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Dirty Delights 

Mention scat or ‘scatophilia’ – sexual arousal from contact with human excrement and you may imagine older guys getting sleazy and depraved together. However as a young, slim, smooth guy I thought I’d share my experiences on how I got into it as something I see not as sleazy, but fun, kinky and even sensual! A fetish that can be enjoyed on many different levels from mild to wild and by anyone who is curious or perhaps adventurous enough to give it a try!

So what seduced me into scat?

As many a young boy I was always fascinated by my bodily functions, having fun peeing and pooping outside or watching a friend poo or myself in the mirror, so when I became sexually mature it just seemed natural to enjoy it as an erotic pleasure too.

After discovering how thrilling it was to pee my undies, the wet warmth soaking my crotch, it seemed the next delightfully naughty step was to try shitting my underwear too, needless to say I enjoyed the sensations very much! After all, our bodies our designed to make shitting a pleasurable experience so why not extend that pleasure!

Next steps

So if like me you are similarly curious where do you go next?

Well my next step was to try touching my own organic produce, just holding it in my hand, it’s warmth and texture was quite surprising and not so dirty as I expected! After I was comfortable with that I decided to try some some light smearing, a step I was a little hesitant to begin with – my heart was racing the first time I took some of my shit and smeared a little over my stomach, but it felt amazing to be doing something so naughty, kinky and taboo!

Fun and games!

The fun you can have with scat, either solo or with a partner is limited only by your imagination and can be as light or involved as you like, from just being a voyeur or dumping with a buddy, to a liberating shit fucking and smearing for those more adventurous.

For any diaper boys out there moving from just peeing to pooping or made to poo your pampers can make you fell like a proper little again or how about being made to use a potty? It can be wonderfully humiliating if that’s your thing!

I love the sensual side, there is something so exciting about about sharing something so intimate and amazingly intense – putting a plastic sheet on your bed followed by a cotton one, (it’s far more fun than a cold bathroom!) no need to worry about going through all that douching shit (pun intended!) and seeing where the moment takes you.

Of course it can be great in Sub/Dom situations too, nothing more sub than having your master use your chest as somewhere to made a deposit! Or how about a Blumpkin? Giving a blowjob while he’s taking a dump!

One of my favourite games is the use of a ‘cookie press’ to repack my hole with my own or even better  a playmates fudge!

What about the smell and cleaning up?

There’s no getting over it’s an aromatic adventure to embrace, but I feel it’s all about being at one with your body, don’t overthink things, just enjoy the sensations. I find myself enjoying the earthy scent, and once I start playing barely notice anyway.

Of course after the event the aroma can linger on your skin, but a good shower – initially using tepid water, as this won’t open the pores of your skin, then a warmer wash off with a strong shower gel, I use a tea tree based one with a few drops of essential tea tree oil over my skin after, (lemon juice is also good due to the acid) gets me smelling perfectly fresh again.

If you are planning on getting particularly messy don’t forget to protect the area of play, carpets etc, (a big plastic sheet is cheap and effective) and think about how you will get to the bathroom afterwards before you start!

How about safety?

As with many pleasurable things in life including vanilla sex there can be health risks, unlike piss, shit does contain bacteria however these risks can be minimised, I would suggest not to indulge in smearing if you have any cuts or sores on your skin and I would never play if myself or playmate had any hint of a stomach upset. It’s also worth ensuring your hepatitis jabs are up to date.

Final thoughts.

Above all take thing at your own pace, I advise getting comfortable with your own shit before getting intimate with someone else’s and if you manage to find a playmate ( is a great site to find interested guys) find someone you’d usually be attracted to and is willing to go at your own pace.

When you cum, don’t focus on the mess and “Oh my god what have I done!”,  take a few moments to relax and recover, then just focus on the clean up, by the time you have done you will be thinking back to the fun you’ve just had and getting horny again planning your next (even dirtier?) session!


  1. Mmm, I’ve had some adventures with scat in the past and it certainly didn’t put me off. Never with another person – yet but I hope to change that one day. I’ve dropped a few hints with shine guys that I fancy. Who knows, they could be doing it right now, getting ready for my dump when the time is right. I’ve been pissed on by other guys, at a club, that was hot! Random guys you’ll probably never see again wasting you. Can’t beat it. Go on guys, give it a try, yellow, brown, white, green! the body is all about colour.
    ps, I want to be dumped on by Golden boy – and pissed on too. Hint hint!

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