapped one side of my face then the other. His pre-cum made my face wet all over. He said I needed to relax and to listen to him carefully if I wanted to be a good, good boy. He reinserted his cock into my mouth and throat. His commands were executed as best as I could. “Relax your throat! Swallow and push like you are throwing up then swallow again! Breath through your nose after each thrust!” He continued to guide me verbally the deeper I was able to take him.

These were just a few of the guiding principles of deep throating a man that he shared with me as I was helplessly used. When he finally relented, he told me I did well for my first time – but I had several inches to go before I was a true boy in training and not just a sissy boy! I did not want to be a sissy! I wanted to be a good and obedient boy for this hot and powerful man! Master did not orgasm. He explained that when I was ready I would swallow all of him as well as all of his cum. At the time it seemed pretty impossible buy Master said it was possible and to believe that he would teach me just how. I now knew how he sold so much real estate. He was a convincing man and an elite salesperson!

My clothes were returned to me with my keys and wallet. Master said they were locked in his safe. This was the procedure whenever I came to him and chose to be in his collar. I was his when collared and could never leave, even when he might have to leave for an appointment. If I chose to return to him I fully understood what the collar meant. There were no other clothes available to me – as Master’s bedroom was kept locked. I couldn’t imagine escaping into the streets of Boston in a collar, boy boots and a cock and ball spreader! What a sight that would be!

I dressed and Master took me by my hand and walked me through his huge elegant home. The rest of Master’s home was stunning. The huge kitchen had black marble counter tops, stunning stainless steel appliances and a huge open floor plan. The table and chairs were beautiful as well. Master was a man of impeccable taste and was clearly a man of some affluence. Even his Dungeon was filled with expensive antiques that had been installed by experienced professionals. I knew I was falling for this kind man who had very high expectations of the company he kept! His good by kiss, wink and smile was all I needed to be completely convinced. I would definitely return to him!

Day Two

Master had time for me to get additional training on Friday evening and I couldn’t wait. Wednesday night I dreamed about being fucked by Master. My one gay experience was with a man of normal size and I really wanted to see if I was capable of the challenge. I even bought a huge dildo to practice with! I found lubricant helped greatly with penetration and I found a way to twist and turn that huge rubber cock way into my anus. My ass was still quite sore but I loved the seeing the fading marks on my not so innocent bum! I wondered why Master has said it would be quite a while before I might get fucked by him and I hoped it would be tonight.

This time when I entered Master’s home I stripped off my clothes and dressed myself in all of the standard uniform items that he had left on a towel on the floor for me in the grand entry area inside the door. I folded my clothes, put on and laced up my boy boots and figured out how to snap the cock and ball spreader around my cock and balls. I then carried my things up the stairs with my arms extended to surrender to Master. Master was still in his suit and tie but I knelt before him dutifully. I told him that it was an honor to see him and I licked his boots as I had been taught. Master then took my clothes and valuables and disappeared as I assumed that he locked them away as I waited with arms behind my back balanced perfectly on my knees.

Master approached as I remained looking down as previously instructed. “Are you ready to be collared boy? Are you ready to learn how to take all of Master’s cock down your hot pretty throat?” I looked up at Master and looked him in the eyes. “Yes Master. I am very ready Sir.” I said with true sincerity. Master was pleased and proceeded to collar me. Then he put his finger through the metal loop in my collar and almost dragged me up the stairs by it. He then had me walk behind him. In the bedroom he unzipped his pants. “Take out my cock and assume the position boy” he said sternly. I easily found his huge and amazingly stunning cock and pulled it through his pants. I put both arms behind my back and Master took his huge cock in his hand. He began to flog my cheeks and lips with it. It was so huge and thick and it even hurt when he whacked it against my face and lips.

Master then shoved it into my willing mouth. I’d enjoyed this act more than I had ever imagined my first time and now I felt driven to succeed! I really worked him with vigor and I was enthusiastic. I so wanted to make him feel good and he was even groaning after a few seconds of my actions. Hearing him moaning made me want him so much more. I knew I could learn to take him all like the porn stars of the past because Master said he would teach me. I was already a believer and “his”. After about fifteen minutes of intense struggle using all of the techniques he had taught me, I had actually thought I felt Master’s balls hitting against my chin. Had I succeeded I wondered? “Good, good boy!” Master soon growled. Had I taken each and every of all nine thick inches of my Master?

Master did not relent on my throat and mouth. I had found a way to breathe, relax and reverse my swallowing which seemed to allow him deeper and deeper into my throat. It was so overwhelming and I felt like I was on the edge of smothering and chocking at the same time yet I was thrilled hearing Master’s moans grow loud and fill the room. I was so hard myself that my cock practically hurt in the leather cock and ball spreader and I was truly inspired staying the course by fervently inhaling, sucking, and eating every inch of his huge man cock that I could.

Suddenly Master groaned and yelled out. “OH YEAH BOY!” Before I knew what was happening I felt Master shooting his cum deep into my mouth and already quite overwhelmed throat. I gagged and coughed as stream after stream of cum filled my mouth and the depths of my throat. In desperation I swallowed while gagging. It was all that I could do until Master’s orgasm and ejaculate finally subsided and relented. “Swallow it all now boy”! Master commanded, as he held my head on his rod with both hands firmly. I did all that he said while half chocking myself desperately gulping down all of the remnants of the rivers of his hot cum.

Master soon pulled me up and wrapped his arms around my waist. His kiss lapped whatever of his own cum was left in my mouth and throat. He paused and looked me in the eye. “I think you are going to be one very good boy. You are no sissy anymore!” He said loudly. I smiled in joy. “Maybe tonight Master might fuck his boy if you behave well! You are learning faster than I ever imagined boy! That was one hell of a deep throat blow job you gave to your Master. You are a truly fuck worthy boy. I might even let you enjoy yourself some. You have earned it! That was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had boy!” He said reassuringly.

I was so pleased. I soon found out that Master had never had gotten out of his suit because he had a client to meet! He had me zip his fly and said he would be back in an hour or so. I was to get on my hands and knees and wash and polish his wood floor. He showed me where the cleaning things were in the kitchen closet and was out the door. I went right to work. My incentive had already been laid out for me. I so wanted to please him as his good boy!

I worked hard on hands and knees and in but a half hour had the floor shining like new. I also decided to take some initiative. I cleaned the kitchen floor and the countertops. I even had time to look around his beautiful home. I just loved the sensuality of many of the man to man paintings and art. This was the home of an elegant and able gay man with whom I felt privileged to serve! In my curiosity there was no sign of my clothing or things. Master did seem to be a man of his word!

I went upstairs and through the bedroom and peeked into the dungeon turning up the light. I went over to the mirror and found my reflection to be stunningly erotic in my black boy boots, thick leather collar and leather cock and ball spreader. My cock was standing up in a permanent state of hardness. I was never more stimulated and excited by any person as Master in my young life.

I studied what seemed to be an almost perfection in my smooth youthful body. My hairlessness and my new haircut made me look much younger that seventeen in spite of having a slightly muscled build and fairly broad shoulders. There was almost a girlishness to my smooth hairless body yet it was quite obviously all male. The black boots and thick black leather collar framing my nakedness seemed so perfect as well.

In the reflection I saw a hot submissive looking boy who had just serviced his Master by taking every one of his nine inches into my throat. I had completed my task by swallowing every drop of my Master’s own essence. I did not feel humiliated as I feared I would. I felt proud, capable and even handsome. My Master had loved my enthusiasm and sincere efforts and I was as happy and as pleased as I had ever been. I hoped and fantasized that my Master would consummate me as his boy by fucking me and by breeding me. A year ago nothing could have been farther from my mind. I was so excited and hopeful that I went back to polishing the floors until they sparkled.

Master was gone almost an hour and a half before he returned. I already missed him and his presence so much. Everything from the hoods to nipple clamps to blindfolds and restraints made so much sense. I was learning complete surrender and I felt like my Master had set me free even though I was a very voluntary and quite willing prisoner in his home. I had no desire at all to want to leave. I just couldn’t wait to see what Master wanted from me as soon as he returned! My collar made me feel so owned, and yet so secure. My purpose was his pleasure and the clarity of it all was just perfect. I could please this man all day and all night! I felt so fortunate and lucky to be his.

Master gave me a kiss on my cheek. He inspected the floor and saw that I had also cleaned the kitchen. He was very pleased with me. “I think you might be just the kind of boy I have been looking for boy.” I thanked my Master as he led me up the stairs. Master tied me with rope to the cross. My ankles and wrists were bound tightly to the metal rings as I was spread eagled facing him. I was blindfolded and I heard Master leave the room.

I waited and waited. Being helplessly tied up for many minutes in isolation and in a blindfold had my senses on edge. I felt the coolness of the room on my smooth skin. I could hear Master downstairs talking on his cell phone apparently with another agent. It seemed like forever until he got off the phone and it was several more minutes before I heard him approach up the stairs. He told me to be quiet. There was more to learn and experience.

The first thing I felt was the incredulous pain of a nipple clamp on my right breast. I jumped cradled only by my restraints. I expected the next nipple to be clamped but it was my balls that were being touched. I felt an uncomfortable tug and my one of my balls was being stretched. Then I felt the other. Master had tied two and one half pound weights to each of my balls. They hurt but the feeling was indescribable as my cock remained hard and erect. I jumped as my cock was now the focus of stinging blows. I would learn that Master was artfully and cleverly using a flogger on my male-hood and I kept lurching with each mildly stinging blow.

I jumped again as the other nipple clamp pressed down firmly onto my other breast. I then felt a searing discomfort as both nipples were stretched. Master explained that he’d added a weight for a little effect! “Now I’ll be back boy in time. I have some things to do.” I stood helplessly for what seemed like an eternity. I was focused on the pain in my nipples. I was twitching from the weights on my balls. If I struggled in my bindings it only caused the implements decorating my body to hurt even more. I finally realized that this was the kind of discipline a boy must learn from his Master. It was frustrating and seemed so unfair that he was gone but I couldn’t wait for his return – no so because I felt a need for relief – as I longed for his touch – even if it was to sting my ass with his hand.

Finally when Master returned he came close and whispered in my ear. Tell me what you are thinking and then tell me what you are feeling. “I missed you Master!” I blurted out. I got a deep and incredulously sensual kiss! Master undid my bindings only to add wrist restraints as I stood still blindfolded and with the weights still hanging from my balls and nipples and quivering body. I was led and then lifted. I felt leather against my back and bottom. I was spread into what was one of the slings in the room. My arms and legs were fastened to the device as I was spread eagled on my back. I knew this was one of the two slings that hung from the ceiling. I wondered and hoped. Was this where and when I would get what I felt I deserved?

Master told me I was his most advanced boy ever. I think it was because I trusted him from the start. Master pulled on the chain on my nipples as I cried out in pain. There is a reason for them boy which you will come to understand. Mercifully he removed the heavy weights from my well stretched balls. My cock was still so hard that it almost hurt. Suddenly I felt warmth at my anus. His tongue was there! Master was licking the entrance to my ass and nothing felt more wondrous and soothing. My cock jumped and strained even further. Could there be any limit to my arousal? I was crazy with lust as Master licked my ass and thrust his tongue inside me. Then I felt his finger explore my tight opening. He noted how tight I felt as my anus spasmed around his finger. I gasped in pure submissive joy.

“Are you ready to be fucked by your Master boy?” I know that he knew how truly ready and how very needy I was to have him inside me. “Yes Master! Yes!” I squealed and screeched in desperation. I so needed to try to have his cock in my wanton ass. Then I felt him center his cock. He pressed forward against my anal bud as I gasped and growled. He pushed and pushed and it hurt. Suddenly Master left me lying there completely bound and helpless in a state of readiness that had me whimpering like a spoiled and naughty little girl.

I was so lost in the moment. As I waited for him I was not wondering how I got myself into this predicament. I was only wondering when my Master would return. I had no regrets. I so wanted all of this. I needed the huge cock of my Master to make me his possession, his girl, his slut, his sissy, his boy or his submissive. It didn’t matter who or what I was. I was the servant and pleasure instrument of Master and that was all that really mattered. I needed for him to use my body and for him to fill me with all of his seed. So quickly he had turned me into a mare who so needed by instinct to be bred by her stallion. My mind was crazed and I was on overload in my desperation and madness.

Master seemed to be gone for a long time but it probably wasn’t more than a minute. He was nude and looked so sexy and hot. He was all man and his cock was long and hard. The only doubt in my mind was taking all of that huge magical god like cock. Master had a tube of Lubricant which he was using liberally on his cock. I then felt the coldness of it being squirted onto my anal opening as soon Master was rubbing it even inside me with his fingers. Just the feel of his finger inside me drove me crazy. I had been fucked but once in my life and now I was helpless unable to move on my own, and yet so ready to be the complete object of Master’s desire for pleasure.

I quivered knowing the moment was but seconds away. I felt him there and as he pressed his cock forward into me I gasped in pain and disbelief. It felt like I was being split in half and as he pressed forward my sphincter was stretched more than it ever had. Master was not willing to let this be gradual either. He took hold of the sling and pulled me onto him as suddenly I was filled so fully that I thought his long thick huge cock would go all the way through me and out my mouth. Little could I imagine that Master’s cock had a long way to go before it was all the way inside me!

I could only groan and practically growl in deep guttural grunts as each thrust found his cock going deeper and deeper inside me. I was dizzy and maddened by the pain and overwhelming feeling of being skewered by what felt more like a telephone pole than a cock! Master drove forward stepping forward so all he had to do was push on the straps of the sling so that after each thrust the sling would naturally slide back to fill me. I was helpless and all I could focus on was the incredulous overpowering sensation of being engulfed by such manhood.

Master’s thrusts became firmer and firmer as though he was angry. He was hurting me so much but I somehow didn’t want him to stop. His prodigious thrusting was devastating my insides and I was engulfed by the hurt yet my cries of “Oh god!” were more of amazement and awe. Being so consumed in this moment had me unaware that my body was beginning to find his assault stimulating and even excitingly arousing. Suddenly I felt slapping noises and felt his pelvis meeting my backside. I opened my eyes sensing Master’s huge cock had found its way all the way inside my well abused ass and saw above that there was a ceiling mirror directly above us.

In disbelief I was witnessing a collared, bound, helpless well used boy being fucked wildly by a true stallion of a man. There was an undeniable incredulity to the scene as his huge cock seemed to go into the boys depths so far and so deeply that it seemed impossible. The cock would stop only when both his pelvis and balls found their mark against his bottom only to repeat the fuck strokes at a blurring pace. I knew it was me in the reflection but it was like some kind of out of body experience. The fucking just continued in a maddening blur and yet sensations were now enveloping me that I had never felt before!

Unconsciously I had been kind of cheering my lover on! I had been blurting “Oh god Master” – from my crazed mouth and soul dozens of times each minute. Rapture seemed to be spreading over me as I found the harder Master thrusted the more I truly loved it. “OH god you are so tight boy” Master yelled during his frantic assault. I heard him groaning and breathing hard. I hoped he would orgasm in his boy and in but moments he did!

Master’s groans and eruption was clear as day for his boy. I felt the heat of his jism spurting deep inside me in stream after stream. I felt the wonder of every twitch and ejaculation and just when I though my mind was blown beyond consciousness I felt his hand on my cock. Master was milking me and in but a few pulls I was in orbit near the moon. My own cum was spewing in spurt after spurt upward and back down onto my stomach and chest. I saw stars and my body quaked as my sphincter spasmed around his huge member bringing even more madness to my Master’s thrusts as my own body trembled, shuddered and shook uncontrollably from the power of our lustful and so memorable union.

Fifteen minutes later I was given my clothes and told to get dressed. Master kissed me warmly and told me he would be in touch. I walked out the door confused and yet elated at the same time. I had surrendered so fully to a master who was the most incredible man I ever met. I had been fucked and bred by this truly gifted and wondrous man and had done all that was asked of me as his boy. I didn’t know what to think. Did he like me or was he disappointed in me? I already missed him and a couple of tears ran down my face as I headed back home to my apartment. I would have no choice but to wait and hope for his call.

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