Hello dear readers, I’m here today with sweet looking blue dog Stricken. Say Stricken, can you tell us a little about yourself? What do you all like and are you into? And why blue (and not red 😜😤) ?

Heyo! I’m Stricken, 29 years old, Kiwi dude now living in Manchester, UK. I’m just a regular guy with a dark side. I would say I don’t quite fit the stereotype in that I’m into Death Metal and riding BMX \m/ If you saw me in the street you would have no idea what happened behind the curtains haha.

But when the hood goes on I’m super into Latex, Bondage, CBT, Electro, Edging, Ass Play and Pup Play to name a few (way too many to list in one go). Restrictive bondage that keeps my hands as far away from my cock as possible is an ultimate turn on, and it almost always involves latex (and more recently neoprene). I also enjoy making my own gear and finding good deals, kink doesn’t need to be expensive to look and feel great.

Why Blue? It’s my favourite colour so that’s easy, but also red seems to be super common, sometimes it’s nice to stand out a bit and be unusual, every time you go into a fetish store it black or black and red (although all black aesthetic is peng). I know there’s like the hanky code but every list you look at seems to have different meanings and I think one I read said blue was bondage? Does it really matter though? But yea, blue is best :3

When did you start to realize your like for shiny and tight things? And was that your first kink you noticed?

Waaaay back in about 2008 I stumbled upon a video that was bondage and latex and through internet searches I came across a site called extremerestraints, a fetish shop. I used to trawl that site and read all the reviews on each item, people used to leave super detailed reviews about scenes using the item and little me used to get super turned on. They would constantly mention latex hoods and gimp suits, so straight onto Google (safe search on and everything) to find out more!

From there around 2010 I got my first ‘kink’ item, a super tight Orca wetsuit I bought from my work at the time. I used to wear it every night for a few hours before going to bed, searching up different videos that mostly involved latex. I loved the tight, restrictive yet free feeling it gave me.

Finally I got curious enough to buy a rubber hood, and that’s where it really started to accelerate. It was a zipper hood with zips for mouth and eyes. I LOVED the smell, the feel and the tight feeling it provided, but still living at home and in New Zealand kept me in check from progressing further. Seeing the prices of gear and then shipping on top kept it a dream that Google images could fulfill for now.

Once I’d moved to the UK, my own place (although flat share) I bought a rubber gimp suit off eBay and instantly realized this was it, THIS was what aroused me, the shiny and slick feel as you pull your fingers over your thighs, the intoxicating smell that filled your nostrils, and the easy access 😉 I was still exploring myself sexually and my sexual orientation at this point, but I knew it had to involve latex From there it snowballed to today.

The very first kinks that took my interest was latex and chastity. I think a chrome CB3000 was my second purchase once exploring myself, and those two kinks are still very prominent in me today

And look at you today, all rubbered up and colourful. 😉 Do you have a favorite gear piece? Or is that a more situative thing for you?

Overall I always wear a latex catsuit. That is the base layer so I wouldn’t count that as a favourite piece of gear but more an essential piece. Currently I love my full 9-piece harness set from ferubber. It’s almost like a suit of armour on top! But things change depending on if I’m playing with a particular person, or going to an event. Sometimes things just aren’t practical. I could almost say everything I own is my favourite, hence why I acquire it but thats cheating aha.

Haha fair though. But you must have already been really into it if you got a CB back then didn’t you? XD

Because I remember they were a lot more bulky back then. I felt like I had a mini spreader bar with that one between my legs. What’s the longest you ever managed to last? 😉

Aha yea! Huuge! Horrible to try to sleep in those CB3000s. I have like a dozen devices now and still trying to find the perfect one for longer term wear. The longest I’ve done is just over a week in one go.

I am quite active at work so a cage isn’t ideal for day to day due to my uncut cock, it’s so damn pinchy and uncomfortable, but when on holiday I can usually deal with it.

Same problem. Right now the cobra and holy trainer are the top contenders, but I hope I can find one one day that just snugs perfectly. Where do you see the allure in chastity for you, and how do you go about it usually?

My electro chastity cage i got off eBay for £16 is the most comfortable one so far haha, but everyone’s fit is different and it can be frustrating trying to find one that works.

I was drawn to chastity as a way to stop myself cumming within 30s of starting a session. I remember my second kink meet ever we got started and he was rimming me (first time ever experiencing that) and even in the cage I came almost instantly haha. It was a way to prolong the fun as I used to cum so fast, but then 10 minutes later I could cum again and that’s where my love of multiple orgasms came from hehe, to try and prolong the experience and not make a fool of myself on meets.

These days that isn’t so much of an issue, I think the electro play has desensitized me, but it’s still a great way to build up the horny for planned sessions and also using the electro chastity cage at events (with sound activation) gives me constant sensation and edging whilst preventing me just straight up cumming. Being fucked for extended periods and knowing you can’t even touch yourself also gives you that worthless gimp/object feeling that you’re only there to please them.

Interesting. For me, it was to explore more sensations. Playing with my dick was almost more distracting than lustful. Chastity helped me become more sensual 🙂

What do you look for when playing with people? Are there essentials for you in that regard? Like could you still play with people without gear?

Predominantly I’m looking for latex during sex, that’s an essential. Although neoprene, leather and MX gear is starting to move up my list. A leather top is super hot to service as a rubber gimp for sure! I have my partner who I’ll do things without gear (and with!) but when playing with others I want gear. I’m not desperate for sex and happy to wait and make sure there is a connection before anything, it makes the sex all that more pleasurable for everyone involved!

And connection is what counts, isn’t it? You also mention making and tinkering your own things. What kind of things do you do?

100% the connection counts. Sex is in the mind, how else do you get an erection just from thinking of things! And chastity can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, helping broaden horizons.

Yea! I make my own catsuits, bondage furniture among other bits and pieces. I am very hands on and DIY with alot of things (I rebuilt most of my house myself with the help of friends) so if I can make things myself and keep costs down it’s a bonus. Also making an ET312 replica shortly to add to the collection, looking forward to soldering that all up aha.

Probably my favourite piece I’ve made so far is my blue catsuit that says d0g on the back. Oh! and my blue bondage bench/all fours thing? Very restrictive and plenty of erm… access hahah. Also sometimes my ideas are beyond my technical know how, but I commission others to do it, like the S10 gas mask customisations I asked KB3D to do, to create some super cool S10 masks and spare parts for people who need them.

Overall if I can do it myself I will, buying all the bits and assembling myself is super rewarding and allows me to enjoy and recreate things I see online whilst keeping it cheap as a lot of bondage and latex stuff can get pretty expensive quickly. Also I feel less devastated when a suit rips as I can just whip up another one hahahaha

Making something yourself and getting use out of it makes it all the more special too I bet.

So, after years in the kink scene, do you still have stuff you want to explore? Or are you comfy in the space you have found by now?

Absolutely, it makes you feel quite proud when people say ‘you look great’ and all the kit is self made.

For sure, there is countless things still to try! The fantasies my mind create are boundless. Never tried a fuck machine and kind of getting the feel for pissplay a bit more along with exploring the limits of my butt :3 Would like to take a fist someday. Also keen to try a more extended gimp scene, over night in rubber etc. Like 48 hours of service kinda thing.

Also been exploring my top side alot more recently which is taking me outside my comfort zone and it’s been great.

Being comfy with something is boring, I seek excitement and extremes (within my limits).

Haha do you think you have a area/experience where you’ve hit that limit yet? 😉

There is always headroom in anything, right? You’ve hit a limit, and then you discover something else that takes it further. It’s part of exploring stuff with other people and why in my opinion open relationships are healthy. If anything, I’ve probably hit a limit of exploration with electro play. I love it a lot, but I can’t see much more scope for going any further. I’ve had someone hooked up whilst I played a drum and bass DJ set that was zapping them to the bass lines, it doesn’t get much better than that (so far) and until I come up with a better idea in time that’s pretty cool.

Oh that’s something for me to write down 😏 I’ve got an e-guitar.

Electric guitar? Damn that’s one to try! Got a 5 string bass, I find most the units respond better to lower frequencies.

Can imagine that can be quite sensual with how hard you choose to play strings 😁 Guess that’s something that should be experimented with. And a perfect example for your last answer xD

Exactly! An idea can come from nowhere or during a conversation and then it takes it further.

Well I think we’re slowly at the end of this interview, but if opportunity and interest arises I’d love to do a follow-up sometimes for some more detailed talk and philosophizing 😁

Yeah for sure! Thank you for reaching out for an interview.

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