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About A White Slave And Black Supremacy

A talk with the kinky author Zach (24) who is a white slave serving a black master (Illustrations by Theo Blaze).

MasterMarc: Hi Zach, it is a real pleasure to have this little white fag with us. You’re a 24yo white boy who is totally into black dominant men and you are an autor of kinky stories which we will also publish here on sadOsam. Before we start talking about your stories we really need to know more about you. You write in your Tumblr blog that you belive in the supremacy and superiority of the black race. Ok you definitly haven’t voted for Trump, even if you live in one of the east coast states which has voted for him. But you have really to explain us, why do you belive in that?

DestroyWhiteBoys: Haha. No, I definitely didn’t vote for Trump, that’s for sure! In all honestly, I never used to be a white boy who’s a black supremacist. It took years for me to realize that I was secretly addicted to black men. When I was younger I actually considered myself to be straight. I fucked quite a few different women, and everything seemed fine. Eventually I started looking at interracial porn, since it really turned me on. The more porn I looked at with black alphas in it, the less masculine and manly I felt. I just couldn’t stop getting more and more interracial porn. I continued to fuck women, but secretly all I wanted to look at were black alphas.

Over the next year or so I started checking out gay interracial porn too. Surprisingly, even though I considered myself to be straight, I was really turned on by seeing hugely hung black hunks dominating submissive white men. Eventually it got so bad that I couldn’t even get off to regular straight porn anymore. Even when I fucked women, I had to dream about black doms to even cum! I finally realized my urges, stopped fucking women, and went out looking for black men. The first black man I met at a gay bar that I took home with me was so rough and violent with me that I came harder than I ever had before. I knew from that day on that I NEEDED to worship black dick if I wanted to be truly happy. Ever since then I’ve been completely addicted to serving black men and being a white slave.

MasterMarc: Have you ever served a white dominant guy and what is the difference in your eyes between a white and a black master?

DestroyWhiteBoys: I’ve never served a dominant white man ever. The only few times that I had ever been with a white guy was in a mutually respective relationship. By that, I mean that we both fucked each other and no one was seen as “dominant” over the other. Those relationships just didn’t satisfy me properly. After a few failed relationships with white guys, I realized that I needed to be controlled and dominated if I ever wanted to truly be pleased.

That’s where the second part of your question comes in. I’ve always viewed black men to be more dominant and aggressive, on average. In my own messed up mind, a dominant black hunk is more attractive than a dominant white hunk. I’m honestly not sure why I feel that way…I just do. Perhaps it’s because all the black men I have been with were always taller, more muscular, more aggressive in the bedroom, and had much bigger dicks than my white lovers. You could say that I’ve been “conditioned” over time to think of black men as bigger and better.


MasterMarc: Are you just looking for sexual domination or more? Can you give us a little insight into your life as little white pussyboy?

DestroyWhiteBoys: I am looking for more than simply sexual domination. I’m looking for complete and utter domination of my entire life…and I found just that very thing a couple years ago. I met a black master named James. When I first met him, I didn’t realize that he specialized in owning and controlling white men; I was simply looking for a hookup with a strong black man. That night he tied me up, fucked me hard, slapped me, choked me, spit on me, verbally degraded me…etc. It was the most mind blowing sex I had ever experienced. I felt a strange mix of helplessness and pleasure all at once. Eventually, after many more fuck sessions, I asked him to move in with me. Ever since then he’s been controlling and dominating every part of my life…which is just how I like it! He tells me what to do, what to eat, who to talk to, when I am permitted to speak…etc. My daily life is now completely dominated by my black master, and I couldn’t be happier!

MasterMarc: How mutch do you depend on him and are them some fields you would never give up your self-determination? And do you feel that you gain freedom by giving up your liberties?

DestroyWhiteBoys: My entire life is completely dependent on him. Even though I am the only one employed between the two of us, I still have every penny I own transferred to him. I suppose “technically” I could survive without him, but I would be living a sad and miserable life. I have finally found what makes me happy in life, and I won’t ever give up being a slave! I honestly can’t think of an area of my life that I would not want to relinquish power of to him. Being controlled and dominated is what makes me happy. When James finds a new aspect of my life to remove from my control, I fall even more in love with him. It’s funny you should ask about feeling “free” while enslaved, because that’s EXACTLY how I feel. Most people think this sounds crazy, but personally I feel more at ease and burdenless now that my black master, James, controls every part of my life. Never having to make any decisions and never being forced to pick a choice is extremely liberating for me. All I ever have to worry about is making sure that my master remains happy and content.

MasterMarc: Can you give us a little insight to your life as slave and tell us about your daily routine, rituals and how you can integrate your life as slave into the “free” society we are living ub? The reason that you have your job out of home even makes it more difficult, as you are with one foot always in this “normal” enviroment.

DestroyWhiteBoys: It is certainly hard sometimes to live this way. I basically live a double life. At work and out in the real world, I can’t tell people that I have a controlling master at home who dominates me or they’ll call the cops. Since I know most people would never accept the relationship I have with James, I simply pretend to live a normal gay life with my partner. Because of this, my day to day life seems normal in the beginning. I wake up and go to work, making money for my master to do with as he pleases. Once I get home I am usually forced out of my clothes and into either leather strap clothing or sometimes nothing more than just a metal chastity cage around my tiny white dick. I then proceed to do my master’s bidding. No matter what he wants, I must obey him. I generally maintain the house and do all the yard work, while my master reaps the benefits of my work. Obviously, there is also some sexual demands that I must meet along with doing all the physical chores he wants done. At night he does anything he wants sexually with my body. Then it’s pretty much the same routine the next day. I’m a normal worker by day…mindless white slave by night!


MasterMarc: Sounds really interesting and probably we should continue our talk about slavery soon. I’m sure our readers would also be interested in. But now we should start to talk about you as author. When and why have you started to write kinky stories?

DestroyWhiteBoys: I’ve actually only been writing erotic stories for about a year now. I suppose it started out of a necessity to get these dark and fucked up fantasies out of my head and onto paper. I’ve always been a very verbose and talkative person, so I imagined writing would be the best outlet for my pent up sexual tension. I also looked around other erotic story sites, trying to find black domination stories that were as rough and brutal as I like, but I had a hard time finding writers that created stories that satisfied my particular tastes. So I said “Fuck it! I’ll do it myself.” I took it upon myself to spread some stories about black domination and white submission, since I found that category of erotic tales to be lacking sufficient content. Now that I’ve built up a decent following, I pretty much continue because I want to keep my readers pleased. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy writing them; I love it! It’s just that sometimes I have to remind myself that I can’t take breaks between stories too much because people want as much as they can get.

MasterMarc: Tomorrow we present the first of your stories here on sadOsam. The title of this story is “Black Classroom”. Can you give us a little insitght into this story without telling too much about it?

DestroyWhiteBoys: This story is about a white substitute teacher that goes into an all-black high school to teach. The young black alphas disrespect him and treat him like trash, asserting their dominance! They make fun of him for being white and having a tiny little dick. They poke fun at the fact that he probably can’t satisfy anyone with something that tiny. Eventually, the situation gets so out of hand that he breaks down and cries about how he can’t satisfy his wife because he’s so small down there. The black students all gather around him and force him into submission. They end up tying him up to fuck him and gag him with their huge cocks. There’s even a slight bit of fisting at the end! I will WARN you, though, that this story does contain quite a bit of raceplay related slurs and derogatory terms. If you aren’t turned on by heavy raceplay and black domination, then this might not be for you.


MasterMarc: Sounds interesting. I am sure people will like to read it. Probably we should explain how people who are into race play are really thinking about people of the other race? 

DestroyWhiteBoys: Good point. There are multiple different types of race play. I suppose I should have specified. This story centers around black dominant race play. The young black students are dominant and force the white substitute teacher into submission. It should be noted that most white black supremacists are strongly supportive of black rights and causes that are near and dear to the black race. Some people always get the wrong idea when they read a raceplay story on black domination and see words like “nigger”. Just remember that this is a fictional raceplay narrative that doesn’t condone real life violence or crime, just like all fetish stories! For the most part, I believe that most people into raceplay have a great deal of respect and love for the opposite race, they simply get off on creating a harmless fictional narrative centered on someone’s race.

MasterMarc: That is something a lot of people who aren’t into sm don’t realizie. I am a Master and of course humiliation is part of the sm I’m living but I would never humiliate someone who i dont appreciate, i would never torture a boy i don’t like and I don’t know that he really needs it. So we can say that pain for example is part of tenderness, that humiliation is kind of respect, because I know about his desires and I show him that I respect him as slave, that what he feels and want to be. What do you think about and do you have some last words you want to tell our readers?

DestroyWhiteBoys: I couldn’t have said it better myself! Domination, even the most violent and aggressive domination, is born from a mutual respect between the two parties. My master, James, loves to get physically rough with me. He’s left marks on me when he slaps me and chokes me, but it is nothing that I haven’t ASKED him to do. True domination and submission is always consensual and respectful, no matter how terrible it might appear to other people. Anyway…sorry to ramble on like this, but I just wanted to give readers this reminder as they delve into my story. Things might get pretty rough and crude in this narrative, but remember that everything you read is born out of love, admiration, and mutual respect of both black and white men equally. Enjoy!

You can contact Zach on Tumblr.

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  1. I totally get how he feels. I was raped by a black man when I was 13, and while I feared for my life then, I realize I crave the aggressiveness of a black man now. I need to be punched and slapped by my man to reach orgasm. I feel black men are superior because of their attitude and willingness to abuse and humiliate me. I haven’t found the same pleasure with white guys.

  2. I would really like to be own and controlled by a black Master. I would give him pleasure and serve him 24/7. I dream of making my master happy and giving him pleasure. I just want to please him. It would be okay if he would control and use my body as he wants to, collared, chained, caged and naked all the time,

  3. Why not black male supremacy? I have often thought that those white males who bow down on football fields and elsewhere to ‘take the knee’ in solidarity with BLM should take things a lot further. They should have the courage to come to terms with their submissiveness and surrender themselves to the care and control of strong and powerful black men. Turn solidarity into surrender and explore that hidden part that they have always resisted; the desire for humiliation, obedience training and to be humbled and used and abused by others. That would be a real achievement.

    • Now that makes sense because they are choosing to dishonor the nation which ended slavery. So why put anti-Americans in charge right? Uh seriously, there are many fetishes that one can have, I love Black Master, the key is to keep in mind, outside sex, rational rules of engagement take presidence; if you accept yourself a slave, then so you are. Racism exists in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else.

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