1990 | 168 cm | 65 kg
New Zealand

Today we present the first kinky artist from New Zealand. Robby is a talented illustrator and it simple to notice that he is living kinks. Hi Robby, for how long are you into kinks and do you still remember your first steps into the fetish world?

Hi MasterMarc! I’ve been dipping my toes into various kinks for the last 7 or 8 years. My very first introduction to fetish was coming across femdom porn by accident, back when I was still figuring out my sexuality. I didn’t know it then, but it would turn out that I liked guys, especially guys getting dominated.

Domination in different ways and in different fetish lifestyles seems to be the main topic of your kink art work. What is for you the attraction as kinkster to get dominated and why do you like also to illustrate it?

I think the most attractive part is the idea of giving up control, and by extension also giving up responsibilities and the stress of decision making for a while. I also just really like seeing extremes next to each other, it kind of comes through in other kinks I have, like size difference, hairy vs smooth etc. In real life I find it really hard to trust people enough to give up that much control, so I just draw them and live vicariously through my artwork.

So your artwork is kind of a catalyser of your own desires and needs? What kind of kink lifestyle would you live if you would be free of doubts and if you would have a trusty partner to live it?

Yes, I think so. I think in my ideal world, i would just play and experiment with kinks a little more. There are still a lot to discover! I do have wild fantasies of a 24/7, intense, kink-centric lifestyle, but in reality I very much like keeping things in the bedroom only.

Uff, now you’ve made us curious about your wild and extreme fantasies. Can you tell us about?

Haha, one that I’ve had for a while is to be locked in a permanent chastity cage and collar, living naked out on an island with a bunch of men. Nowhere to go and nothing to do except keep the guys happy 😉

Seems to serve and to be useful for others seems to be a deep desire you have. 🙂 Another important topic we can see in your artwork is “Belonging”. What does it mean to you? What kind of feelings are connected to it?

This one relates to an instinctual human desire to feel wanted, kind of like the fuzzy feeling when a stranger’s dog greets you. As someone who grew up with very different interests from the most other people, I didn’t really fit in. So I looked for it in other places, and in other forms.

But the belonging you are postulating in your art work includes subordination. Is that in your eyes a goal if this belonging is also offering protection?

But yes, the kind of subordination I was thinking of does come with protection.

What is in your eyes the attraction of such a belonging? What is in your fantasy the satisfaction you get by loosing your liberties and becoming dependent?

For me it comes back to being able to not think too much and worry about things. It reminds me of a simpler time when I was younger and other people took care of things. Losing liberties isn’t always fun though, so I always end up a bit conflicted when I’m actually experiencing it myself.

Oh conflicts are always part of our life. Of course drawig kink let you live fantasies without the problems coming out of them. When did you start to draw kinky illustration and what is the attraction of such motives?

I started drawing kink right about when I first discovered kink. Part of it was because I wanted to improve my art and this was an interesting topic, but later on it became a way for me to create specific scenarios or emotions that I wanted to see, but couldn’t find online.

So what kind of emotions and sentiments do you want to create?

It varies a lot, probably depending on how I feel that day! Sometimes it’s the intensity or fear between someone that is very dominant and someone very submissive. And sometimes it’s the tenderness that comes with aftercare.

Yes aftercare is important. But sometimes it is also important to let the boy suffer his powerless situation for a longer time. 🙂 Btw. where can people find your artwork?

I completely agree! My artwork can be found on Twitter (@robbercopper) and on BaraAddiction (robbycop)

You have been talkig about the creation of specific scenarios. I’m quite sure that a creative guy like you has still a lot of different ideas for upcoming projects. Could you tell us some of these ideas?

One thing I’m looking at exploring a lot more is the act of getting into bondage or gear, because I find the process just as interesting as the end result. I’d also like to do a lot more around aftercare since there isn’t a lot of it around.

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