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Dirty Boys: I really want to spend a couple days just being dirty

Hi Ryan. If people see your pics on your twitter they see a young innocent guy. But that isn’t the full truth. You’re a little dirty boy. When did you realize that you like it a little dirtier?

I’ve known I was into kinkier things since I was around 13. At that time I started to become interested in the locker room and bathroom. Sure, there were plenty of guys in their underwear to look at, but what really got me going was the smells. At that time, I didn’t have access to other guys to experiment with. That’s probably why I became so obsessed with mansmells. I love the smell of sweaty gym shorts, dirty underwear, and dried piss on the toilet seat. Eventually, my curiosity peaked from all those unflushed urinals, and I tasted my first piss. After that, I was hooked for life. Piss ended up being my favourite fetish.

Ryan Snow


New York City (U.S.)

Piss Play

What is for you the special attraction of piss?

Like I said, my kinks started with the smell. Walking into the public bathroom always gave me a little bit of a boner. Smelling the dried piss on the side of the toilet and in the urinals instantly gets me horny. At first I enjoyed the smell just fine, but I eventually wanted more. After having my first taste from a urinal, I discovered how good it tastes. Now I can’t get enough drinking warm piss from a man’s tap.

What have been your first experiences with piss play?

Well in my school no one ever flushed the urinals. And there wasn’t a lot of water at the bottom. All that dark colored piss sitting there eventually became irresistible. At first I used it to jack off, but the smell was intoxicating. I could’ve help but reach down and have a taste. I ended up going back as often as I could. I would often wait for someone to come in and piss. Not only to hear it run from their cock into the bowl, but so I could see who’s piss I was about to taste. I remember one time in particular this jock who just about everyone had a crush on walked in. I waited for him to finish, and was all over what he left for me when he was gone. His piss was still warm, and had a taste I can still remember to this day. Somehow both bitter and sweet. I rubbed it all over my cock and balls and hole so I could enjoy the smell later.

Haven’t you felt like a weird boy at this moment?

Honestly, I’ve never really thought about people’s opinions of me. That’s probably why onlyfans came so naturally to me. If anyone thinks I’m weird I’m not up all night thinking about it. They have their opinions, and I don’t give a shit. It’s a feeling of freedom and it goes a long way in making your experiences more meaningful. If I was scared to talk about my piss fetish, I doubt I would have any experiences at all under my belt.

That’s really great that you have this self-confidence. To be honest, piss play has also been one of my first kinky things I’ve done in my life. I started to play with my own piss secretly in the bathroom as I was 9 years old. I enjoyed it in combination with cling film. 🙂 What have been your first piss games you have done and what you enjoyed doing?

I also played with my piss at an early age. I used it a lot as lube when I jerked off. That could have been what made me so addicted to the smell. I enjoyed pissing up my chest in the shower once I started exploring more. And I loved pissing my underwear. I’d hide a specific pair somewhere so I could piss in them over and over again. If I got the chance, I would full on wet my jeans. The feeling of warm piss running down my leg is one of my favorite feelings. I’ve always wanted to make out with someone while we both piss ourselves. One of my favorite fantasies.

You’ve told us that you like to drink from the tab. Do you remember your first time drinking piss directly from the tab?

The first time I drank from the tap was from my boyfriend at the time. He wasn’t very kinky at all, but I kept pestering him to piss on me. Eventually, he broke Down and peed on me in the shower. His cock was huge, and his stream was strong. Wrapping my lips around his head and swallowing it was amazing. Then I let it run all over my body. It was so warm and felt so good. I was in heaven. After that, I gave the best head I’ve probably ever given.

Hehe, a little bitch. And how was it to drink it from the tab? What kind of feelings and sensations have you had at this moment?

I was thinking about how long I’d waited for this moment. And it met all my expectations. A lot of people assume I like to be dominated because I want to be pissed on, but that’s not really the case. When I’m drinking from the tap it’s because of lust. I want that cock and anything that comes out of it. It’s pure physical attraction.

Isn’t any kind of humiliation linked to that sensation?

Not really, honestly.

Dirty Underwear

Let us talk about your other dirty desires. Let us start with dirty underwear … what is the special attraction of it?

Definitely the smell. Knowing a cock has been rubbing against that fabric is such a turn on. I like my underwear dirtier than most. Piss is an essential. Cum is nice, but you can’t really smell it so I don’t need it. As for the back, i love putting my nose up to the spot a sweaty, musky ass has been rubbing on. Skidmarks don’t turn me away. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

For how long do you wear your underwear normally?

My normal underwear I change often. American Eagle is a little too pricey to stain. Usually I have one pair I save for when I’m feeling kinky that day. It’s never washed, and I usually add to the stains whenever I pul them out and wear them.

And how dirty is that pair of undies, and what exactly do you like if you’re wearing them?

It’s got plenty of piss and plenty of cum. I usually piss a little in my jeans when I wear them and jerk right into them. I love adding to them over time and perfecting their smell.

Scat Play

You’ve told me in our talk before we started the interview that you like also a little bit of scat. What means a little bit?

I’d love eating a dirty hole. Doesn’t matter how dirty. And I love skid marks on a pair of old briefs. That’s about as far as I’d go with scat, though.

If you love to eat dirty holes, it means that you don’t have any problems with the taste of scat. Am I right, and how would you describe the taste of if?

No, I don’t mind the taste at all. Usually a hole has a lot of sweat as well, so the taste is strangely sweet. I’d clean any hole any day.

Can you imagine going further in scat play?

I would do it for someone else if they wanted to get dirty, but I myself wouldn’t go too far into it.

What kind of dirty desires and fantasies do you still have in mind which you would like to realize in the future?

I would really like to find someone that’s really into the kind of things I’m into. It’s hard finding someone my age that has developed a fetish similar to mine. I think if I found someone with interests parallel to mine, we could have so much fun. I really want to just spend a couple days just being dirty. No showers. The only cleaning that would be done is tongue cleaning. No toilets, just letting loose all over each other and the bed. Just two guys being filthy and having fun. That’s my dream.

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