Diapers are conquering the fetish world. And they don’t always gotta be in connection to age play. Sometimes it’s just about the comfy good feeling of wearing diapers. But then with style please, how our guest today presents.

Hello Dprsyle. After the doggos that suddenly appeared all over the fetish world, now the diapers are having their success train. But to be honest, I’d never have thought that this like also would be combined so well with the proll-/scally/sportswear fetishes. You however seem to be waving the flag of the diaper wearers prominently in the scally world. How did that come to be?

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That’s a good question. I’d say it both developed in parallel. Diapers always were something special to me, as it was my first like or fetish that I noticed about myself, already in early years, even before I realized I was gay. Proll and sportswear came a bit later only.

The great thing about diapers is that they’re combinable very well with most things. I also noticed that nappies became more and more popular over the last years, and that made me go about it more easy and openly too. A few years ago, I then got the idea to personalized them a little, and at some point then started to tweet out the results. And psychologically I find the combo very interesting, that you can be both diapered and styled in scally, proll and sportswear space.

Then lets get to the bottom for your diaper love. What’s the special allure for this incontinence protection? Why did you fall for these so early in your life?

That started for me when I was around 10 years old. I don’t know in detail anymore, or in the right order, but there were everal influences that played a role for it for me, cartoons to name one, I remember a certain Tom & Jerry episode, in which a band of street cats breaks in and treat Tom like a baby, completely with diaper, powder, dummy and everything. And I know that this special episode “juiced up” quite an amount of people actually. THen again a good friend of mine back then had a plastic sheeting underneath his bedsheats. Such small things it was that made my brain go off, back then still totally neutral.

At some point, on a road trip, we were at a highway service station. There in the toilet layed an unused baby diaper on the changing table. And before I really started thinking about it, I grabbed it and changed into it in the cabin. A few years later I took my pocket money and went to buy some for the first time myself. With a head as red as a tomatoe I stood at the counter and mumbled: “These are for my little sister…”

So whoever didn’t clean up and took his belongings with him: Many Thanks! 🙂

Well, for me in that age it was more that we joked about bedwetters. What exactly is the allure there though, which, in kinky society – outside the babyworld – is more negatively connocted, suddenly gained such an amount of attraction and even sexual appeal?

Actually I have to say that for me it is less of a baby thing. If I had a role playing age different than my real one I’d have to be something around the teen age. And generally what appeals one is often something you are NOT.

To break a taboo, be someone or something else: That is in the end always a part of fetish. For diapers I believe it also plays a major role that they often bring a sense of safety. A sort of feeling cared for, but also controlled. A nice change from the feeling of responsibility from the daily life. And the loss of controll also is a big appealing factor in many BDSM play variants.

What adds to it with diapers is also a kind of hidden taboo break. You are standing there in the subway, in your cool-styled sweatpants, but can just… “let go”. All the muggles around you have no idea, and you can just laugh inside yourself and think: “If they knew…”.

Do you in that case not consider yourself as ageplayer but simply diaperlover? Do you see them more as gear, like a rubbersuit or hot sports pants?

To a certain degree, yes. But the play age is in the end a detail question, because you don’t really have to set one. But that aside it is definitely a piece of gear. I am not set in things there, I can enjoy it in many settings and combine with a lot of things.

You already mentioned it, you belong to the diaper wearers of the dirty kind. Tell us, how is the feeling of pissing yourself in them?

Well first of all it is wet. But also warm and somehow comfy.

Up till now everyone that I could manage to talk into trying it out liked it, so there has to be something to it.

Although it wasn’t easy to break the conditioning one kind of has, but nowadays, I can just let the stream flow in any life and body situation.

It is also nice that the diapers become thicker and thicker with every time and the dick presses into the warm, wet mass. It kind of becomes something like a super comfortable chastity cage.

Oh yeah, they definitely prevent that you play around with yourself. However they also prevent that such little dirty boys like you can be fucked really…

Well, you can’t have everything… but that’s what tape exists for, or you can also just change into a fresh diaper after…

Hehe. Well from how I know you there’s surely enough Gaffatape in your household. Do you also make number 2 in the diapers?

Yeah, what’s gotta come out, comes out…

Now don’t get shy boy. Tell us how it was the first time you pooped yourself into them.

Hehe no worries, I’m not shy about that. But honestly? I don’t really remember anymore. It took a while for sure until I was daring enough to do that, nowadays it’s not a problem anymore. But when exactly I did it for the first time I really don’t know anymore.

Basically it is not much different from the feeling of pissing yourself, just in the back and well… more solid. In the beginning your brain still dances around thoughts like if the diaper holds out something like that etc. but that’s just what they’re made for really and how they work, so it’s not a real problem, just something your head needs to get into. And after a while you stop thinking about it much, what in the diaper, because that’s what it’s there for. You can just enjoy the feeling of being in it, and the diaper does the rest so to say.

Funny enough I am – like many diaper lovers – absolutely no scat player, so I’d never would play around with it, but in the diapers it does totally not bother me.

Well there are two important differences. For one the shit is first solid and then through warmth and movement is smeared, and then there is of course also the smelled differences.

The assumption that shit is solid in the first place is something you can’t really generalize, it comes in many forms 😀 but yeah, it naturally is a different feeling. With movement it changes of course. Same with the smell. But there I noticed two things: It mostly stinks at the beginning right when done, however after the diapers hold the smell in surprisingly well, but even if not it doesn’t really bother one after a while. Likely the same as one’s farts are easier to hold out than the ones of other people 🙂

Why does wearing a stinky diaper not bother you, but you woud never play around with the stink directly? Where do you differenciate?

No clue. It simply does not attract me. When cleaning up after myself and showering I don’t have any fears of contact at all. But likely it’s more about the act of doing it and sit in the diaper rather than the poop itself. Similarly like I know people that really like to be pissed upon but never would swallow.

Your photos carry the diaper wearing from an overdimensional kids bedroom into the world of prolls, scallys and brand whores. Your branded diapers are really a hit. Tell us how you came to that.

Brand whore… I gotta remember that one. But yeah, that’s definitely true. I love fat brand markings. Clearly something that I’ve never worn as a youth for example. Back then I was a good kid, in a good high school. But the kids three roads further back that we got warned from were just… well more interesting. That’s how I got to the proll ,scally and sportswear fetish. Like most 90’s kids I first got into toutch with skater fetishes, and the baggy pants back then were also perfect to wear a diaper underneath. And else, well big, visible logos, etc. They just make me weak in the knees.

And one day I noticed that such a diaper is just such a big blank white space, and thought: One could maybe… and how experiments showed, it works quite well. As I got a creative head anyway, the possibilities seem quite endless. But I also gotta say that twitter helped me quite a bit there. Before I just made it here and there for myself really, but since I posted something just for testing the waters, and got a lot of likes and interest, it motivated me quite a bit.

You create them yourself?

Yeah I do. Looks great, but honestly, there aren’t any great sophisticated skills n magic behind it. They’re simply prints and tape. Of course there are some tips n tricks that make them appear better that I learned over time. There are quite a few people that asked me about them already and at some point I also plan to make a little tutorial to put online, if there is enough interest and need.

But it isn’t something that I do with every day or every diaper that I wear. As with so many things, you gotta have time and the right mood for it. There are also versions that are a lot more effort to create, such as the black and golden or white-silvern nike diapers. These included among other things a cut rescue blanket, work with stencicls and scalpel and much try and error in combo with a lot of cursing. So definitely nothing for daily use sadly.

But in general I am always open for new ideas and proposals. If someone got a brilliant idea, bring it to me please. But I still got a few ones myself in the pipleine that I really want to create in the oncoming time if I have some to spare.


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